Chapter 1018: A Perfect Christmas 2

"Yeah#" Su Yu nodded, seemingly exhausted.

"I thought you hated being set up, why did you#" Mrs. Su looked at her son heartbreakingly.

In the past, she was in a hurry for her son to get married and often looked for compatible socialites on his behalf.

Later, she realized that Su Yu wasn't interested and didn't like any of them, causing her to question and worry about her son's sexuality for the longest time.

However, she soon found out that her son was in love with another girl, but that girl# was in love with someone else.

After some back-and-forth with Huo Mian, Mrs. Su realized that she was indeed a really great girl. Although she wanted Huo Mian to be her daughter-in-law, the latter's attention wasn't on Su Yu at all.

As an old saying goes, 'you can never wake up a person who was pretending to be asleep, and you can never move someone who didn't love you'.

Mrs. Su felt bad for her son, and she tried her best to help him forget Huo Mian, because she didn't want to see him in pain. However, for some reason, he fell harder and harder for her.

Last time when Grandpa Su invited his comrade's granddaughter over, she thought that Su Yu might be interested. However, after a few days, Su Yu basically chased her out of the city. He didn't even drop her off at the airport; instead, he asked someone from Imperial Star's public relations department to do the deed.

Therefore, was Su Yu's sudden agreement to being set up a sign of him coming to his senses? Or was it something else#

"I have to keep my promise to my grandpa, I'm a man of my words," Su Yu said listlessly. Then, before Mrs. Su could ask any follow-up questions, he turned around to head upstairs#

He only agreed to be set up because his grandpa said only then would he send over an army surgeon to save Qin Chu. In the end, everything he did and every compromise he made was for Huo Mian#

He never thought that he would be so selfless one day.

When Huo Mian went back to Qin Chu's room, he was still awake. After the bottle emptied, Huo Mian gently pulled out his IV. Then, she pressed her finger on the needle hole so it wouldn't bleed.



"Don't be that stupid again#" Qin Chu looked at her, his heart aching as he did.

"What do you mean#?" Huo Mian didn't know what he was suddenly talking about.

"I'm talking about my surgery, when# you vowed to live and die with me. Although I don't want to be apart from you, if I really do leave this world first, I want you to live a fulfilling life, rather than kill yourself."

During the day, Gao Ran told Qin Chu everything that happened when he was unconscious, leaving him with a heavy heart.

However, he didn't get the chance to talk to Huo Mian about it. Now that they were alone, Qin Chu didn't want to keep it in anymore, so he decided to bring it up.

"Great, you married me and that's that? Did you want to leave me alone in this world?" Huo Mian pretended to be angry.

"That's not what I meant. Your parents gave birth to you, and there are so many things you haven't done yet. You have to take care of Zhixin and your mother, and you also have to keep looking for your biological parents# All in all, there are so many more things out there waiting for you to do, I can't make you leave all that behind for me."

Qin Chu was a man of a few words and rarely said so much at once. Therefore, upon hearing him say all that, Huo Mian felt extremely touched#

"Don't ever think of tossing me aside, if you're dead, then why would I care about any of that? I know they won't blame me for leaving them. Honey, do you know what the scariest feeling in the world is?"

"What is it?" Qin Chu didn't know Huo Mian's answer, so he didn't want to make any assumptions.

"The scariest feeling isn't not being able to have something# Rather, it's losing something you already had. If we didn't reunite after 7 years, if you lived in the States and I lived an ordinary life in C City, then fine, I would be willing to live my life without you# But God gave us a chance to get back together, so I plan on spending the rest of my life with you and never leave you. If I got you back and then lost you again, I don't know how I'll be able to live on with my life, because I don't have the courage to live in a world that you no longer exist in. Therefore, I'm not giving up my life; following in your footsteps is salvation and rebirth# whether it's in heaven or hell."

Qin Chu was dumbstruck by what Huo Mian said#

He knew how smart Huo Mian was, but being able to see things with such clarity not only touched him but also filled him with gratitude.

He was grateful that he didn't fall in love with the wrong person#

"Honey, come here." Qin Chu reached out his hand and looked at his wife with so much tenderness that she felt like she was about to melt.