Chapter 1011: I am Your Husband, Not Your Son 5

"Hey, Miss Song."

"President Huo." Song Yishi nodded.

"You're here to# see Qin Chu?" he asked.

Song Yishi nodded again. "I am."

"Ha# you seem to be pretty close to him, I've never seen another woman aside from Huo Mian in his life."

"Really? Then I guess I'm a pleasant surprise in his life," Song Yishi said confidently.

Huo Siqian shook his head and smiled. "No, to Qin Chu, no one, aside from Huo Mian, is a pleasant surprise. Miss Song, it's good that you're confident, but you really shouldn't be so full of yourself. After all# you might be embarrassed in the future."

Song Yishi's smile was still elegant. "You seem to have a problem with me."

Song Yishi wasn't an idiot 每 Huo Siqian always said weird things to her whenever they saw each other. She also knew that Huo Siqian was Huo Mian's brother, and although they weren't close, she still needed to be cautious in front of this person.

"A problem with you? Of course I don't, I never have problems with pretty women. I really like you, that's all. You're a hot topic in our circle, you haven't been back for long, but you sure know your way around. So, I was thinking# smart women like you rarely exist in this world# You're such an outstanding woman, so why would you focus on something that's not yours? It's tiring to steal others' stuff, you might as well find someone more compatible to date."

"President Huo, you're wrong# I'm not the one doing the stealing, I'm just taking back what was originally mine. I'm innocent and had someone stole from me. I feel bad too, the victim here is me." Song Yishi tried to get him to sympathize with her, but her words revealed her true thoughts.

She met Qin Chu when she was 8 years old, so to her, Huo Mian was the third person, and not herself.

"That's what I'm talking about# clever people can act like a fool at times, I really hope you're not that kind of woman."

"President Huo, is this a warning? Are you trying to defend someone?" Song Yishi smiled profoundly.

"It's not that. I think you're beautiful, so you should give me a chance. We might make a great couple," Huo Siqian said in a half-joking, half-serious manner#

Song Yishi looked down and smiled. "President Huo, stop poking fun at me. You have more women than you have clothes. I know better than to think that you might dawdle on me."

"If you really had self-awareness, then you wouldn't be chasing after Qin Chu, haha# Miss Song, you're a smart woman, I suggest that you don't go overboard with your actions. Huo Mian# how should I put this? You may think she's easy to deal with, but the truth is, she's capable of making your life miserable in a matter of seconds if she wanted to. You think you're smart, but she's even smarter than you. I suggest that you take good care of yourself#" Huo Siqian's explicit reminder pissed Song Yishi off#

Who the hell was Huo Mian? Would she really be scared of her? What a joke#

She was the daughter of the mayor, favored by all the heirs in the city. A bunch of rich men was waiting in line to date her, so how could Huo Mian, a woman with no background, compete with her?

"So, did you say all that to warn and threaten me on behalf of Huo Mian? So# is everyone in the Huo Family as arrogant and egotistic as you? Did you think you could scare me? Did you think I am easy to defeat?" Song Yishi sneered at Huo Siqian; for the first time, she revealed her true side to an outsider#

She suddenly didn't feel the need to pretend in front of him anymore, because she noticed that he was just as fake as she was; they were both wearing masks over their faces#

"So# Miss Song, did you just take off your mask as the sweetest and most innocent woman alive?" Huo Siqian raised his index finger to his lips and laughed.

His words obviously sent her into a fury, since Song Yishi revealed her true self to him#