Chapter 1035: Flaunting Their Love 9

- The next morning -

When Huo Mian woke up, the first feeling she felt was the pain in her back...

Then, she looked at the time on her phone. It was already 9 AM.

She hadn't slept in so late in a while, the sun was basically shining on her butt.

She drowsily turned around but didn't see Qin Chu.

So she sent him a WeChat message, "Honey, are you at work?"

"Mmm, you're awake?" Qin Chu's tone was full of love.

"How could I sleep for so long, why didn't you wake me up?"

"You looked really tired, so I didn't have the heart to wake you up," Qin Chu said.

"How could you say that# My back is so sore," Huo Mian complained.

She didn't know what happened last night, but Mr. Qin went wild and had fun with Huo Mian until she begged him to stop.

She felt as if her legs weren't her own...

"No problem, you're not going to work today anyway. Enjoy your day off."

"What 'day off', tonight's Christmas Eve. I have to go prepare and decorate the house for everyone. The party's tonight, and it's my first time being a hostess. I can't lose face."

"Okay, do you need help with anything?"

"No, just get off of work on time." Huo Mian smiled.

"Okay, see you tonight. Go get'em, sweetie." for the first time, Qin Chu smiled and cheered Huo Mian on.

His expression was so cute...

"Right, Honey# who should we dress up as tonight?"

"You decide, I'll go with whatever." Qin Chu wasn't really interested, so he didn't want to make the decision.

"Ha, aren't you afraid that I'll dress you up like spiderman? I'm telling you, don't blame me if you die from shock after seeing my creativity."

"No problem, dress me up however you like."

After Qin Chu gave his outfit decision to Huo Mian, she stopped chit-chatting with him.

After climbing out of bed, Huo Mian chose a milky sweater with a light pink cotton jacket.

She looked much younger than she was, she still dressed like a teenager.

Zhu Lingling used to tease her and say, "Girl, your fashion sense now is the same as it was ten years ago. The outfit you're wearing today is the same one as the one you wore the first day of high school."

She never knew how to dress herself up.

In the case of company activities, Qin Chu arranged for a stylist. Normally, she dressed casually, like the girl next door.

Her style was completely different from Song Yishi, who went the goddess route and always looked classy and regal.

Zhu Lingling, on the other hand, put sexy first. She loved low cuts and short dresses while the high EQ Jiang Xiaowei went the intellectual route, as she always wore a confident aura.

After Huo Mian washed up and got dressed, she went downstairs to eat.

When she ate breakfast, she told the maids to clean the house and empty the living room, so she could get ready for the Christmas party that evening...

Huo Mian then contacted GK's planning department and discussed the design with them, and five people from GK's planning department went to buy materials and five others began decorating the house.

Huo Mian believed that they would be done by the end of the day, and since the party would start at seven, she had lots of time. 

So, she drove to Phoenix's Landing, where Ni Yang lived.

"Sis, why are you here?" Ni Yang was pleasantly surprised to see Huo Mian.

"I'm obviously here to see you. How are you doing?"

"Great, I'm rotting in here though. Can you ask President Qin if I can go back to work?" Ni Yang's operation was very successful, but his recovery at his mansion was boring. He couldn't even step outside, so when he saw Huo Mian, he saw his savior.

"Ha, I knew you would be bored, so I'm here to invite you to my party."

"Wow, what party? Tell me about it." Ni Yang's curiosity immediately went through the roof.