Chapter 1075: Xiaowei’s Wedding 19

"Hey, I told you it's not a big deal, don't bow down to me like I'm dead, gosh…" Su Yu felt incredibly uncomfortable seeing Huo Mian like that.

"Qin Chu and I are incredibly thankful that you lent us a helping hand while we were at the brink of death. Plus… I heard that you gave up a lot to help us, and we sincerely appreciate you for that. I know you've never needed anything your entire life, and I probably won't be able to help you with much, but if… and I'm saying 'if' here, you ever need my help, just tell me, and I will do everything I can for you." Huo Mian meant every single word she said and wasn't just being polite. She truly wanted to return the favor to Su Yu if the chance arose.

"Okay… I just hope that next time I'm hospitalized at South Side, Dr. Huo can go easy on me…" Su Yu joked, and Huo Mian immediately burst into laughter upon this…

Su Yu's days at South Side Recuperation Center were never dull, and the two of them went from enemies who bickered every day to friends.

Just then, the wedding planner pushed open the door and came in. "Are you the maid of honor and the best man?"

"We are," they both answered.

"Good… get ready, the ceremony is beginning soon."

"Okay." Huo Mian and Su Yu both nodded and left the lounge.

The Wei Family booked a couple of hundred tables in the largest ballroom on the second floor of the hotel. There were 8 people to each table, and the room was jam-packed.

Each table served 18 dishes that cost 88,000 yuan, such as luxurious double-headed abalone and Boston lobsters flown in from overseas.

The Wei Family spent a couple dozen million on the reception alone, and it was obvious that Jiang Xiaowei, that little vixen, had been accepted by Wei Liao's parents.

Soon, the clock began counting down, and the wedding march began playing…

With the MC's opening remarks, Huo Mian helped Jiang Xiaowei, who was wearing a magnificent wedding dress, onto the stage. Then, Huo Mian stepped behind her, not about to steal her spotlight for even a millisecond.

"Now, let us welcome the lead man for today!"

Music blasted over the speakers as Wei Liao walked up to the stage in a slim, black suit; they were a really good-looking couple. This was Huo Mian's first time looking at Wei Liao at such close proximity, and she realized that he was actually really handsome.

Jiang Xiaowei, on the other hand, had always been that gorgeous women with cute canine teeth, capable of turning into a tigress when she was angry.

"Groom, today is the most important day of your life… are you happy to be marrying such a beautiful and gentle bride?" the MC asked.

"Very," Wei Liao laughed.

"Okay, if you're happy, then hurry up and propose. You know how to do it, right? Do I need to teach you?"

"Nope, I know how to do it," Wei Liao smiled. Then, he faced Jiang Xiaowei and got down onto one knee.

Wei Liao handed the bouquet of flowers to Xiaowei and held up a microphone, "Honey… marry me? In the future, what's mine is yours, and what's yours is still yours. Let's work hard to eat and sleep and starting today, the two of you will be the most important people in my life."

Once Wei Liao finished, the guests began whispering amongst themselves; he had just exposed the fact that Jiang Xiaowei was pregnant.

Wei Liao's parents laughed happily while Jiang Xiaowei's parents nodded in satisfaction.

Jiang Xiaowei couldn't help but smile as she took the bouquet in her hands and helped Wei Liao up with the other. At that moment, she looked like the happiest woman on this earth…

Thunderous applause erupted in the ballroom…

"I heard that this is a shotgun wedding?" the MC asked.

"It is," Wei Liao nodded.

"I also heard that the best man and maid of honor introduced you guys to each other? Let's invite them up," the MC said as he gestured Huo Mian and Su Yu up onto the stage.

The crowd broke into applause again…

Song Yishi, who was sitting on one of the tables, sneered, "How can a married woman be the maid of honor? Are you kidding me?"