Chapter 102: Becoming Famous

After a moment of silence, Huo Mian, enunciating each word, asked, "Did no one teach you that wasting food is a disgraceful thing to do?"

"So?" He Man looked at Huo Mian and asked provocatively.

"So, whoever wastes food has to eat it all." Finishing her sentence, Huo Mian grabbed Huang Yue's plate of food and tossed it at He Man.

Within moments, He Man's entire body was covered in food.

"Wow, Mian, you're so… awesome." Huang Yue silently got up, giving her a thumbs up.

"Huo Mian, how dare you treat me like this?" He Man was flabbergasted.

"I'm not your mom, why should I condone your retarded behavior?" Huo Mian said in disdain.

"I'm going to kill you, you b*tch!" He Man gathered a lot of energy, preparing to slap Huo Mian.
But when her hand was no more than 5 cm away from Huo Mian, it stopped abruptly.

Huo Mian had quickly raised her own hand, which tightened around He Man's with vicious strength.

"If you're going to act like a monkey, act like one at the city center square. This is a hospital, please control your behavior."

Upon finishing, Huo Mian forcefully pushed away He Man and grabbed Huang Yue's hand to leave.

At that moment, He Man actually wimped out…
She didn't even have the guts to follow them, because her hand was red from being grabbed by Huo Mian just now.

That woman looked so weak but was actually so strong that it was scary.

"Oh my, what is going on? Isn't that woman a nurse from the Ophthalmology Department?"

"Yeah, from what I heard, she took advantage of her position and seduced one of the handsome intern ophthalmologists. That intern already had a girlfriend, who's an OB/GYN nurse. Was that the ex-girlfriend and homewrecker in a fight just now?"

The other nurses all began to gossip in hushed voices…

He Man also felt very embarrassed, so she left the employee's cafeteria with a long face.

- Department of Ophthalmology -

"Zhiyuan, are you okay?" He Man asked caringly upon seeing that Ning Zhiyuan's forehead was still slightly red.

"Let me ask you, who told you to go looking for Huo Mian?"

"I just wanted to stand up for you."

"I never asked you to stand up for me. You just added to my problems." Ning Zhiyuan heard what happened in the cafeteria and was extremely angry.

"I couldn't stand Huo Mian treating you like that."

"That's between me and her. From now on, don't ever go looking for Huo Mian again, or you might as well disappear from my sight." Ning Zhiyuan left after glaring at He Man.

He Man felt unhappy and simultaneously confused about one other thing.
Since Ning Zhiyuan and Huo Mian had already broken up, then last weekend, who was the woman Huo Mian saw at Ning Zhiyuan's apartment?

Of course that wasn't her, because last weekend, she had been at work for 24 hours straight, and didn't even have time to go to Ning Zhiyuan's...

Unless, Huo Mian was lying? Was she trying to destroy her relationship with Zhiyuan? But it didn't look like she was lying.

The fight in the cafeteria was originally a small matter, but someone with their own motives had recorded it and distributed it amongst the different departments at the First Hospital.

Huo Mian, the gentle-looking intern nurse, became famous after this fight.

People began referring to her as the 'hot and spicy nurse'.

Along with the fame came the male doctors, assistants, and even the male coworkers who all wanted to get a glimpse of this hot nurse. The most courageous of whom sent flowers and tried asking her out, making Huo Mian unsure as to whether she should laugh or cry.

Gazing at her desk full of chocolates and flowers, Huo Mian was at a loss for words.

"Mian, what should we do? You're the famous hot and spicy nurse now."

"Hot and spicy? That doesn't sound like me, I'm more of a tomboy." Huo Mian was embarrassed.

"So, is there anyone you like among all these suitors? That deputy director of radiology isn't bad. He's 30 years old, 178 centimeters tall, drives a BMW, and apparently comes from a wealthy family. He also looks a lot like that Korean actor, Song Seung-heon. Are you sure you don't want to consider him?" Huang Yue asked, a little jealous.