Chapter 1043: Truth or Dare 7

Huo Mian nodded and said slowly, "Apparently, Lucifer used to be God's favorite angel and was known as a seraph. He was envied by all the other angels because he could spend as much time as he wanted with God. Many goddesses liked him, but he wasn't interested in any of them# Later, while he was out on a mission, he fell in love with a woman from Hell. To be with her, Lucifer cut off his wings and betrayed God, just so he could go live with that woman. Sadly, he wasn't accepted by Satan, nor anyone else from Hell# Yet, he was willing to do anything for her. Later, this woman betrayed him for some other devil in Hell and in his sorrow, Lucifer left and was chased down until he escaped Hell. When he got out, he was surrounded by the angels who had previously been extremely jealous of him, since he received most of God's love. Therefore, they swore they would ruin him. In the end, Lucifer lit himself up in flames because he decided that even if he died, he wanted to kill himself, rather than be killed. He thought that he would die, but he didn't. As the fire burned, his wings turned black and his eyes turned red. He became much more powerful, and with anger and hatred, he killed all the angels and devils that once tried to murder him. Since then, he had been traveling between heaven and hell, quietly waiting. No one knows who he's waiting for, but he became the loneliest being on earth 每 he had no family, no lovers, no friends# Later, people began calling him 'the fallen angel'."

Upon hearing Huo Mian's explanation, everyone was shocked to hear how sad and complicated Lucifer's back story was.

During this time, Su Yu had entered the mansion. Huo Mian walked up to him and extended her hand, greeting him as the hostess, "Welcome, Lucifer."

Su Yu looked at Huo Mian, his gaze softening as he did# He smiled, and then reached out to shake Huo Mian's hand.

When he touched her hand, Su Yu felt dozens of electric currents flowing all over his body#

However, he let go after a few seconds, behaving like a true gentleman#

He wanted to hold her hand a little longer, but also didn't want Huo Mian to feel embarrassed since after all, there were so many people here.

"Young Master Su# what a pretentious and arrogant outfit." Wei Liao gave him a thumbs-up.

Su Yu smiled and walked right up to Wei Liao#

"Mian, should we start?" Qin Chu wanted to ask the maids to serve dinner upon seeing that most of the guests had already arrived when Huo Mian stopped him. "Song Yishi isn't here yet."

"You invited Song Yishi?" Huo Siqian was amused.

"I don't think she's coming; I wouldn't if I were her. Is she looking for trouble for herself?" Zhu Lingling commented.

However, at this instant, Jiang Xiaowei saw a black Rolls-Royce park outside the mansion# It was obvious that Song Yishi was trying to be the center of attention today.

"Speak of the devil, I guess she is#" Jiang Xiaowei pointed at the window, and everyone's gaze fell on the car outside#

The driver got off the car to open the back-seat door, and Song Yishi slowly walked out#

Everyone was shocked to see her outfit#

Jiang Xiaowei sneered, "I knew she would do this."