Chapter 1007: I am Your Husband, Not Your Son 1

"No, Mrs. Qin. You must have misheard our conversation. My mother was saying we should rest in case we get too exhausted to take care of Qin Chu when he wakes up. In terms of life and death, she said we should really value our days since we don't know which will come first, an accident or tomorrow's sunshine. That's probably what you heard." Song Yishi tilted her head and smiled.
"Oh, is that so?" Mrs. Qin answered back with some suspicion in her eyes.

Song Yishi looked at Qin Chu as he laid on the bed and smiled shyly. "Qin Chu, I knew you would be okay! I prayed for you many times, and I knew God would protect you."

"Thanks." Qin Chu scanned Song Yishi's face without much emotion.

"Chu, bring Huo Mian over to our house when you are feeling better. Your mother and I have decided to apologize to her. You can really only judge one's character when it's a matter of life and death. You brushed past death this time, and so did she," Mr. Qin said.
Song Yishi furrowed her brows and dug her nails into her palm.

"Mom, Dad# have you guys decided to accept Huo Mian?"

"It was your father's idea to apologize. I# don't want to apologize. I'm too old to get face-slapped like this," Mrs. Qin said awkwardly.

"It's fine as long as you guys are not hostile towards her anymore. Mian appears aloof on the outside, but she's actually very nice. She will remember the people who have been kind to her. I would be relieved if you could resolve the conflict between the three of you," said Qin Chu as his lips spread into a smile.

"I think Huo Mian might not forgive Mr. and Mrs. Qin even if they apologized. After all, she is hot-tempered and may end up saying something offensive. Maybe you guys should be careful," Song Yishi chimed in. She hated the idea that Qin Chu's parents may reconcile with Huo Mian. Didn't Mrs. Qin say she hated Huo Mian the most? Didn't Mrs. Qin also say Song Yishi was her favorite?

Song Yishi most definitely did not want to see them live with each other in peace. What was more, she hated the idea that they might become one big happy family.

"Why do you sound like you know Huo Mian more than I do? Are you close with her?" Qin Chu tilted his head towards Song Yishi, a cold smirk at the corner of his lips. Suddenly, he felt disgusted by the woman standing in front of him.
He was speaking to his parents about his own family business, what business did she have to chime in with her opinion?

"Oh, no. That's not what I meant. Qin Chu, you're misunderstanding me. Huo Mian and I are technically friends. After interacting with her for some time, I realized that her personality is rather strong. That's why I'm afraid she might offend Mr. and Mrs. Qin." Noticing her previous comment had discontented Qin Chu, Song Yishi immediately pulled back the sharpness in her tone and once more became the gentle girl-next-door.

"I know my own wife very well, thank you for your concern. These matters are rather personal, so I don't believe we need an outsider's assistance." Qin Chu's words drew a clear distinction between his family, and her - the outsider.

She stood behind Mrs. Qin and stared at her own feet, too scared to say anything more.

Qin Chu was not someone that would hold back his tongue when he was in discontentment. He didn't care if she was a girl, he would lash out and embarrass the hell out of her if she pissed him off.

After all, to him, any woman that wasn't Huo Mian had absolutely nothing to do with him.

He, therefore, would never need to hold back anything to shut her up in front of his parents, it was that simple.

Huo Mian didn't end up going back to her own room. Instead, she went to visit Ni Yang.

Ever since she was kidnapped, she had forgotten to check up on his recovery progress.

It wasn't until she arrived in the VIP room that she realized it was empty.
"Doctor Huo," the nurse greeted her.

"Where's the patient in this room?" Huo Mian asked.