Chapter 1971: Dao Heart Seed

Huozhu Chi let out a roar as he tore through the air, speeding into the distance. To the other side, Linglong Xue, Jun Po, and Xie Ming also reacted in kind, hurriedly gathering their subordinates and leaving the green grassland.
"Honey, quickly! Let's leave as well," Xue Lin said urgently, tugging on Qingfeng Li's hand. "It's too dangerous here."
She had just seen the power of these dao heart bubbles and understood that these things could definitely hurt them.
"You guys hurry up and leave this dangerous place," Qingfeng Li said. "I need to go and find something."
Xue Lin shook her head, refusing to leave. "I'm staying with you." She had decided to stay behind with Qingfeng Li.
Seeing Xue Lin's determination, Qingfeng Li had no choice but to nod his agreement.
He turned around to Mengyao Xu and the others. "You guys hurry up and leave. Wait for me outside."
With that, he turned and, grabbing Xue Lin's hand, headed into the deepest part of the grassland. There, the dao heart bubbles were the densest. The bubbles bobbled in the air like balloons.
The dao heart bubbles contained faint images of people in all kinds of colors. Once they came into contact with people or other objects, they would explode, creating massive space-time turbulences that slammed into the bodies of people nearby.
Along the way, Qingfeng Li saw many self-cultivators being killed by these dao heart bubbles. But he didn't help them. He didn't have the time.
Ahead, there was a massive dao heart bubble, measuring a meter across. It flew toward Qingfeng Li.
Furrowing his brows, he took out his Sky-Breaking Halberd and swung it forward. With its five million kilograms of force, the halberd slammed into the giant bubble, shattering it into bits of colorful light that faded into the air.
The dao heart bubbles around them were powerful. But before Qingfeng Li's Sky-Breaking Halberd, they could put up no resistance. With a single swing forward, Qingfeng Li could smash them all apart. Nothing could stand in his way.
Beside him, Xue Lin asked, "Where are we going?"
Qingfeng Li smiled. "Forward, of course," he replied. "I've sensed that, deep within this field of grass, there's a Dao heart seed. When I get it, I'll let you absorb it. And then, you can awaken more superpowers."
Xue Lin's expression softened. She hadn't thought that Qingfeng Li had stayed behind for her.
Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin moved quickly. After only a short while, they'd traversed several thousand meters and arrived at the deepest point of the green grassland.
Before them, there was hole in the ground. It was from here that the countless dao heart bubbles had emerged.
Qingfeng Li studied the hole closely. It was only fifty feet wide, arched in shape. But from within, endless bubbles floated outward, carrying immense power with them.

Opening his mouth, Qingfeng Li spat out a beam of golden energy. The beam shot forward with extraordinary speed and. In a few flashes of light, it shattered all of the dao heart bubbles around them. The bubbles made popping noises as they fell apart into a million pieces and disappeared in the air.
Hidden within the cavern, the Dao Hear Seed sensed Qingfeng Li's power and produced a massive bubble. This bubble was over two meters across, larger than any other they'd seen. The phantom within looked exactly like a real person. It held a terrifying energy within.
Qingfeng Li's expression grew serious. He pulled Xue Lin behind him protectively, saying, "Don't come out. Stand right here. I'll deal with it."
Qingfeng Li activated the Dragon Blood within him, releasing the suppressive force of the Godly Dragon. Waves of the sound of a dragon's roar sounded around him.
Qingfeng Li's blood roiled like the turbulent sea. Upon his right forefinger, the Dragon Bone also emitted a sparkling, transparent energy. This was the Godly Dragon Seal Scriptures. At the same time, a red Dragon Scale grew from his finger, holding force powerful enough to tear the sky apart.
In an abrupt motion, Qingfeng Li pointed before him with his right forefinger. It collided with the two-meter-wide bubble and, in an instant, the dao heart bubble was shattered. It faded into specks of multicolored light before disappearing.
Then, without a moment's rest, Qingfeng Li charged into the cavern. His finger continuously stabbed at the multicolored bubbles.
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Several hundred popping sounds rang through the air. All of the bubble had been blown apart by Qingfeng Li's finger. Falling into specks of light, they diffused into the air.
Qingfeng Li advanced, completely unhindered. He'd destroyed all of the bubbles in his way. In an instant, he appeared in the deepest part of the cavern. There, he found a seed the size of a fist.
Although the seed wasn't particularly big, just the size of a human fist, it was transparent and sparkled with five-colored light. Red, orange, yellow, green; there was every color of the rainbow. It was like a multicolored diamond.
The seed continued to produce bubbles which were, in fact, the dao heart bubbles.
Contained within the light produced by the Dao heart seed were the Laws of Heaven and Earth and Greater Dao talisman scripts. Looking at it, Qingfeng Li felt as though he was looking into the Heavens themselves.
His eyes lit up with joy. He reached out quickly with his right hand. In a lightning motion, he gabbed at the Dao heart seed.
But in the next moment, the Dao heart seed seemed to detect the danger it was in. With a swoosh, it turned to flee. Qingfeng Li's hand closed around empty air.
Qingfeng Li's gaze grew more excited. I hadn't expected the Dao heart seed to have spirituality and knows to run, he thought to himself. That's something else. Today, I'm going to get you for sure!
Swinging his right hand again, Qingfeng Li dashed through the void with lightning speed and indomitable power. In one quick motion, he reached toward the Dao heart seed.
The Dao heart seed was quick as well. Even more surprisingly, it dashed straight into the void.
Qingfeng Li activated his Clairvoyance ability and shot out a beam of golden light form his right eye. Instantly, he'd located the Dao heart seed within the void.
Using dimensional talisman scripts, Qingfeng Li entered the void as well. With his right hand, he reached forward and caught the Dao heart seed in his grip. With a swoosh, his body left the void and returned to the real world.
The Dao heart seed struggled incessantly in Qingfeng Li's grip, trying to get away. Qingfeng Li activated his Dragon Blood and Wolf God Bloodline. With their ancient suppressive force, he pinned it in place, not allowing it to move.
In a whirlwind of motion, Qingfeng Li left the cavern, returning to the surface where Xue Lin was waiting.
Seeing the fist-sized five-colored diamond in Qingfeng Li's grip, a heated look appeared in Xue Lin's eyes.

Women were naturally attracted to diamonds and jewelry. Back on Earth, the largest diamonds were the size of a fingernail. Diamonds the size of a fist simply didn't exist on Earth.