Chapter 1022: A Perfect Christmas 6

"Honey# I bought you a bunch of deep V-neck sweaters, why won't you wear any of them?" Qin Chu pouted as he looked hard into Huo Mian's white lab-coat but couldn't see anything juicy#

"How am I supposed to wear something so revealing?" Huo Mian glared at him.

"You don't have to wear it in front of others, just in front of me# If anyone else dares to look at you, I will gouge their eyes out." Qin Chu laughed as he put an arm around Huo Mian's neck and pulled her in, gently nuzzling her ear#

He was very gentle# and Huo Mian's entire body began to itch, as if a feather was tickling at her heart.

"Honey#" Just as Huo Mian felt her defenses come crashing down, the door suddenly burst open#

"Can you guys not be so PG-18 in broad daylight?" Gao Ran looked at them enviously. Zhu Lingling stood behind Gao Ran, laughing as she covered her hands over her mouth#

"Ahem#" Huo Mian immediately stood up and began adjusting her coat collar.

Qin Chu, on the other hand, looked at them with a grim expression# why did the two of them have to come at this point in time?

"Guys# you came in on purpose, didn't you?" Qin Chu was speechless; Gao Ran could've come earlier or later, so why now?

"Of course we didn't, we can't look into the future, we didn't know you guys would be so wild# It's the middle of the day, and not only were your curtains open, but you also didn't even lock the door! Gosh# I'm blushing just at the thought of that."

"Stop pretending to be all pure in front of me, there's no such thing as blushing in your world, Gao Ran# Remember when you fell in love with porn during high school?" Qin Chu went ahead and exposed Gao Ran's dark history.

Zhu Lingling glanced at him in bewilderment while Huo Mian burst out laughing. Thanks to what Qin Chu said, Gao Ran was stuck in an endless pit of awkwardness.

"Ahem# don't bull around, Qin Chu, I don't know any Japanese porn stars, not Mutou Ran, Ann Nanba, Anri Suzuki, Yui Hatano, or Takizawa Rola# I don't know any."

"F*ck# you freaking know more than I do# You little pervert." Angry, Zhu Lingling stepped on Gao Ran's foot, and the latter immediately felt the pain of her 3-inch heels#

"Damn it, ouch! Can we not turn on each other because of Qin Chu's bulls*it? We're a team, we have to work together to defeat the Qin couple!"

"I'm not on your team, you little d*ck," Zhu Lingling cursed.

Huo Mian almost fell to the floor laughing, as she gave her husband a thumbs-up. "Mr. Qin, you're good. You made Lingling turn on Gao Ran so quickly!"

"Qin Chu, screw you, where's your conscious? You shouldn't have betrayed your bro like that."

Qin Chu put his hands behind his head and replied slowly, "I didn't betray you, I was just reminding Zhu Lingling that you've been extremely skilled since a young age, and are very good at what you do. So, if she dates you, she'll enjoy herself."

Qin Chu's remarks left Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling at a complete loss for words.

Huo Mian burst out in laughter again, incredibly impressed with her husband's unwavering mouth.

They were the ones who were caught in the act, but Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were the ones who currently felt awkward. Mr. Qin's IQ was obviously really high since he was capable of turning the tables around in a couple of sentences.

With a husband like him, Huo Mian never had to worry about being bullied, right? Anyone who tried to play with them would immediately beg for mercy, thanks to her husband's quick wits.

"Forget it, enough with the nonsense# when is Qin Chu being discharged?" Gao Ran asked Huo Mian.

"In three or four days probably."

"That's good, Christmas is in a week, and we're both off on that day, did you guys want to do something together? We can celebrate Christmas and Qin Chu's discharge." Gao Ran smiled.