Chapter 1017: A Perfect Christmas 1

"Not yet, she's in her husband's room," the nurse replied with a smile on her face.

"Okay, I got it." Su Yu nodded and didn't say anything else.

Huo Mian cut the fruit up into small pieces and placed them onto a plate, poking each one with a toothpick.

Then, she carefully walked up to Qin Chu and held up a piece of cantaloupe by the toothpick, feeding it to him.

Qin Chu opened his mouth cooperatively and took a small bite.

"Honey, does it taste good?" Huo Mian smiled.

"Probably not as good as I do." Qin Chu chuckled.

"Can't we enjoy a normal conversation?" Huo Mian was speechless.

Her husband was probably the only person capable of making the act of eating fruit dirty. What a character.

After a few bites, Qin Chu appeared to be exhausted#

Huo Mian adjusted his pillow so he could lie down flat on the bed#

Just then, the nurse came in with an IV. "Dr. Huo, Dr. Xu said that Mr. Qin needs to receive anti-inflammatories to prevent infection#"

"Okay, you can give it to me."

The nurse nodded. She then placed the IV down and turned around to leave#

Huo Mian picked up the IV bag and examined it. After making sure that it was the right medicine, she quickly hung it up above Qin Chu's bed. Then, she pulled Qin Chu's arm towards her.

"It might hurt a little# but it'll just be a second."

Huo Mian looked down to insert the IV into Qin Chu's arm, as gently as possible. She was very careful and found his vein on the first try.

As the needle penetrated his skin, Qin Chu felt like he had been bitten by a small mosquito.

"I'm done." Huo Mian took a deep breath in.

"Thanks, Honey." Qin Chu smiled tenderly.

"Get some sleep# I'm going to go see Dr. Xu and come up with a treatment plan for you# and find out when you can be discharged."

"Okay, but don't leave for too long." Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian longingly as she left his room.

When she left his room, she didn't see a familiar shadow standing in the corner of the hallway. It was Su Yu, staring at her from far away#

He didn't get to talk to her, but he also didn't want to disturb her. Although he only caught a quick glimpse at her, Su Yu's mood lightened up.

He turned around to leave South Side and drove home.

An hour later, Huo Mian came back from discussing Qin Chu's treatment plan with Dr. Xu.

The assistant nurse saw Huo Mian and greeted her with a smile. "Dr. Huo, did Young Master Su leave?"

"Su Yu was here?" Huo Mian was surprised.

"What? You didn't know?" The nurse was even more surprised.

"When was he here?" Huo Mian asked.

"A little over an hour ago# Young Master Su paced outside your room for a while, I thought he went looking for you. I told him that you were in your husband's room, didn't he go and see you?"

"Oh# I see," Huo Mian said. Then, she fell silent.

A little over an hour ago, she was feeding Qin Chu fruit in his room and didn't even notice that there was someone outside the door. Perhaps Su Yu saw her but didn't talk to her.

Su Yu had become more introverted, very unlike his flaunting self.

In the past, he would've walked up to her, no matter what she was doing.

The truth was, Su Yu went to Qin Chu's room but didn't go in. He stood outside, peered through the window, and watched as Huo Mian leaned by Qin Chu's bed and fed him food. They looked at each other with such loving tenderness that he couldn't take it anymore, so he decided to leave without saying hi.

When Huo Mian left Qin Chu's room, Su Yu had just turned a corner. He stared at Huo Mian greedily until her shadow disappeared at the end of the hall#

When Su Yu arrived at home, his mother wasn't asleep yet and was watching a midnight show.

Upon seeing her son come in, she immediately walked up to him and took his jacket.

"It's late, I thought you were going to spend the night at your apartment."

Su Yu's new mansion was still under construction, so he spent most of his time living either at his parents' house or at his own apartment.

The apartment was located right next to Imperial Star, so it was easy to get to and from work.

"No," Su Yu said, a little forsakenly.

"Yu# I heard your grandpa say that you've agreed to the arranged date?" Mrs. Su looked at her son and asked gently.