Chapter 1004: He Didn※t Take Advantage of the Situation 8

It was not even 6 AM but Gao Ran was here, how strange.

"Why are you here so early?" Qin Chu asked him.

"I was on duty at the police station when I received notice from the hospital saying that you woke up, so I immediately rushed here... I didn't expect... you guys to flaunt your love in front of me."

Gao Ran was in a good mood; after Qin Chu fell into a coma, although he was not as sad as Huo Mian, he was still very worried.

When he heard that Qin Chu had woken up, he drove all the way to South Side without even eating breakfast.

Embarrassed, Huo Mian stood up...

Gao Ran pulled over a chair and sat across from Qin Chu.

"How are you feeling now?"

Qin Chu curled his lip. "I'm back to life."

"This is all thanks to your wife... She was the lead surgeon of your surgery. She betrayed the entire world, took on all the risk to do the surgery for you, and almost ended up killing herself..."

"Gao Ran..." Huo Mian anxiously blurted out; she seemed to not want Qin Chu to know what happened, because she knew that he might be heartbroken by her actions.

Gao Ran's mouth rivaled Zhu Lingling's big mouth.

They would definitely give away any secrets at the first opportunity#

When Gao Ran heard Huo Mian's objections, not only did he refuse to shut up, he even said with conviction, "Why can't I talk about what happened? It's not an unspeakable matter, you should let your husband know how great you are."

"Please continue..." Qin Chu looked at Gao Ran with a smile.

Huo Mian bowed her head in embarrassment. To be honest, she did not feel that she was that great.

She wasn't looking for Qin Chu to praise her actions... she did all that to save her husband. That was pretty normal, right?

"Qin Chu, let me tell you, your wife is incredible# the location of the bullet was so scary. Even the top army surgeons Su Yu sent over said that the success rate was less than 30% because it was so close to your heart. Apparently, it's likely to cause massive bleeding during surgery or something, I don't know too well since I don't have any medical knowledge. Anyways, your surgery was really risky and difficult. In the end, Huo Mian decided to personally conduct your surgery, she even said... she will die with you if you died during surgery. Even your parents were shocked upon hearing what she said... At that moment, I really thought she was Athena."

"Gao Ran, stop spouting nonsense, it wasn't as dramatic as you described! Athena? You might as well call me Nuwa!" Huo Mian smiled shyly.

"I'm not exaggerating, in my heart, you are like Nuwa... I finally understand why Qin Chu only had his eyes on you all these years, you are not a human being."

"You are the one who is not a human being..." Huo Mian refuted with a laugh.

"Don't get mad, I haven't finished yet, you are not a human being, you are a goddess..." Gao Ran gave Huo Mian a thumbs-up.

His heart was still filled with admiration as he recalled the sight right before Huo Mian entered the OR yesterday.

There were few women in this world who would dare to do what she did, making her truly exemplary. 

After listening to what Gao Ran said, Qin Chu gained a basic understanding of what happened#

His heart ached as he looked at Huo Mian; her face was still very frail...

She was the lead surgeon of his operation, she did not want to leave his life in the hands of anyone else, she wanted to be with him.

If he made it, she would live too. If he died, she would go with him# what kind of feeling was that?

Qin Chu didn't dare to think about it, he was afraid that his heart would hurt# forever.

Qin Chu changed the topic, "How did you guys deal with the kidnappers?"

"We are waiting to go through judicial procedures, they will definitely be charged with a death sentence for kidnapping hostages and wounding people with guns. They can be sentenced to death with just these two charges, not to mention that they already had criminal records."

"Have you checked? There should be someone behind Zhou Guanghui, there was no way she had that much influence." Qin Chu vaguely remembered that Zhou Guanghui had mentioned a 'Sugar Daddy'; the man with a scar also seemed to be intimidated by her.

Gao Ran asked mysteriously, "I would've told you even if you didn't ask, we found out the person behind her... Guess who he is?"