Chapter 1076: Xiaowei’s Wedding 20

Song Yishi attended Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei's wedding as well. Originally, she didn't want to come, but her mother made her, emphasizing that the Wei Family was of prestigious status in the city, and they needed to maintain a good relationship with them; although Song Yishi's father was the mayor of C City, his status was intimately connected with the local moguls.

Truth be told, Song Yishi borderline-hated Jiang Xiaowei, because the latter embarrassed her more than once… and every time she was humiliated, Jiang Xiaowei never even gave her a chance to fight back.

However, after some careful consideration, Song Yishi decided to come. After all, ever since their Weibo exchange, their fans thought they were close friends. Plus, she always pretended to be a lady, so she would never openly diss anyone in public.

Therefore, she took a photo of Jiang Xiaowei standing on the stage, and then eight selfies of herself. She then uploaded these nine photos onto both WeChat and Weibo, along with the following sentence, "Dear Xiaowei, I hope you can be happy forever… I'm so happy for you."

Her Weibo fans began commenting as soon as she uploaded the photos…

"Goddess, why didn't you upload a photo of you and Dr. Jiang?"

"Goddess Song, why is President Qin's wife, who's already married, Dr. Jiang's maid of honor? That's really weird, you're not married, why aren't you her maid of honor?"

"Miss Song, did you not want to be the maid of honor because you're scared that no one will marry you? You didn't even go up to the stage, too bad, I really wanted to see you in a white gown…"

"Young Master Wei and Dr. Jiang look so cute together, they're both so good looking!"

"Today's a really good day, the entire city is focused on their wedding, and the TV stations are even live-streaming it. They may not be celebrities, but they're even more popular than celebrities! Rich people sure are powerful."

Song Yishi scrolled through Weibo, annoyed at her brainless fans. Then, she put away her phone and turned her attention back to the wedding…

Su Yu and Huo Mian were both a little nervous to be called up to the stage.

This was Su Yu's first time being best man; he would only ever do something like this for Wei Liao and Tang Chuan…

Although Huo Mian was once Liu Siying's bridesmaid, she was still really nervous. There were a lot of people present, and their wedding was even live-streamed.

Huo Siqian sat below the stage and looked at Huo Mian with an inexplicable expression on his face. "Mian, my little sister… looks breathtaking today…"

He had known Huo Mian for years, but this was the first time he had seen her wearing a gown like this. The gown exposed her slim legs, and the kitten heels she wore was adorable.

His gaze never left her… he was so focused on Huo Mian that he didn't even hear what the MC said.

"Apparently, they owe their marriage to the two of you…" the MC asked Su Yu with a smile on his face.

"Kind of," Su Yu answered modestly.

"Can you tell us what happened, Young Master Su?"

"That's a secret, if I told you what happened, Liao will kill me… but I can tell you guys that their fate began with alcohol… As well as a video that none of us will ever forget."

Thinking back at how Wei Liao lost a bet with Jiang Xiaowei and was forced to run around Seductive Fox in his underpants, Su Yu almost burst out in laughter.

"Ahem, please go easy on me, Yu," Wei Liao kept reminding him.

"Maid of honor, can you tell us what's in the video?" The MC knew that Su Yu wouldn't say anything, so he began targeting Huo Mian, who answered just as vaguely, "Um… you can use your imagination, but I can't tell you anything."

"If neither of you wants to say anything, then let's go onto the next item on my list. The best man and maid of honor will be performing for the bride and the groom. Let's also thank them for introducing the bride and groom to each other!"

Then, the crowd began clapping once again…

Huo Mian was a little dumbstruck; a performance? She didn't know about this. Was the MC improvising?

Huo Mian realized that she couldn't refuse since there were so many people present. Plus, how could she say 'no' during Xiaowei's wedding? It would embarrass her.

Su Yu knew that Huo Mian was tone-deaf, so he didn't ask her to sing. All he said was, "You decide what we should perform, I'm fine with whatever."

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian felt more speechless than ever… they couldn't sing since she sang off-tone, they also couldn't dance since it was too intimate…

In the end, Huo Mian blurted out, "Su Yu, why don't we play a duet, what do you think?"

She had seen Su Yu play the piano before, so she made a bold suggestion, to which Su Yu nodded. "I'm fine with anything, it's up to you."

"What would the two of you like to play?" MC asked with a smile on his face.