Chapter 11 Embarrassment

After my brother in arms died to save my life, I swore to protect his sister, no matter the cost. Little did I know the grip the underworld had in her town. Working undercover in a Nightclub/Hotel in the gangster infested city of Tianhe, I must deal with the problems that arise from corruption, money, and the search for power.

Chapter 011 Embara.s.sment

After a while, when he was soaping up, someone knocked on the gla.s.s door.

Dong, Dong, Dong!

Qin Feng turned the k.n.o.b to shut off the water and wiped his face, shouting, "What?"

"Who let you in to take a shower!? My stuff is still in there."

Zhu Fei had changed her clothes and wanted to wash her underwear, only to find........

Her new roommate must have discovered it. He wouldn't do anything disgusting in there, would he?

The more she thought about it, the more nervous she got. She had to knock on the bathroom door.

"Huh? What? You didn't say anything earlier. I'm taking a shower."

Qin Feng's heart was joyful. He glanced at the underwear in the corner. He thought, she must be looking for it, ha ha. That's so embarra.s.sing!

It was a lace thong. The front was half-transparent.

It must be quite an enchanting treat to have a lovely lady treat a man to a view of those on.

"Get dressed, and I'll go in to take it myself!" Zhu Fei was getting a little anxious waiting at the door. She was afraid that the guy inside would look around and find her underwear.

"What do you want to take? I'll bring it out for you."

Qin Feng deliberately teased Zhu Fei, imagining her embarra.s.sed appearance outside the door. He could not help but laugh.

"No, no, I'll take it myself. Come on out!"

Zhu Fei knocked hard on the door. The more he dawdled, the more anxious she became.

"Well, OK, OK. I'll come out wearing a towel."

Qin Feng simply wiped his body and wrapped a towel around his waist. Before going out, he squatted down and took one las look at the underwear in the pink basin. Imagining her wearing it obviously made his hormones stir. He accidently started getting a bit too "excited".

He awkwardly repositioned his growing member and coughed, "I'm coming out."

He deliberately walked sideways, with his arm covering the protruding place. He opened the gla.s.s door.

When Zhu Fei saw Qin Feng's half-naked body, wrapped only in a towel that could only barely cover his private parts, she couldn't help shouting, "Ugh, you are so gross!"

She put her hands over her eyes and rushed into the bathroom. "Get out of here and go back to your room."

Qin Feng looked back and saw that she was going to take the small pink basin.

He could not help giving her a wolf whistle as he left.

Zhu Fei seemed to hear it. She carried the pink basin with one hand and growled, "You're losing face!" Then stormed back into her bedroom.

Back in her room, Zhu Fei was really angry and hated it. But her mind couldn't help hovering around the image of Qin Feng's exposed upper body. His well-defined muscles, six-pack abs and strong biceps were really impressive.

"Bah, bah, bah! That guy is such a douche, what use does he have even if he is handsome?"

Dropping the small basin, she could not help but grumble, "Why did I have the misfortune of meeting this kind of person..."

After about half an hour, Qin Feng tidied himself up, putting on a set of clean and neat casual clothes. He shaved his stubble and put on a little hair gel, looking at himself in the mirror, full of spirit. He could not help but shake a finger at himself. "10 out of 10."

He went out of the bedroom with his bag, headed straight to the drugstore to buy medicine for Sister Flower.

He did not expect to find Zhu Fei leaning against the door of his room, her arms folded over her chest, waiting for him to come out.

"Handsome man, why are you all dressed up?"

Zhu Fei was acting strange. When she talked, her mouth showed a smile that made people confused.

"Were you waiting for me out here? Impressed by what you saw back there?"

Qin Feng mimicked the posture of Michelangelo's David, full of self-confidence.

After fighting on the battlefield for a long time, he found that people always tried to cheat and scheme against each other. Qin Feng was just like everyone else. He also had desires. He would also feel tired, but he was strong. His roaming heart never had a permanent harbor to anchor in. Occasionally, he could fool around with beautiful girls like this, which was his favorite way to relax. He enjoyed seeing pure and clear eyes. Although he did not understand Zhu Fei, and didn't even know where she was from, what she did, or why she rented there, he could see Zhu Fei's nature at a glance through her eyes.

This was definitely a good and trustworthy girl.

"Bah! Look at you. I could smell bad hairspray through the door. Did you buy it for nine dollars on Taobao? Was it free shipping?" Zhu Fei laughed mockingly.

"Yeah... How did you know?"

This time, Zhu Fei was dressed neatly. She was wearing slippers, exposing the majority of her white feet, enchanting and charming. She had on ultrshort white shorts made from a fluffy material, s.e.xy and alive. Her top was a short, silky, light-blue shirt , exposing the beautiful navel and toned abs.

She wasn't very tall, about 1.68 meters or so, but her legs were long, with long wine-colored hair and a beautiful face. She was definitely a G.o.ddess.

Qin Feng looked a little enchanted, looking down at Zhu Fei's navel. She snorted disdainfully, "Can you at least try to be a gentleman? You don't need to act like this."

Qin Feng smiled embarra.s.sedly. "I can't help myself when I see a beautiful woman. I'm sorry."

"What are you going to do?"

"Go out. I got up late today. There's something I have to do."

Qin Feng looked at his watch. It was nearly 10:30, and it was at least half an hour's journey to Xinxiang Garden, where Sister Flower was waiting for him. He hadn't had a meal yet, so he took a packed lunch with him.

"Is it urgent?" asked Zhu Fei.

Qin Feng was stunned. Hadn't they just met? Was there anything else that needed fixing after the light bulb? The bed? The wardrobe?

Wait a second, does this lady like me?

Ha ha. Although a little bit excited, Qin Feng could understand why. A man like him, competing against uncles and young men, was liked by most girls. The uncles would feel too old; the young men were too childish. Qin Feng was an all-around good catch.

"What can I do for you?"

After a burst of internal joy, Qin Feng tentatively asked, "If you still need me to fix things, you can wait for me to come back."

"Instead of fixing things, can you go out to lunch with me at noon?"

Zhu Fei had just discovered that she had another missed call from Jia Dapeng. He was an idle guy and had recently been frantically pursuing Zhu Fei. He must have made dozens of phone calls every day. Even after being rejected many times, he still did not give up. His spirit was commendable.

Zhu Fei really couldn't take it anymore. Then, she thought of the strong man next door. She thought Jia Dapeng would lose hope if she went out with Qin Feng.


Qin Feng was a little surprised. Just a moment ago, Zhu fei was bursting with rage and scolding him, and now she asked him out? What was going on?

"Yes. You see, you fixed the light bulb for me, and we live under the same roof, so I might have to trouble you again. Shouldn't I buy you a meal, at the very least?"

Zhu Fei was afraid Qin Feng would not be willing to go if he knew he was supposed to be a pretend boyfriend, so she did not tell him the truth.

"Oh, that sounds reasonable."

Qin Feng laughed and said, "Well, we are roommates. As the saying goes, 'distant relatives are not as close as neighbors'. We should talk more, but I can't go to lunch right now. At noon I have something to do. My friend caught a cold, and I have to get her some medicine. I promised her."

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