Chapter 1000: He Didn※t Take Advantage of the Situation 4

"Huo Mian, are you okay?" Su Yu panicked and immediately held Huo Mian in his arms without care.

"She might be too stressed and tired, inject her with some nutrients and sedatives and take her to her room," Dr. Feng said...

After hearing his words, Su Yu immediately carried Huo Mian into her room.

The assistant nurse gave her some nutrients, and then a sedative, so Huo Mian could sleep peacefully#

Qin Chu was pushed into the ICU, to be quarantined for 48 hours.

"Doctor# is my son okay?" Mrs. Qin said with tears.

"Thanks to Huo Mian, your son's surgery was very successful. If it wasn't for her, it might not have gone so well. All I can say is that Qin Chu has a great wife."

Dr. Feng never praised others, but this was his first time seeing such a calm 24-year-old woman.

She did not care about others' opinions and insisted on her own ideas. In the end, she completed the most difficult surgery in the world.

At this moment, Dr. Feng also believed what Director Wu said.

Huo Mian was truly a rare medical genius that was born every hundred years or so.

Dr. Feng was in his sixties; he started practicing medicine in his twenties and had been practicing for over forty years.

He had had disciples and taught many students, but he had never seen such a skilled surgeon.

She was not only skilled, but she was also very talented.

Her calm and collected manner during the surgery did not match her young age of 24.

"Thank you for all your hard work, Dr. Feng, the plane is ready# you can leave in an hour."

Director Wu personally escorted Dr. Feng away.

"Huo Mian was born to be a doctor, your decision was correct. But it's a pity she is in the neurology department, she should have chosen cardiology," Dr. Feng exclaimed.

"Haha, why? You want to steal her away from me?" Director Wu said with a hearty smile.

"After she wakes up, ask her if she is willing to come to Jing City Military Hospital," Dr. Feng said.

"I don't have to ask her, she won't go since this is her hometown. There are many people and things that she cares about here."

Dr. Feng nodded#

"If I face any difficulties in the future, please let me borrow Huo Mian. That kid# is amazing."

"Not a problem, you've worked hard, Dr. Feng."

Director Wu ended his conversation with Dr. Feng and returned to Qin Chu's room.

Now, only the Qin couple were still at Qin Chu's room.

Everyone else had gone to Huo Mian's room since they knew that Qin Chu was fine for the time being.

Director Wu felt bad for Huo Mian, since she completed the surgery while battling against tremendous pressure.

"Director Wu, when will my son wake up?" Qin Yumin asked with a heavy tone.

"I am not sure, but rest assured, even Dr. Feng said that the surgery went well# The rest is up to Qin Chu."

"Yeah, I believe that he will wake up, my son# he has a strong soul."

Qin Yumin looked at Qin Chu; he was also very sad.

"To be honest, I don't have the right to interfere with your family affairs, but I just wanted to tell you# Huo Mian is a good kid. The heavens can witness that she has true feelings for Qin Chu. You shouldn't treat her like this, I don't think that either of you will have her bravery or understand the tremendous pressure she was under. I heard from Dr. Feng that Huo Mian had an emotional breakdown after removing the bullet in the OR, she even started to hallucinate# poor child."

The Qin couple remained silent after hearing Director Wu's words.

Mrs. Qin looked okay, but Qin Yumin looked guilty.
"We will reflect#" Qin Yumin felt regretful; he should not have treated Huo Mian like he did.

"My son is fine now, so she's okay too, right?" Mrs. Qin did not give up so easily.

"You must know that if something happened to Qin Chu, you wouldn't have seen Huo Mian coming out alive," Director Wu said profoundly#

- Inside Huo Mian's room -

Su Yu looked at her pale, bloodless face and felt his heart ache as if it had been stabbed with a knife.

"I've met so many women, but you are the most ruthless one. You're basically a cold-blooded animal," Su Yu scolded Huo Mian sharply#

She might never know the suffering Su Yu went through in the past six hours.