Chapter 1031: Flaunting Their Love 5

"Because I hate seeing Song Yishi." Qin Chu's answer was crisp.

Huo Mian was dazed for a moment#

It turned out that Mr. Qin's reason for selling the house was this. Song Yishi put in so much effort to be neighbors with them; she spent millions to buy a condo at Imperial Park, brought them midnight snacks, and even tried to initiate conversations with Qin Chu.

Truthfully, it was quite disgusting# but Huo Mian was not one to pick a fight, so she never confronted Song Yishi.

Even though Huo Mian missed their old home, she was okay with Qin Chu's decision if it meant that they could be away from Song Yishi.

Mr. Qin's actions made Huo Mian really happy#

"Honey# cough# ummm, were you never tempted by Song Yishi? After all, she's prettier than me# and more cultured than me. She also has a master's degree from a prestigious university and comes from a better family#" Huo Mian deliberately said, just to tease Qin Chu# but he interrupted her before she could even finish...

He said, "It doesn't matter how good she is, her name is not Huo Mian."

Mr. Qin rarely said such sweet words; Huo Mian knew that everything he said was his true thoughts.

So she felt warm in her heart#

Since the sale of Imperial Park was quite sudden, Qin Chu asked for their private belongings to be moved to South Hill Manor. From now on, this would be their only home.

Their small nest away from home, which they initially planned to occasionally stay at, was disrupted by Song Yishi, who had no idea about Qin Chu and Huo Mian's move...

When she saw that the lights at their condo were still on, she thought they were staying there#

So, she bought some snacks and beer and went up to press their doorbell.

"Who are you looking for?" A tall, muscular, fierce-looking hunk opened the door, his upper body completely exposed.

Song Yishi was not prepared for the sight, so she was extremely shocked#

"Hi# isn't the owner of the house Mr. Qin?" Song Yishi asked weakly.

"Oh# no, I just bought this condo from an agency." The hunk's voice was loud.

"Oh.. I see." Song Yishi finally realized Qin Chu had sold this place, but she was left out of the loop.

"Hey, pretty lady# Do you know the owner of this condo? Come in# let's talk," the hunk teased when he saw how pretty Song Yishi was.

"No, thank you." Song Yishi immediately turned around and left the residence.

She spent a fortune to buy a place at Imperial Park# just so that she could run into Qin Chu more#

But everything was ruined now#

South Hill Manor was a lone-standing mansion, with no neighbors in the surrounding area.

Even if she wanted to move next to them, there was nothing she could do.

This was a huge loss#

She took out her phone and dialed a number. "Refer an agency to me, I want to sell my home."

Song Yishi did not even stay at Imperial Park that night; after hearing that Qin Chu had moved away, she was not in the mood for anything. Therefore, she ended up driving back to her family's mansion.

- Song Family Mansion -

"Baby# why are you home so late?" Mrs. Song had on a face mask and was quite surprised to see her daughter at this hour.

"Yeah, I'm not living there anymore. I'm going to sell the condo."

"What? Sell it? Didn't you just buy it?"

"Yeah# but Qin Chu moved out already, what's the point of me staying there?"

Song Yishi would only stop pretending to be a goddess when she was talking to her mother.

Her tone and attitude were often rude, but the Song couple were used to it.

After all, they only had one precious daughter#

"Qin Chu moved?" Mrs. Song was also surprised.

"Let's not talk about this, I'm in a crappy mood. Oh yeah, Mom# do you know a good tailor?" Song Yishi suddenly asked.