Chapter 1044: Truth or Dare 8

"You can't make a crab walk straight. I can't believe she's trying to be manipulative even now, it's disgusting," Zhu Lingling spat angrily.

Song Yishi's outfit was gorgeous# because she didn't come as a villain. Rather, she was dressed as a mermaid.

On her was a long, navy-blue dress that had see-through lace around its hem#

The fishtail dress showed off her figure and had countless shining crystals sewn onto it.

On her head was a gold wig and in her hand was a golden scepter.

Her face was delicately made up 每 she really did look like a mermaid. Yes, she looked pretty, but today's party was villain-themed.

"So, she's not here to party, she's here to be a beauty contestant?" Mo Xue'er laughed sarcastically.

"Great, the manipulative b*tch is here. Let's have some fun today, we don't need to go easy on her." Jiang Xiaowei rubbed her palms together, ready for a face-off with this woman.

"F*ck, she's here purely to ask to be bullied today." Zhu Lingling hated Song Yishi so much that she swore.

"Mian, did you tell Song Yishi the theme of today's party?" Huo Siqian smiled as he looked at Huo Mian#

"I did," Huo Mian replied calmly.

She already invited Song Yishi, so of course she would tell her what today's theme was. Yet, Song Yishi paid no attention to the hostess and pretended to be the pure and innocent mermaid amongst a sea of villains. How calculating and manipulative could she be?

Qin Chu didn't even look at her. He said, "Uncle Li, we're ready for dinner."

"Yes, sir."

Uncle Li followed Qin Chu's orders and began prepping the dishes#

Song Yishi strutted in wearing crystal heels and smiled shyly. "I'm sorry that I'm the last one to come."

"It's fine, we didn't start yet," Huo Mian chuckled.

"Miss Song, I guess you didn't understand what Huo Mian meant when she said it's a villains-themed costume party, did you? Why did you come as a mermaid?" Jiang Xiaowei shot at her.

"I did, but I really didn't know which villain to come as, since I've never been to a costume party. Plus, Huo Mian never said that I wasn't allowed to come as a protagonist." Song Yishi smiled sweetly as if she was the innocent one# She even emphasized that Huo Mian didn't say she couldn't come as a mermaid.

"It's okay, you can be whatever you want to be. Let's sit, dinner's ready," Huo Mian said, and everyone sat down around the table. Then, Uncle Li and the maids began serving the dishes#

Huo Mian was very generous; she prepared a delicious meal consisting of sirloin, foie gras, caviar, fruit salad, Boston Lobster, and Abalone rice for each guest#

"My gosh, did your chefs make these?" Jiang Xiaowei exclaimed.


"They're just as good as the chefs at five-star hotels, everything's so authentic." Jiang Xiaowei was pregnant and always had a good appetite, so she dug right in.

Wei Liao, on the other hand, passed her some napkins. "Slow down, Xiaowei, I'll give you my portion too, don't rush."

"Haha, don't worry, there's more in the kitchen, you guys can have all you want."

"Bring in the wine," Qin Chu said, and Uncle Li brought up a case of wine, placing one bottle by every guest.

Qin Chu never wasted money like Su Yu did, but he was still opulent, serving their guests wine that cost more than 200,000 yuan per bottle#

Zhu Lingling glanced at the wine bottle from every angle; as a certified alcoholic, she couldn't take her hands off alcohol.

The 12 guests, including Qin Chu and Huo Mian, sat in pairs on the rectangular dining table 每 the host and hostess sat across from each other on the main seats, while Huo Siqian sat with Mo Xue'er, Ni Yang with Yingzi, Gao Ran with Zhu Lingling, Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei and# Su Yu with Song Yishi#

Su Yu didn't like sitting across from Song Yishi and didn't even bother looking at her face. He couldn't even remember her name correctly, since he had zero good feelings towards this woman.

After the maids filled everyone's wine glasses with wine, they all raised their glasses.

"Here, guys, let's thank Huo Mian and Qin Chu for inviting us here today, I'd like to make a toast to them!" Jiang Xiaowei said happily, but before anyone had the chance to say anything, Huo Mian suddenly opened her mouth. "Wait!"