Chapter 1046: Truth or Dare 10

"I'm better now, thank you," Qin Chu replied distantly before turning back around to put food on Huo Mian's plate, waiting on her hand and foot#

Annoyed by Song Yishi, Su Yu picked up his wine glass and said, "Here, mermaid, let's toast."

"I'm sorry, I can't really drink. I'm allergic to alcohol." Song Yishi smiled as she refused.

Huo Siqian suddenly stood up from his seat and walked up to Song Yishi. Ignoring her, he put an arm around her shoulder, stood behind her and snatched a selfie# Then, he uploaded the photo onto Weibo#

This process took no more than ten seconds, and Huo Siqian didn't even give Song Yishi time to protest.

"President Huo# is funny, haha, he appeared out of nowhere, scaring me." Song Yishi felt a little awkward, but Mo Xue'er glanced over at her and sneered, "President Huo's always been like that, you need to slowly get used to it."

This is what Huo Siqian wrote on his Weibo: "I came across Goddess Song at a party. She's really pretty, I've never seen such a cute and gentle character amongst villains, it's a sight to see."

Then, one of his high IQ fans replied, "President Huo, are you indirectly bashing on her?"

Huo Siqian smiled but didn't reply#

Just then, Jiang Xiaowei suggested, "Let's play a game."

"Sure, what game?" As the most curious of the bunch, Zhu Lingling's interest was immediately piqued.

"There's been a really popular internet lingo that goes like this, 'I still love you, just like#'. You can add whatever you want to the end of that sentence. Let's go around and vote the best one, and that person will have to perform something for the rest of us, what do you guys think?"

"Sure." Gao Ran nodded, thinking that it was fun.

The others all nodded in agreement too#

"Xiaowei, since it's your idea, why don't you start first?" Huo Mian chuckled.

"Okay then, I'll start#" Then, Jiang Xiaowei cleared her throat and looked at Wei Liao, who was sitting across from her, in all seriousness. "I still love you, just like the sun, the moon, and the stars, existing forever."

Wei Liao looked at Jiang Xiaowei tenderly upon hearing what she said# talk about a public display of affection.

"Wei Liao, you go, since you're right across from her," Su Yu suggested.

Wei Liao stared into Jiang Xiaowei's eyes and didn't even hesitate before saying, "I still love you, just like blood pouring down the earth, draining me of warmth to beautify you."

After hearing this, Dr. Jiang, a publicly-known iron-lady, blushed, while the others began heckling them#

"Aww, how sweet."

"Your turn, Gao Ran." Huo Mian nodded.

Gao Ran, a little nervous, looked shyly at Zhu Lingling, who was sitting across from him "I still love you, just like a clamorous secret, worth thousands of words."

The others immediately began to clap; as the people's police, Gao Ran was surprisingly poetic.

"Lingling# your turn now." Huo Mian was looking forward to what Lingling, one of the big-mouthed girls she knew, would say.

Zhu Lingling thought long and hard for about ten seconds before the lightbulb in her head went off. She pointed at Gao Ran and said, "I still love you, just like a shrew screaming on the streets, unreasonable as can be."

The entire room filled with laughter as soon as she finished her sentence; Gao Ran, on the other hand, was speechless. "Zhu Lingling, did you do that on purpose#?"

What kind of confession was that? Just now, Gao Ran was so poetic, but Zhu Lingling brought them down to a new low.

"Hey, never mind it. I'm done# you guys are too mean, I'm not poetic at all and can't compare with super scholars like you bunch. It's good enough that I even thought of something. Huo Mian, come on, you and Mr. Qin go now."

"Huo Mian, Huo Mian." Everyone began clapping as Huo Mian smiled and turned to look at Qin Chu#