Chapter 1019: A Perfect Christmas 3

Huo Mian didn't make a noise as she slowly walked up to Qin Chu#

He reached out to tightly hold her pearly hands in his and then gave her an extremely comforting and warm hug.

She felt Qin Chu's warmth traveling into her body, giving her an incredible sense of security.

Only now did she feel like Qin Chu was truly beside her#

"I'm sorry for worrying you over the past few days. I will take care of myself and better protect myself in the future, so you won't have to risk yourself again." Qin Chu never said anything as heartening as this, and upon hearing what he said, tears began trickling down Huo Mian's cheeks#

"Why are you crying again? Honey# I've only been asleep for a few days, when did you become a crybaby?" Qin Chu couldn't help but smile as he gently reached out his hand to wipe off her tears.

"I was brave in front of the others, but since you're awake, I don't need to pretend anymore. I can cry, I can laugh, I can do whatever I want because I can rely on you#"

"We're married, you don't have to be such a stranger. Even if you wanted to confess your feelings towards me, you shouldn't do it today# I want a chance to announce to the entire world how I feel about you during our wedding."

"Wedding?" Surprised, Huo Mian wiped off her tears and looked at Qin Chu.

"Did your brain go cuckoo? We haven't held a wedding yet." Qin Chu laughed.

"But we already registered for marriage, isn't that the same thing?"

"Of course it isn't. Every woman deserves a grand wedding. On that day, you'll be the most beautiful woman in the world, and the center of attention. I promise to give you the best wedding that ever existed, so the entire world knows that I, Qin Chu, married the love of my life."

Huo Mian's face blushed as she looked at Qin Chu lovingly#

When they got married, they kept their marriage a secret, so she never thought about having a wedding.

All Huo Mian cared about was that they loved each other and lived a happy life together, so she didn't care for ceremonial events. However, to her surprise, Qin Chu had been planning their wedding all along, because he wanted to give her everything.

"Once I'm discharged, I will talk to my parents about setting a date and wedding details. Also, I think# they think that they owe you a formal apology."

Huo Mian shook her head, "They may be at fault, but they're my in-laws, and I don't want to hold their wrongdoings against them. They don't need to apologize, I'll feel bad. 'Forgive and forget', right? I don't want to make their lives harder, nor my own. Can we just let it be?"

Huo Mian was a nonchalant woman who constantly emitted an aura of maturity and level-headedness that didn't match her age, but that's the reason why she's capable of handling and dealing with a lot of stuff.

"You're# too calm and easygoing, and that's why people bully you." Qin Chu reached out to lovingly pinch her cheeks.

"With you by my side, no one will be able to bully me." Huo Mian smiled playfully.

Qin Chu couldn't help but move closer to her. He cupped her hands and kissed her passionately#

He could love Huo Mian a thousand times over, but it still wouldn't be enough.

He had the most precious treasure in the world, so even if he didn't survive this surgery, he wouldn't have had any regrets.

While Huo Mian took care of Qin Chu, she got much better as well. She occasionally called her mother and Zhixin, who had absolutely no idea what had happened to her and Qin Chu.

With a blink of an eye, the two of them had been hospitalized at South Side for almost two weeks. During this time, Jiang Xiaowei visited every day during the day and would leave after checking up on them.

Lingling came every other day since she had to work while Huo Siqian came here and there.

After Qin Chu woke up, however, Huo Mian never saw Su Yu again.

She ate and lived with Qin Chu at South Side, so the entire hospital knew how much Dr. Huo cared about her husband.

The nurse often teased her and asked her when they were going to have a baby. They also exclaimed that their child would be really pretty.

When this happened, Huo Mian would smile without replying. Then, she would get all depressed where no one could see her and wonder why she couldn't get pregnant.

She put her hands on her flat tummy# She had done it with Qin Chu so many times... When he was in the mood, they even did it a couple of times a night. However, since he had been sick recently, they didn't have the chance to do anything#

He's been recovering pretty well, so should Huo Mian# seduce him?

At this thought, Huo Mian felt her entire face burn up.