Chapter 1050: The Goddess’s Tactics have Failed Her 4

"Mian is extremely talented." Qin Chu was a man of a few words so that was all he said.

Song Yishi, on the other hand, was hurting from the slaps to her face.

It was obvious that Qin Chu only listened to Huo Mian's performance. Truth be told, Song Yishi's skills weren't too bad. Yet, she was nothing in front of Huo Mian.

Huo Mian learned this song in five days, while she practiced this song for twenty years# That was no small difference.

"My Sis is the legendary hidden master type that stomps rivals, she's so scary," Ni Yang laughed.

"I was just playing for fun, don't take it too seriously. Come on guys, let's keep eating."

Huo Mian thoroughly enjoyed her competition with Song Yishi 每 she wasn't the one who brought this up, it was Song Yishi who told her to play Franz Liszt.

Or else, she was just going to play a Christmas song for the others, and it would've been just as nice.

She was basically forced into being pretentious#

"Honey# are you tried?" Qin Chu placed Huo Mian's hand onto his palm and rubbed it carefully#

Huo Mian took a giant sip of wine with her free hand; it was a little tiring to play an entire piano piece in one sitting#

Jiang Xiaowei looked down as she uploaded the video of them playing onto Weibo, along with the following sentence: "Our two pianists just competed against each other, what do you guys think?"

This video quickly went viral on Weibo and was shared by various media outlets# even renowned piano experts began to share their comments#

Song Yishi's brainless fans replied, "My goddess is the best, she obviously won."

Others wrote, "Goddess Song, you're the best at everything, Huo Mian is nothing compared to you!"

Soon, some bystanders couldn't take it anymore and reply to Song Yishi's brainless fans, "When did you go blind?"

One of the best comments were as follows, "The techniques and pose of the girl in black are a little off, it's very obvious that she never learned the piano. If someone as inexperienced as she can play a piece as demanding as Reminiscences de Don Juan, then she's incredibly talented. If she keeps learning the piano, she can unleash unlimited potential."

A couple of interested famous musicians didn't know who Huo Mian and Song Yishi were, so they used 'the girl in black' and 'the girl in white' to describe them.

Most people didn't comment on Song Yishi's piano skills, because Huo Mian's performance was too amazing. A few master pianists even asked for the latter's contact information on Weibo, because they wanted to teach her.

A few informed fans commented, "You want to be her teacher? Does she want to be your student? She's a chief physician at South Side Recuperation Center and is GK Corporation's Young Madam; why would she want to learn piano out of all things? Wake up, guys, dreams are meant to stay dreams, you need to snap back into reality."

Even Jiang Xiaowei was shocked by the amazing chain reaction that her post caused.

Song Yishi, on the other hand, blew up upon seeing the post. She immediately demanded at Jiang Xiaowei, "Did you get my permission before uploading this video onto Weibo?"

"This is just a friendly competition amongst friends. We're not doing anything illegal, why can't I upload it, and why do I have to ask for your permission? I had no intention of defaming you, the netizens were the ones who bashed on you, not me. Why are you blaming me?" Jiang Xiaowei immediately rid herself of all responsibility, angering Song Yishi in such a way that her face turned pale#

She suddenly realized that she really shouldn't have come to the party; not only did she fail to get Qin Chu to pay attention to her, the others even bullied her to no end#

"Huo Mian, is this how you treat your guests?" Song Yishi couldn't shut Jiang Xiaowei up, so she pointed her blame at Huo Mian, who was just about to take a big bite of steak#

When Song Yishi said that, Huo Mian was just about to eat her steak. Unwillingly, she put down the fork in her hand and asked her innocently, "Did I not treat you well? Am I drenching you or starving you? Didn't I give you steak and wine? Didn't I greet you when you came in?"