Chapter 1024: A Perfect Christmas 8

"After my brother tracked his whereabouts in Australia, he cornered him in a motel and put a bullet in his head."

"Thank Lino for me." Qin Chu nodded.

Qin Chu felt much better after he confirmed that Wang Kun, the person behind the whole thing, was dead.

At least Huo Mian and himself had their revenge and did not suffer for nothing.

Qin Chu decided to go through other channels, since Gao Ran and the Bureau could not easily cross the border to arrest a criminal.

His motto in life was: If someone crossed him, he would return the favor ten-fold...

"I followed what you said with regards to Dong Tao Town and withdrew everyone, do you still want to continue with investigations?"

"Of course, but I've decided to set it aside for the time being, I will investigate it myself after I recover."

Qin Chu knew that the situation at Dongtao Town was very complicated. It would be impossible to find out Huo Mian's background just by relying on his subordinates.

They would be sacrificing their lives in vain#

He had to investigate it personally.

"Even though I didn't find anything, something is a little suspicious... the tracker I left in Dong Tao Town revealed that the communication equipment there had been in contact with foreign countries... I couldn't find out the specific location, but I'm sure it's a foreign country, so... you have to be careful, you know. Once a foreign country is involved... things become complicated. Your opponent may be the mafia, a death cult, or terrorists... the possibilities are limitless."

If anyone else said those words, Qin Chu would have thought that they were making a big deal out of nothing.

But since it was coming from Rick's mouth, things were different...

Rick took over the family business at a young age and he was incredibly skilled at digging out information. If even he could not find a specific location, it could only mean that the other party was even more powerful than him.

So... what kind of secret was hidden in a place like Dong Tao Town? Which foreign party was it related to?

Could it be# that Huo Mian's biological parents were living overseas? Qin Chu once again fell into deep thought.

Huo Mian went to the Neurology Department to pick up some documents the previous department chief, Dr. Li, left behind and got ready to go back to work.

Once she returned to work, she would be the youngest chief physician in the province, and even in the country.

All her colleagues would call her 'Chief Huo' instead of 'Dr. Huo'.

Although the title made her sound old, becoming an outstanding doctor had always been her dream.

After she left the department, Huo Mian returned to Qin Chu's room to ask him what he wanted to eat.

Did he want takeout or a meal from the hospital cafeteria?

At this moment, Song Yishi arrived. Recently, Qin Yumin seldom visited Qin Chu, since he was taking care of GK in Qin Chu's place.

Mrs. Qin would occasionally visit during the day, but because she was embarrassed to face Huo Mian, she did not come by very often either.

Song Yishi had been quiet for a few days, and Huo Mian didn't think she would come again.

However, to her surprise, not only did she come, but her mother also came along with her.

The mother and daughter brought a delicate bento box filled with a steaming hot meal.

"Qin Chu, how are you doing?" Mrs. Song asked with a smile.

"Thank you, Ms. Song, I'm doing well. I will be discharged soon."

"That's good, that's good. Since your accident, Yishi has not been able to sleep well# She keeps talking about you# she would cry whenever she thought back at your accident. Look, her eyes are swollen..." Mrs. Song said as she pulled over Song Yishi.

Sure enough, Song Yishi's eye bags were really obvious...

She smiled shyly at Qin Chu#

"Thank you for your concern. My husband will be discharged from the hospital in three days, you guys don't need to run back and forth the hospital anymore# It's quite a hassle," Huo Mian interjected.

Mrs. Song ignored Huo Mian's words. Instead, she took the bento box and said, "Yishi said that you like eating fish. We went to the market to buy some bass this morning, and we steamed one and stewed one. Try it and see which one you like better."