Chapter 1013: I am Your Husband, Not Your Son 7

"Curse at her? Is she worth it? I don't want to sink down to her level# I used to think that Huo Mian was overly low-profile."

"What about now?" Wei Liao asked her with a smile.

"Now I know why Huo Mian chose to ignore her, she's the ultimate bitch# how fake she is makes me nauseous# I hate that she pretends to be all innocent."

"Xiaowei# calm down, there are so many people like her on this world, you shouldn't be so surprised," Wei Liao consoled.

"No, no, I won't go to sleep until I slam on her." Then, Jiang Xiaowei logged on to her 'B*tch-conqueror' account and commented under Song Yishi's post.

"There's no such thing as goddesses in this world, one becomes a goddess only because too many people want to climb into her bed# But I'm sorry, even if I were a man, I wouldn't want to sleep with you. I'm scared that I would see you with your mask off. After all, not everyone is capable of double-dealing, did you study painting in Italy or mask painting?"

Jiang Xiaowei's post angered all of Song Yishi's fans, and they all wanted to curse back at her. However, she turned off the comments function in her Weibo, so the others couldn't comment on her page and could only tag her.

Song Yishi's face fell upon seeing this comment#

'Bitch-Conqueror' talked smack about her more than once.

If it happened just once, she might have thought that whoever commented was just an anti-fan. However, she now had a feeling that it might be Huo Mian or a friend of Huo Mian's. Therefore, she clicked into the profile of 'Birth-Conqueror' and sent a private message#

"Is this Huo Mian?"

"Haha, you sure think highly of yourself. Huo Mian would never respond to you," Jiang Xiaowei replied.

"Zhu Lingling?" It seemed like she was very well informed of Huo Mian's inner circle.

"You sure did your homework on Huo Mian# how hostile of you," Jiang Xiaowei sneered.

"Miss Jiang? Oh, no# Now, I should call you Mrs. Wei#?" Song Yishi said; she could tell from the way the person was typing that it was Jiang Xiaowei; Zhu Lingling wasn't so sharp with her words and didn't have such a high EQ. Therefore, the only other possibility was Jiang Xiaowei#

Plus, she saw Jiang Xiaowei cursing at Mrs. Qin the other day outside the OR, so she knew how sardonic she could be.

"Who's Jiang Xiaowei? Is she your friend?" Jiang Xiaowei denied it and shot back at Song Yishi.

"Mrs. Wei# do we have any misunderstandings? It's not the first time you've targeted me, what's the point of opening up a new account to bash on me? Are you that bored? I heard that you got married because you were pregnant. If you're pregnant, you should be a dutiful person and accumulate some virtue for the fetus in your belly. What do you think?"

Song Yishi retorted scathingly; she never liked Jiang Xiaowei to begin with, probably because she was always on Huo Mian's side.

"Thanks to you, my baby will be chubby and healthy. You, on the other hand, should be worried that no one will ever marry you. From my point of view, women your age should do the right thing. Find yourself a husband rather than pry someone else's. Didn't you know that mistresses are the most disgusting beings on earth?" Jiang Xiaowei immediately replied abrasively.

"Haha# I'm curious, how is this any of your business? If I was chasing after your husband, then fine, I understand your hostility. But here's a saying for you, 'dogs should not chase mice, because it's not your business'# Plus, it won't do you any good, will it? Will Huo Mian thank you for what you did? What's the point of being so rude to me?" Song Yishi sneered as she typed.

Song Yishi's words were clear 每 I'm not seducing your husband, what are you being so defensive about?