Chapter 1020: A Perfect Christmas 4

Huo Mian would occasionally change back into her white lab coat and see patients since she was staying at South Side anyway.

"Dr. Huo, the director is looking for you."

"Be right there." Huo Mian quickly turned around and headed to the director's office upon hearing what her assistant said.

"Come in."

When Huo Mian walked in, not only did she see Director Wu and Deputy-Director Chen, but a bunch of experienced doctors and department chiefs were also sitting around the table.

"Is this a meeting, director?' Huo Mian was a little nervous since she had come empty-handed. What if she needed to jot down notes?

"It's not a meeting, sit down first."

Huo Mian anxiously sat down upon hearing what Director Wu said. As soon as she did, the entire office filled with thunderous applause, leaving Huo Mian completely stunned#

"Director Wu, did# something good happen?" Huo Mian was worried that he was going to fire her since she hadn't been to work in almost 20 days.

"Dr. Huo, we made a vote and are appointing you the chief physician of neurology."

"What?" Huo Mian immediately lost her cool.

Making chief wasn't easy, and most chiefs were in their 40s, either highly-educated, extremely talented or had many years of clinical experience. If she became chief, she would be the only chief in their province who was under 40 years old.

After all, Huo Mian was only 24 years old# she still looked young and na?ve.

"Congratulations on making chief, Dr. Huo," Chief Li smiled as she looked at her.

"What about you, Chief Li?" Huo Mian knew that there could only be one chief per department.

"Chief Jiang of the neurology department at the First Hospital is retiring, so I'm being transferred over. That way, you'll continue to work at South Side."

"But# Director Wu, I can't, I'm too young, I'm not fit for the job." Huo Mian panicked.

She felt like she wasn't at all experienced enough.

Director Wu looked at her and slowly said, "Huo Mian, don't be scared. We took everything into consideration and have been watching you for a while. You're calm, collected, and have managed the neurology department well while Chief Li was away. You can also deal with any problems that come your way. Most importantly, we tracked down the patients you've treated throughout your time in the department of neurology, and out of the 50 we talked to, 48 people complimented your skills. The other 2 are still recovering, so they didn't provide much feedback. As the youngest doctor in the neurology department, not only did you successfully handle numerous neurology cases and come up with countless treatment plans, you also victoriously performed surgery on your own husband, which was a very difficult surgery with a less than 30% success rate at that. You managed to pull through, which shows how much potential you've got. The hospital would never give people opportunities out of the blue. and you deserve our commendation."

As soon as the director finished his last sentence, everyone in the conference room began clapping once again# leaving Huo Mian as touched as ever.

The hospital saw all her hard work; from an intern nurse to full-time nurse, to head nurse, the hospital then even made an exception and allowed her to take a medical examination, thus allowing her to become a doctor of neurology. Today, they were making her the chief of neurology; Huo Mian felt lucky because not everyone's hard work was paid off#

"Dr. Huo, you're very talented."

"Yeah, Dr. Huo, you can do it, you won't let us down," the older experienced doctors all cheered her on.

"Huo Mian, you didn't thank the director yet," Chief Li smiled as she reminded her.

Only then did Huo Mian come back to her senses. She stood up and bowed down at the director, again and again.

"Thank you, Director Wu and Chief Li, and thank you everyone who recommended me# I will work hard in the future and become outstanding doctors like all of you."

Huo Mian was still emotional as she walked out of the conference room#

Countless people dreamed of one day being promoted to chief.

Many of her classmates in medical school were still intern nurses, while others who couldn't take it anymore had already switched professions.

Only she persisted in her childhood dream# with such determination.

An announcement sounded over the PA system in the hospital and echoed in every room and hallway.

"Important announcement: due to performing outstandingly in her work, starting today, Dr. Huo Mian has been appointed as the new chief physician of the neurology department."

All the nurses and doctors congratulated her on her way back to Qin Chu's room.

When she went in, she was still extremely excited, "Honey, did you hear the announcement?" Huo Mian asked him as she pointed at the speakers in his room.

"What announcement?" Qin Chu pretended to have just gotten up and asked her sleepily.