Chapter 105: Warmth

"It's not bad." Qin Chu nodded.

"Good, have some more then." Huo Mian smiled in relief.

The two of them ate breakfast across from each other. Qin Chu didn't say anything, but he would occasionally raise his head to look at Huo Mian.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, ate with great appetite. She had been eating western breakfast food for quite a while now, and it was rare for her to have a homemade Chinese breakfast. Thus, for her, the food tasted especially delicious.

No matter how angry Qin Chu was with her, he would still feel like everything was heaven-sent once he saw her sitting by his side so quietly…

He had wished for a day like today for seven years.

"How is your brother doing? I heard that he was discharged from the hospital," Qin Chu suddenly asked.

"Yes, he's recovering very well. I told him to rest at home for a while since he's not enrolled in a lot of courses this semester anyway."

"Good," Qin Chu nodded.

After breakfast, the two left home together.

Huo Mian had been taking the bus to work for the past few days because Qin Chu was driving the Maybach.

"Let me drive you if you don't mind this car."

Huo Mian looked at the car and felt uncomfortable…

"I can park the car further away," Qin Chu added.

"Okay," Huo Mian nodded and thought that he was trying hard to compromise.

On the way, Qin Chu turned on the music inside the car, and the famous English song Hotel California started playing.

The melody was mesmerizing, and it was a song that Huo Mian liked, so she soon began singing along.

 "On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
 warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
 up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
 my head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
 I had to stop for the night.
 There she stood in the doorway;
 I heard the mission bell
 and I was thinking to myself
 this could be heaven and this could be hell
 then she lit up a candle
 and she showed me the way
 there were voices down that corridor,
 I thought I heard them say
 welcome to the hotel California
 such a lovely place
 such a lovely place
 such a lovely face.
 There's plenty of room at the Hotel California
 any time of year
 any time of year
 you can find us here."

"You're a good singer," Qin Chu suddenly said.

Huo Mian suddenly realized what she was doing and awkwardly lowered her head.

"You have a beautiful voice," Qin Chu said again.


"California is a beautiful place, the sea is endless there, the sky is blue, and the air is fresh. The pace of living is also very slow there."

Qin Chu had been in America for seven years and pretty much visited all of the states…

"Yes, I've seen it on television. It really is gorgeous."

"I'll take you there on vacation when we have time," Qin Chu suddenly said.

"Okay." Smiled Huo Mian.

Even though no one knew when this might happen, since Qin Chu proposed, she couldn't possibly disappoint him.

"Do you have a driver's license?"

"I do." Huo Mian nodded. A driving school held an event at her college graduation. It was half price, so she and Ning Zhiyuan both took the course and got their licenses.

"Then you can drive the CC. It will be easier for you to commute in a car. Don't take the bus, it takes too long."

"No, it's fine. We don't live very far from the hospital, and there's a parking space shortage already. A little nurse like me doesn't have a designated parking spot anyways, so it's not necessary." Huo Mian smiled.

"Why… don't you quit that job of yours?"

"Are you saying that I should be a fulltime housewife?" Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu as if he had just said something absurd.

"No, I know that you want to keep yourself busy. You don't have to stay at home; instead, you could help me at GK, just pick a department you like. If you still want to work in the medical field, then I can establish a wellness department. It can provide GK employees with check-ups, for illnesses and stuff. I can even get a doctor to assist you, or I could even open up a private clinic for you."

Qin Chu was truly willing to do anything for Huo Mian…

Huo Mian knew that Qin Chu always kept his word, but it was absurd to open up a clinic just for her.

He shouldn't do that, even if he had all the money in the world….

"No, really, but thank you for the gesture. I really like the job I have right now. It's very fulfilling. The truth is, some jobs can't be evaluated with money, it's where my interests lie. The OB/GYN department that I'm in is the busiest department of the entire hospital, but I really do love it there because I get to witness the birth of many lives every day. I can't explain that kind of joy. Qin Chu, if you truly mean well, then let me do the things I love. Just that would be great."

"Okay." Qin Chu nodded, acknowledging that he respected her choice.

Then, he stopped the car slowly, "We're nearly there, you can get off here."


"Mian," Qin Chu suddenly called out gently.

Huo Mian turned around, but before she knew what was going on, Qin Chu kissed her on the lips.