Chapter 1006: He Didn’t Take Advantage of the Situation 10

"What did you say, Miss Song?" Huo Mian looked back at her with a slight smile on her face, as if she really didn't quite catch what Song Yishi said.

"I said, thank you for all your work over the past few days," she repeated.

"You make it sound like you're Qin Chu's wife and I'm just an outsider." Huo Mian chuckled.

"Oh no, that's not what I meant! Please don't misunderstand my intentions," Song Yishi shook her hands immediately and explained.

"Are you sure it wasn't intentional? Are you telling the truth? Do you dare to swear by it? Swear on your own life." Huo Mian glanced fiercely at Song Yishi.
"I..." Song Yishi's face grew pale, obviously frightened by Huo Mian.

"Yishi, come here," Mrs. Qin called out to her, providing her with an escape.

"Yes, Mrs. Qin, right away," Song Yishi answered. She nodded at Huo Mian apologetically and walked over to where Mrs. Qin stood.
Huo Mian calmed herself and walked out of Qin Chu's room. She had never openly picked a fight with Song Yishi, nor tried to rip Song Yishi's mask off. It wasn't because she was afraid, or she couldn't fight Song Yishi. It was simply because she didn't care and didn't want to be bothered.

Despite being extremely devious and cunning, Song Yishi had never openly offended Huo Mian. On the other hand, Qin Chu had also never expressed any intentions of shielding Song Yishi either. If Huo Mian were to openly challenge Song Yishi too early, it would in turn look bad on Huo Mian as if she was bullying Song Yishi.

But with their current special circumstances, where Huo Mian had just pulled Qin Chu back from death's touch, it was over the line for Song Yishi to make such a remark. Who did she think she was? Somebody important?

Huo Mian walked out of the door with a dark look on her face. Did Song Yishi really think she could be pushed around without a fight? Or did she think she could play Huo Mian around like an imbecile? Huo Mian had worked hard at taking care of Qin Chu, so who was Song Yishi to thank her for the work? Who the hell did she think she was?

Huo Mian smiled coldly as she walked towards the hallway. It was then that she had decided 每 it was time to show Song Yishi who was boss. 

Qin Chu laid on the bed weakly, his face pale. He had just woken up and was still recovering.

"Chu, I'll take care of the company, don't you worry. Focus on getting better," Mr. Qin said with a serious tone.

"Okay." Qin Chu nodded.

"Chu, did you know how scared I was? I can't imagine what your father and I would do if something happened to you!" Mrs. Qin said as tears began welling in her eyes.

"Mom, don't I look fine? Don't worry, just let Huo Mian take care of everything. She's amazing, I'll definitely be fine."

"Huo Mian is a little stubborn and hot-tempered, but she will always do what's best for you, we acknowledge that now. She's been given a hard time#," Mr. Qin introspected.

Mrs. Qin then pulled Song Yishi by the arm and pulled her towards Qin Chu's bedside.
Song Yishi looked down towards the floor, appearing to be extremely shy. She thought that Mrs. Qin was providing her an opportunity to have contact with Qin Chu.

Instead, Mrs. Qin questioned her in front of Qin Chu, "Yishi, why did you leave early yesterday? You left before the surgery was over."

Song Yishi's face slightly changed when she heard the blaming tone in Mrs. Qin's voice. Her expression changed slightly and quickly she explained, "Oh, Mrs. Qin, allow me to explain. We were all very worried about Qin Chu, especially my mother. She has very poor health, and the mental tension was killing her. She didn't feel so well, so I took her aside to rest. Later, I drove her home because it was getting quite late."

"Really? But I thought I heard her murmur something about life and death, or something terrible like that. Did she think Chu was going to die and decided to leave early?" Mrs. Qin asked with an unhappy expression on her face.

She didn't quite catch what Mrs. Song said, but it was definitely related to death. In addition, it couldn't have been anything nice. She could tell just by looking at Mrs. Song's face.