Chapter 1014: I am Your Husband, Not Your Son 8

Jiang Xiaowei was immediately infuriated and spat back, "If you had your eyes on my husband, you wouldn't even be alive to show off, did you think I'm the kind to let you off easily? I would've ruined your reputation a long time ago. Huo Mian is magnanimous, but that doesn't mean she's scared. I'm shocked by your thick skin, and I'm shocked that you have the audacity to be the mistress# Actually, you're not even a mistress, because the man-in-question didn't even lay his eyes on you. To Qin Chu, you're no more than a passerby# So, sometimes I feel bad for you. Even if you strip naked and stand in front of Qin Chu, he still wouldn't sleep with you. You were born so pretty for nothing# Tsk tsk."

Throughout the years, few have won against Jiang Xiaowei in verbal confrontations. Plus, since she studied psychology, she was good at figuring others out, poking at their pressure points, and making them fall apart.

Wei Liao once said that one day, Jiang Xiaowei and Huo Mian should have a verbal stand-off because the latter was probably the one person in the world who was capable of suppressing her#

As expected, Song Yishi was completely angered by what Jiang Xiaowei said, and she hastily blacklisted her. This way, Jiang Xiaowei would not be able to message her anymore#

Jiang Xiaowei felt a sense of accomplishment# Round 1 ended with Song Yishi running away with her tail between her legs#

However, Jiang Xiaowei had even more lined up for her. Since Song Yishi was a manipulative bitch, Jiang Xiaowei was determined to be even more manipulative than her.

She quickly logged onto her own verified Weibo, which had her name, her educational background, and her current employer all verified.

She had a couple of thousand fans and occasionally updated her Weibo. Therefore, she uploaded, "Today's a good day, I became friends with Goddess Song. She's a great person who never double deals."

She also tagged Song Yishi.

Soon, countless fans began commenting on her post#

Fans who didn't know what was going on commented under Song Yishi's page also.

"Yishi, you know Xiaowei as well? That's great, goddesses always make the best of friends."

"Goddess Song, you know Dr. Jiang? I'm so jealous, you guys are all super scholars, I love you both!"

Song Yishi was still angry by the fact that Jiang Xiaowei had just scolded her from head to toe when Jiang Xiaowei tagged her on her Weibo. Her actions made Song Yishi angrier than ever.

'Never double deals' was the ultimate humiliation; other people may not know, but Song Yishi did.

However, since she had so many fans, if she didn't respond, others might guess around or assume that she was being pretentious.

Therefore, she had no choice but to swallow her anger and reply to Jiang Xiaowei.

"It was really nice to meet you, go to bed soon!"

Song Yishi hated Jiang Xiaowei, but she still pretended like they were friends.

Jiang Xiaowei laughed like crazy upon seeing her reply#

"Xiaowei# did you win the fight again?" Wei Liao quietly looked at his wife.

"Fight? I would never, I'm not that lame, the only way to defeat a bitch is to be even bitchier. I'm sure Bitch Song will lose sleep tonight," she said as she replied to Song Yishi and attached a photo of an expensive watch underneath.

"Shi, do you like this watch? I wanted to buy it for you."

In Chinese, watch has the same pronunciation as b*tch.

Jiang Xiaowei was good; she didn't even have to say any dirty words to curse at others.

Song Yishi's face turned red with fury upon reading what she posted; she obviously knew what Jiang Xiaowei meant.

However, her fans didn't, and they all idiotically commented under Jiang Xiaowei's reply.

"This watch is really expensive, you guys seem really close!"

"Gosh, why isn't anyone buying me these kinds of designer watches? I'm so jealous."

"Goddess, you need to accept Dr. Jiang's gift! After all, it's free."

Song Yishi was furious, and she had to drink half a bottle of water to calm herself down.

Then, she pushed down her anger and replied, "Thanks girl, but you don't have to do that. I don't need a watch, I already have one, and one is enough."

One of Song Yishi's fans unintentionally asked, "Isn't it a bad omen to gift someone a watch? It's the same as gifting someone a clock, which has the same pronunciation as seeing someone off at their funeral?"

Song Yishi was even more furious upon reading this and threw her phone onto her bedroom floor with a 'bang'.

Not only did Jiang Xiaowei slam her on her 'B*tch Conqueror' account, but she also signed onto her own account and further tortured her. Of course Song Yishi was mad, since she couldn't even talk back#

"Hey, sweetie, what's wrong?" Mrs. Song asked distraughtly; she was coming up the stairs when she saw her daughter smash her phone.