Chapter 1003: He Didn※t Take Advantage of the Situation 7

"Honey, I'm so happy# that I can see you," Qin Chu said weakly as he slowly opened his eyes.

He seemed to have had a really long dream of the memories during his teenage years.

He dreamed of the school's opening ceremony and the really smart and arrogant short-haired girl dressed in a camouflage uniform.

He dreamed of her smiling under the sun.

He dreamed of her telling him, "Qin Chu, once I choose someone, it will be for life, so# do you have what it takes?"

After such a long, sweet dream, he finally woke up#

To be able to see Huo Mian as soon as he opened his eyes was Qin Chu's greatest comfort.

"You fool# you will live a long life." Huo Mian gripped Qin Chu's hand tightly and instantly burst into tears.

Her tears fell like pearls down her cheeks#

Her anxiousness and nervousness for the past few days were finally gone at this moment#

A huge weight was lifted off her shoulders.

"Don't cry# or you will become ugly," Qin Chu comforted her as he gently held her hand.

After crying and venting for a while, Huo Mian realized she should pour Qin Chu a cup of water, so she did.

Then, she held the straw to his lips.

"Honey, you should drink some water first."
Qin Chu obeyed and slowly drank the water#

"Dr. Feng and the others said that you needed to be observed for 48 hours, since you're still in critical condition. But I knew you were going to wake up," Huo Mian said softly as she looked at Qin Chu#

"I'm sorry# to have made you worry." Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian guiltily.

He could imagine what kind of psychological stress Huo Mian suffered for the past few days while he was in a coma.

"Don't apologize, I'm just happy that you are awake."

Huo Mian held Qin Chu's hand to her cheek# no amount of intimacy seemed to be enough for her right now.

Qin Chu's awakening finally cleared the clouds hanging over her head over the past few days. 

She disregarded her own pain and discomfort and took care of Qin Chu while she received an IV.

Her actions frightened the assistant nurse quite a bit#

"Dr. Huo, you can't do this, Mr. Qin is already awake, so you should go and rest now."

The little nurse was afraid that the needle in Huo Mian's hand would move, so she worriedly reminded Huo Mian. However, Huo Mian refused to listen to the nurse's words.

She continued to stay by Qin Chu's side and refused to leave#

"Honey# listen to the nurse, go back to your room and rest. I'm fine."

"No, I want to stay by your side, I'm going to eat and sleep with you," Huo Mian said, feeling incredibly insecure.

Qin Chu looked at her with amusement and anger#

"Is it really good for you to be dressed with so little clothes around me? Are you testing my endurance?"

Huo Mian's cheeks reddened at Qin Chu's words#

"Come on# how can you think about these things when things are like this#"

"Listen to me# go back and rest#" Qin Chu could not bear Huo Mian overworking herself for him.

He tried to persuade her to go back to her room to rest, but...

"No, I'm going to stay here# what are you going to do? Bite me?"

Huo Mian shamelessly refused to leave, not even if Qin Chu kicked her out#

But was Mrs. Qin someone who could be threatened?

"Okay# you asked for it." After speaking, and before Huo Mian could say anything, Qin Chu suddenly covered her lip with his, catching her completely off guard...

"Umm# Dr. Huo, you guys carry on, I'm going to go out first." The little assistant nurse was petrified, and she immediately ran out of the room in a hurry while covering her eyes...

The kiss lasted for a full two minutes# from overbearing to obsessive, from reckless to gentle.

After what seemed to be a long time#

She initially thought that they were an old couple so she wouldn't be flustered anymore, but Huo Mian still felt her heart race as he kissed her.

After a while, Qin Chu slowly let her go and leaned against the pillow#

"Wow, you're perving it up already just after waking up." Huo Mian's cheeks were red.

"You're my wife, why can't I kiss you?" Mr. Qin was playful and alive again.

At this moment, someone pushed open the door#

A hearty voice was heard, "Qin Chu just woke up, yet you're already intimate with him, is this really appropriate?"

The two of them turned to look towards the source of the voice.