Chapter 1975: The Evolution of Sky-Devouring Snake

Qingfeng Li looked at the Snake Monarch, with so much murderous intent that black rays of light seemed to shoot out from his eyes, forming a black veil that covered the skies.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth and spat out the flames that he just swallowed. However, the flames that came out were fused with that of his own Golden Flames, with a temperature as high as 9,500 degrees.

The heat tore through the air, burning a hole in space. Unstoppable energy as fast as lightning sped towards the Snake Monarch.

The Snake Monarch froze as it felt grave danger in the face of the Golden Flames. It knew that the flame was deadly.

With a loud roar, the Snake Monarch lifted its enormous body up into the sky in an attempt to escape the golden flame. However, Qingfeng Li's flame was too fast, even faster than lightning – in a split second, it ignited the Snake Monarch's tail.


With a loud crack, the Snake Monarch's entire tail was barbequed by the Golden flames, causing it to cry in pain, shaking up the void.
The Snake Monarch immediately flew up and hovered in the sky as it shook its tail back and forth, trying to extinguish the Golden Flame. However, the flame seemed to be stuck on the snake's tail, and made its way up, igniting everything as it did.

No matter how hard it tried, the Snake Monarch couldn't put out the flames.

"Damn it, this Golden Flame is of saint level. I can't believe I have to cut off my tail to make it out of here alive," the Snake Monarch muttered angrily.

Then, it spat out a ray of red light – the red light was fast and sharp, and, with a bang, cut the snake's tail right off. The severed tail crashed onto the ground and burned to ash.


Blood began spooling out of the end of the severed tail, splattering the skies and earth like pouring rain.

The self-cultivators around them took a few steps back, afraid that this poisonous snake's blood would get on their body.

The blood of poisonous snakes was deadly – it would burn a hole in any self-cultivators' body upon touch.

Qingfeng Li waved his right hand casually to form a giant defensive light veil, blocking all the poisonous blood outside.

"Damn it human, how dare you burn off my tail with your flame! I'm going to swallow you up with my superpowers!" The Snake Monarch looked at Qingfeng Li with fury burning in its eyes.

The fury was immense, and the Snake Monarch was ready to kill Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li, however, just stood there. He said, with indifference, "yes, you should show me your superpowers, or you'll regret not being able to use them before you die."

"Devouring Superpowers!" The Snake Monarch bellowed as it opened its mouth; a red whirlpool came charging out.

The red whirlpool headed towards Qingfeng Li with an extreme force, pulling his body in.

Qingfeng Li couldn't help but laugh at the Snake Monarch. The swallowing superpowers, huh – so, it must be begging to die.

Qingfeng Li knew that most snake-type beasts knew this superpower, because they were born with it. However, to him this was an old and useless technique; Qingfeng Li's devourer bloodline was the only bloodline power that conquered the universe and quelled the era.

None of the devour bloodlines could compare with that of Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li opened his mouth to spit out a black whirlpool the size of a black hole. It was ten times bigger than the Snake Monarch's.

Qingfeng Li's whirlpool was more powerful and more absorbent. It spun itself to the Snake Monarch and swallowed its red whirlpool right up, converting it into its own powers.

The Snake Monarch spat out a big pool of blood as it saw its superpower devoured in the blink of an eye. Its body landed hard on the ground, creating a giant pothole.

The Snake Monarch was tired and injured all over.

Qingfeng Li walked up to it and waved his right fist to create a ball of energy, which formed a gigantic vital essence palm, smacking down on the Snake Monarch. Immediately, the snake's entire body was smashed into little pieces of bloody flesh.

The Snake Monarch cried out in vain as its body turned into red mist and disappeared. Beneath its body was a demon nucleus, the size of a water bucket.

The Snake Monarch's demon nucleus was bright red and shiny, with the Great Dao Seal Scripts of Order marked on it. Each letter encompassed the secrets of heaven and earth, alluring all that set eyes on them.

Qingfeng Li reached out with his right hand to create an absorbent energy, which pulled the giant demon nucleus towards him. Then, he threw it at the Sky-Devouring Snake.

"Sky-Devouring Snake, you should take this. You'll be able to cultivate its superpowers and level up your own," Qingfeng Li said.

Sky-Devouring Snake thanked Qingfeng Li, and opened its mouth to create a black whirlpool, swallowing the giant demon nucleus in a flash.

Its body was small but could store so much; there may even be a little universe in its body.

After swallowing the giant red demon nucleus, the Sky-Devouring Snake began to cultivate it by employing techniques of the snake ancestor.

Then, its body began to grow – the black on its body became darker, honing great power.

The Sky-Devouring Snake's eyes rolled around, exuding mysterious energy that seemed to take away one's soul with one look.

Bouncing up from the ground, its opened its mouth to spit out a black whirlpool.

The black whirlpool was like a tycoon; it headed towards a tall mountain and easily smashed it into pieces.

As the snake ancestor, Sky-Devouring Snake was extremely powerful to be able to cultivate this giant demon nucleus into its own power so fast.

Qingfeng Li looked at the Sky-Devouring Snake, "congratulations, you are at level 7 of spirit monarch realm now, just like I am."

Happiness filled the Sky-Devouring Snake's eyes – now that it was more powerful, it could better assist Qingfeng Li and protect itself.

It replied with a smile, "I may be of the same level as you, but my battling powers aren't. I would definitely lose to you in a fight."