Chapter 1002: He Didn※t Take Advantage of the Situation 6

"Don't worry Dr. Huo, your husband is doing very well. The surgery was very successful, he is currently under observation in the ICU, and Dr. Xu said that if he wakes up within 48 hours, he will be okay."

"Let me go and see him," Huo Mian said as she struggled to get up, but her head felt incredibly heavy...

"Dr. Huo, you are really weak right now, and you are already exhausted. I suggest that you rest a bit more. It's still early in the morning, so you should go back to sleep."

"No, I want to see Qin Chu."

Huo Mian stubbornly got up, disregarding the words of the assistant nurse. She then held onto the wall and walked step by step towards the door.

The assistant nurse's heart ached to see Dr. Huo like this as well.

Dr. Huo couldn't stand up straight, but she was still worried about her husband.

It seemed like she really loved him.

- Outside the ICU -

Huo Mian changed into scrubs and gently pushed open the door# to see Qin Chu laying there silently...

She walked slowly towards him, sat down next to him, and put his right hand in her hands.

Perhaps the temperature inside the room was too cold or something, Qin Chu's hands were freezing. Huo Mian held onto Qin Chu's hand and rubbed it continuously.
She tried to warm him up#

"You have to wake up," Huo Mian repeated to Qin Chu, again and again.

She hoped that he could hear her words#

The night felt extremely long#

Huo Mian continued to accompany Qin Chu inside South Side's ICU.

"Dr. Huo, it's very late, you should go back and rest."

"Bring me some glucose, I'll get the infusion here," Huo Mian said.

"Here?" The nurse was surprised.
"Yes, I want to stay with him until he wakes up#" Huo Mian said stubbornly.

"But, Dr. Huo#" The little nurse seemed to feel that Huo Mian's request was inadvisable.

"Go ahead, it's okay."

With Huo Mian's insistence, the little nurse could only go to the pharmacy to obtain the glucose infusion and bring it back to Qin Chu's room to inject it into Huo Mian.

Huo Mian was already tired and weak. Plus, she barely ate, so her body was in overdrive.

Glucose was the only and fastest way to replenish her strength#

But this method was a little painful, after all, she had to keep a needle in her arm.

After the little assistant nurse left, Huo Mian lowered her face next to Qin Chu's hand.

She gently kissed Qin Chu's icy hand, feeling a corner of her heart softening up.

The moonlight shone through the window, and she gently sang --

"You are my angel, the angel who protects me, and I have felt no sorrow since you appeared.
You are my angel, the angel that gave me happiness, so much that I learned how to fly.

I only understood that love is a treasure after flying through the impermanence of the world. No matter how the world becomes, as long as you are here, there will be heaven.

Like a child who relies on their parents' shoulders, like tears that rely on one's face, you are like my angel who gives me strength.

Like a poet who relies on moonlight, like a dolphin which depends on the ocean, you are an angel, you are an angel, you are my first and last heaven."

Huo Mian really liked Mayday's songs. When she first heard this song, Angel, many years ago, she was amazed by the beautiful lyrics.

The lead singer must have fallen in love with a girl and then wrote such a beautiful song.

She felt like this was the most suitable song to sing to Qin Chu, since he was her first and last heaven.

Without Qin Chu, the world would no longer be beautiful#

"Honey# stop singing# you are off tune# again," a weak voice murmured...

Huo Mian immediately climbed up, her eyes filled with joy#

"Honey, you're awake?"

This was the most exciting moment in her life over the past few years...