Chapter 1025: A Perfect Christmas 9

"I stopped liking fish a long time ago," Qin Chu said faintly.

Song Yishi was dazed for a second. "But... your mom said that you love to eat fish."

"She must have misunderstood# Thank you for your kindness. My wife loves to eat fish though; she likes all kinds of seafood. Mian, thank Mrs. Song."

Huo Mian immediately understood what Qin Chu was trying to do and smiled at Mrs. Song.

"Thank you, Mrs. Song. I'll eat it since Qin Chu doesn't eat fish. We won't let your efforts go to waste."

Mrs. Song and Song Yishi's expressions turned ugly when they heard her words, but they couldn't stop Huo Mian from eating the fish...

Huo Mian smiled coldly when she opened the bento box.

The portion of the rice and fish was only enough for one person; clearly, they did not prepare a portion for her.

Fortunately, her husband was smart and gave the food to her immediately.

"Qin Chu... take care and get well soon," Song Yishi said gently.

"Thank you." Qin Chu lowered his head and did not look at her face.

"Qin Chu, Uncle Song said that you should come over to our place for Christmas Eve with your parents since you will be discharged from the hospital that day. I'll prepare enough food for the three of you, it won't be a hassle."

Mrs. Song's intentions were clear, she only invited Qin Chu to come with his parents.

Clearly, she had excluded Huo Mian#

Huo Mian looked at her and only felt amused, it seemed that this old lady was trying to help her daughter to steal Qin Chu from her.

Sure, she was the mayor's wife, but was she allowed to act like that even when Huo Mian was right there in front of her?

"It's okay, Auntie Song, my wife and I invited many of our friends over for a Christmas party at our home."

"A party? Great, young people love parties, Yishi, why don't you go too?" Mrs. Song saw an opportunity and quickly glanced at her daughter.

Song Yishi asked innocently, "Qin Chu, can I go?"

Qin Chu was troubled; he didn't understand why she would ask to come, even though his intentions were so clear.

So he turned to look at Huo Mian#

Huo Mian smiled. "Yeah sure, but the party is a villain-themed costume party. If you come, remember to dress up as a villain so that you match the theme or you might be the odd one out"

"Okay, thank you Huo Mian." Song Yishi smiled.

She only cared about joining the party, she didn't really care if she had to dress up as a villain.

"Aunty Song, I am a little tired, I'm going to take a nap now... my wife will attend to you," Qin Chu said as he lied down and turned his head away from them. Clearly, he was giving them the "get the f*ck out" signal.

Huo Mian looked at Mrs. Song politely and asked, "Would you like an apple?"

"Okay, please peel one for me." Mrs. Song did not like Huo Mian, so she decided to make things difficult for her.

But she didn't expect Huo Mian to hand her an apple straight from the bag.

"The skin of an apple is its most nutritious part, you should eat it directly, and... it's best not to wash the apple. Even though there are pesticides on the skin, there's not a lot, so eating the skin will improve one's immune system."

"What nonsense are you saying... do you want me to die?" Mrs. Song's face was green.

"Huo Mian, you're kidding right?" Song Yishi said with a smile.

"Of course not, I am a doctor... I know a lot about pathology. I don't blame you guys for not knowing these things," Huo Mian said in all seriousness.