Chapter 1012: I am Your Husband, Not Your Son 6

"Ha# President Huo, you're thinking too much. Life isn't a TV drama, there's no such thing as masks. I don't know what you're talking about, I've always been me. If you think I'm not friendly towards you, it only means that I don't know you that well enough. Please don't judge me before getting to know me, I won't have it."

Huo Siqian's remarks angered Song Yishi, but she would never offend him here since there were too many people around. Plus, she didn't see the point in engaging in a verbal conflict with a man like him.

After all, her opponent was Huo Mian and not Huo Siqian#

"Okay, if you insist, you can keep your mask on. I'm interested in seeing how much longer you can keep this charade up for. Hopefully, for the rest of your life." Then, Huo Siqian yawned and left.

Song Yishi looked at Huo Siqian as he left, her expression was grim. She had a feeling that he wasn't as simple or gentle as he seemed#

Huo Siqian won the throne of the Huo Corporation after a long struggle, a simple-minded person wouldn't have succeeded so gloriously.

Song Yishi wondered what Huo Siqian's relationship was with Huo Mian 每 did he want to help her? If so, she had to be more careful, but the truth was, she didn't care about his warning just now.

Was Huo Mian smart? Was she powerful? Was she hard to deal with? Haha# she was eager to find out.

Her life thus far had been sailing with the wind, so she wanted to be challenged, and she was interested in seeing how long Huo Mian could resist her.

She also wanted to see if she was charismatic enough for Qin Chu to fall in love with her# That's the only way she can prove herself.

The truth was, Song Yishi was an egomaniac. She always thought of herself as the perfect woman 每 she was pretty, composed, came from a good family, and was never involved in scandals...

No one could find the tiniest piece of negative information on her, making her a one in a million inside the socialite circle.

That night, Song Yishi uploaded a photo of Jesus Christ and a cross, along with this sentence, "Thank you, Lord, for our salvation. May God be with us."

Netizens immediately overwhelmed her Weibo with comments#

"Goddess, I support you."

"Goddess Song, I believe in you and have always liked you."

"Goddess, did your dream come true? Can you share it with us?"

"Woah, goddess, you're a Christian? I knew it, well-poised women are all Christians, God bless you!"

"When can you upload a selfie for us? You are so much better looking than that b*tch, Huo Mian."

"The goddess is so pretty, but she barely uploads any selfies. This means that she's not only pretty on the outside, but on the inside as well. She's reliable and low-key."

Song Yishi leaned on her headboard as she scrolled through the comments on Weibo with a smile on her face.

That was what life was supposed to be like; she was supposed to be admired and complimented by the masses# She wanted the entire world to know that Song Yishi lived a great life.

Inside a private mansion, Jiang Xiaowei almost erupted with anger upon seeing Song Yishi's Weibo post#

"What the hell? How can she be so thick-skinned? She's the b*tchiest of the b*tches!"

"Xiaowei, what's wrong?" Wei Liao was mixing pregnancy milk powder for Jiang Xiaowei when he heard her slam her phone onto the coffee table with a 'bang.'

"Bitch Song#" Jiang Xiaowei cursed furiously.

"Um# Xiaowei# did you start cursing at her on Weibo again?" Wei Liao asked worriedly.

Jiang Xiaowei's temper had worsened ever since she got pregnant; she blew up at all unjust behavior, and even fought with Qin Chu's mother#

Tang Chuan used to joke that everything in life had its vanquisher. Wei Liao's vanquisher was Jiang Xiaowei, and he was willing to do anything and everything for her, with no complaints and no questions asked.