Chapter 1029: Flaunting Their Love 3

"Family meal? Mrs. Qin... I thought you disliked Huo Mian, why are you still having a# family meal with her?" Song Yishi probed.

"I used to dislike her, but she did do a lot for Chu this time. Looking back, it's all for my son, so there's no need for me to fight with a kid, right?"

Mrs. Qin had warmed up a lot to Huo Mian and no longer hated her with a passion.

Even though Mrs. Qin was quite unreasonable, she was not a fool, and she could see Huo Mian's feelings for Qin Chu.

She was also very dissatisfied that Mrs. Song left with her daughter before Qin Chu's surgery was complete.

"Oh, I see# but I don't think Huo Mian can forgive you. She's very stubborn, so you should be careful since you guys don't get along."

"Yeah, I know."

"Would you like me to join you guys? I'll help you so that you won't be bullied again like last time."

Song Yishi repeatedly reminded Mrs. Qin of her past bad memories to try to provoke her anger.

"No, it's okay, Yishi. You're busy with work, so you don't have to come. After all, it's a family matter. Bye." After speaking, Mrs. Qin hung up the phone#

Song Yishi's face was gloomy...

Were all her efforts sucking up to Mrs. Qin going to waste?

There was no more hope for her just because Huo Mian was willing to die for Qin Chu?

Song Yishi refused to accept this#

But she couldn't stop the family meal. After all, she was just an outsider with no ties to the family.

In the past, with Mrs. Qin there, she could still stir up some trouble. Now that Mrs. Qin refused to let her join in, she couldn't do anything.

Before returning to the Qin Manor, Qin Chu and Huo Mian went to Sky Blessing Court.

They bought a lot of vegetables, fruits, and supplements for Huo Mian's mother.

When Yang Meirong saw Qin Chu and Huo Mian's loving manner, she was relieved and stopped believing the rumors.

They returned to the Qin Manor at noon and bought the same things for Qin Chu's parents.

Huo Mian felt uncomfortable every time they went to the Qin Manor because she felt like even the maids there disliked her.

However, the attitude she received this time was clearly different from before.

"You're back? Wash your hands, lunch is ready. I'll go upstairs and get your dad." Although Mrs. Qin was not very enthusiastic, she did not look as hostile as she used to.

It was already a big improvement#

"My mother seems to be different from before," Qin Chu said softly.

"I think so too." Huo Mian nodded.

"Young Master, Young Madam, have a seat. I will get you some fruit."

Even the maid was more diligent than she used to be...

After Qin Yumin came downstairs, the four of them sat around the dining table.

"How's the company doing?" Qin Yumin asked worriedly.

"It's all good, Dad, don't worry."

"You've made some big changes after you took over, things felt so unfamiliar when I went back that I didn't even know where to start. Haha, as expected, young people have more ideas, but you should also take care of your body," Qin Yumin said.

"I know, Dad."

"How's work recently, Huo Mian? Is it tiring?" Qin Yumin asked.

"Umm... I haven't officially started yet; I am starting after Christmas break."

"That's good, you've been tired recently too, so it's good to get some rest." Qin Yumin nodded.

"These crabs were flown in fresh this morning, everyone, have some." Mrs. Qin knew that Huo Mian loved seafood, so she spared no costs and ordered a bunch, but she didn't know how to offer them to Huo Mian, so instead, she told everyone to have some.

Huo Mian was very smart, so she immediately understood Mrs. Qin's intentions.

When she saw Mrs. Qin's friendly gesture, she did not dismiss her; instead, she grabbed a crab.

Huo Mian was unpretentious. First she de-shelled a crab for Qin Chu, then she started eating one herself.

"When are you guys planning to have the wedding, have you guys discussed it?" Qin Yumin suddenly asked.

Huo Mian didn't say anything, she looked at Qin Chu, not sure what her husband's plans were.