Chapter 107: Visitor

"Sorry, I have no interest in this."

"Don't you want to take your revenge? After how he treated you?" He Man believed that it was her involvement which led to the breakup between Huo Mian and Ning Zhiyuan, and so she thought that Huo Mian hated her.

"Ning Zhiyuan and I broke up peacefully. There's no love or hate between us, so I can't agree with your proposal. I've more work to do so you should go." After she spoke, Huo Mian sat down by her desk and started to organize documents.

"You're such an unbelievable woman…." He Man viciously stared at Huo Mian after she saw that Huo Mian refused to agree, and then she turned around to leave.

Huang Yue laughed, "Karma really hurts. It seems like he chose to abandon that woman in the end. Where did she even find the audacity to claim that she gave her virginity to him? What was that? Was she proud to be the homewrecker?"

Huo Mian didn't voice her opinion on this subject. Even though she disliked He Man, she didn't want to say anything bad about her.

Without a doubt, that woman in the BMW with Ning Zhiyuan this morning must be Director Wu's niece; no wonder they took up the director's parking spot.

"Mian, that ex-boyfriend of yours sure has some charms. It didn't take him long to start dating the director's precious niece. I hear that Wu Xiaoxue is a really arrogant person, and hard to approach. Who knew she would end up with Ning Zhiyuan? She must be pretty blind."

"Well… that's normal." Huo Mian smiled, as she responded very calmly to this situation.

In the afternoon, just as Huo Mian stepped out of the OR, her phone began to ring...

After she picked up, Huo Mian immediately asked the head nurse if she could take some time off. Then, she ran over to the hospital entrance.

"Uncle Ning, Auntie Ning," Huo Mian called out to two white-haired elders.

"Mian." The two elderly couples' expressions immediately lit up when they saw Huo Mian.

"Uncle, Auntie, why are you guys here?"

"Oh, your auntie isn't feeling well lately. I wanted to bring her over for a check-up, and it's been a while since we've seen the two of you, so we came over for a visit. I just called Zhiyuan, but his phone is off."

"Oh, he might be in surgery. He'll call you guys back when he's done."

"Yeah, that's fine." The elderly man nodded.

Ning Zhiyuan's parents lived in a county under the jurisdiction of C City and it was a three-hour car ride from there to here.

Both of his parents had already retired. They were considerably well-off, and Ning Zhiyuan was their only son.

The old couple used all of their savings to pay for their son's medical school tuition and to buy the apartment and car.

Huo Mian used to visit them every year, and they were both really nice people. Uncle Ning used to work at the post office while Auntie Ning was a teacher.

They both used to be public servants, so they were very reasonable folks. They were also quite pleased with Huo Mian and approved of her as their daughter-in-law.

Huo Mian predicted from the way they treated her that they had no idea that she and Ning Zhiyuan had already broken up.

"Uncle, Auntie, you haven't eaten yet, right? Let me take you to get some food."

"Sure, let's just find a small restaurant; there's no need to waste money," Ning Zhiyuan's mother insisted.

There was a homely neighborhood restaurant behind the hospital, where Huo Mian ordered two meat dishes, two vegetable dishes, and a soup.

She even ordered a bottle of sake for Ning Zhiyuan's father.

The elderly couple was very happy. During the meal, Ning Zhiyuan's father asked, "Mian, has the apartment been renovated yet? When are you guys getting married?"

"Uhm… we're in no hurry. Zhiyuan is still very busy recently, so we want to wait until things slow down."

"You guys shouldn't wait any longer. You should still get married no matter how busy you are. I've had a discussion with your auntie; we've got about 20,000 yuan in retirement funds, and we think that you guys should take it. You guys could go to Thailand for your honeymoon."

"There's no need, really. Please don't give us any more money. You should use the money to buy supplements or something else for yourselves. We'll spend the money we earn ourselves." Huo Mian felt very uneasy.

"Hey, don't say that. We'll be a family soon, and what is ours will also be yours. Oh right, we brought some mushrooms and wild vegetables from the mountains for you guys. Zhiyuan's aunt brought it back from Mount Fala. It's organic and very nutritious," said Ning's mother as she handed over a big bag.

"There's no need to rush, Auntie. Give it to Zhiyuan when you see him, I still have to get back to work, it isn't very convenient for me to take these now."

"Mian, did you two get into a fight? Every time I call and ask for you, Zhiyuan would mumble random things and change the topic," Ning Zhiyuan's mother suddenly asked .