Chapter 1015: I am Your Husband, Not Your Son 9

"Mom# I'm mad," Song Yishi pouted and began to complain.

"What's wrong? Who offended my baby daughter?" Song Yishi was Mrs. Song's only child, so she loved her dearly. Mayor Song was also incredibly proud of her daughter and treated her like a pearl in his palm.

"Mom# if I told you that I wanted to be with Qin Chu, would you support me?"

For the first time, Song Yishi told her mother about her feelings toward Qin Chu; she didn't want to wait anymore and was ready to take action.

"I knew that you still liked Qin Chu# but he's already married." Mrs. Song used to think that Qin Chu was a good match for her daughter, but sadly, he was already married.

"Mom, this is the 21st century, married people can get divorced. Who said they are going to last forever#" Song Yishi refuted.

"But I would feel bad if my baby daughter marries a divorced man." In Mrs. Song's mind, her daughter was the most perfect women on this earth, so she didn't want her to marry someone who was previously married.

"Mom# I wouldn't care, even if Qin Chu had previously been married two, three, or even four times#"

"Gosh, if you liked Qin Chu, what were you doing for all these years? You guys were both studying abroad, you should've said or done something. If you did, another person wouldn't have intervened, and I wouldn't be here worrying about you."

Mrs. Song was confused; what was her daughter doing all these years? Why did she want Qin Chu now that he was married?

Song Yishi sighed as she slowly opened her mouth. "The truth is# back then, I went looking for him, but I didn't have the guts to go up to him. He looked so scary and indifferent, all my friend in the States told me that Qin Chu was a cold-blooded monster who didn't talk to any of his classmates and was a loner."

"What about now, is he not like that anymore?" Mrs. Song was puzzled.

"He's changed. I didn't think I still cared, but after seeing how gentle he is towards Huo Mian, I became really sad and realized that I wasn't ready to let go# I used to be too confident and always thought that I was the only one who deserved to be with Qin Chu. Therefore, I overlooked the absurd fact that he might fall in love with another girl during high school. Mom, I don't want to live in regret, I want to take him back." Upon saying this, Song Yishi walked up to her mother and leaned coyishly against her mother's shoulder.

"Gosh# my child# your father's the mayor. What if negative news stirs up?" Mrs. Song was worried about the reputation of their family#

"Don't worry, I won't be so obvious, I'll defeat Huo Mian quietly# As long as she's gone, Qin Chu will be all mine. I'm confident that he has feelings for me, even if it's just a little bit. After all, we lived under the same roof for over a year when we were children."

Even now, Song Yishi foolishly believed that since they spent a year together when they were 8 years old, they were considered childhood friends.

However, Qin Chu didn't even remember what Song Yishi looked like back then and had forgotten all about how she was like when they were eight years old.

The only thing he cared about was his three years of high school, which was filled with happiness, sorrow, tears, and laughter#

"Do you have to do that? Yishi, with your background# you can date any man you want," Mrs. Song still tried to persuade her daughter otherwise.

"No, I want Qin Chu. It's my only wish." Song Yishi was determined. Actually, she didn't love Qin Chu; she was just crazy jealous of Huo Mian.

She didn't use to be so obsessed over Qin Chu; faced with the indifferent Qin Chu in the States, she didn't even have the courage to say hello to him.

However, now that she saw that Qin Chu had married Huo Mian, she wanted him back.

When Qin Chu was a flawed piece of jade, she was interested but didn't want him very badly. Now that he was a top-quality piece of treasure under Huo Mian's care, she had to have him.

All in all, Song Yishi wasn't deeply in love with Qin Chu; all she wanted was to steal Huo Mian's happiness away from her.

- On the top floor of the Seductive Fox Nightclub -

GK Film and Television wasn't doing so well, since both Qin Chu and Ni Yang were recovering from surgery. Mo Xue'er, on the other hand, was filming out of town.

Therefore, Imperial Star was able to climb above them and prosper significantly over the past few weeks. Su Yu invested 300 million yuan and signed with 8 new artists. Today, he held a celebratory party with the company executives, and everyone was having a lot of fun.

Su Yu, on the other hand, was extremely calm; no one could tell whether he was happy or upset...

The others at the party didn't dare come up to him, and only Tang Chuan, his good buddy, had the balls to sit down beside him and joke around.

"Ahem# why isn't our Big Boy Su joining the party? Is he not in the mood?" Tang Chuan asked.

Su Yu held his wine glass; he was obviously thinking about something and didn't reply to Tang Chuan.

"Someone working at South Side told me that Qin Chu woke up. Did you know?" Tang Chuan yacked.