Chapter 1970: Breaking the Yin-Yang Pisces

Linglong Xue stood there, swaying alluringly. Her blood-red pupils glanced over at Qingfeng Li. Then, she withdrew her gaze and looked at him no longer.
Linglong Xue recognized this man, but she wasn't worried about him. She possessed a half-step saint level item. In addition, she had a secret treasure, gifted to her by the Blood Sea Monarch. She had no reason to be afraid.
Qingfeng Li stood unmoving, not advancing forward. He knew that Linglong Xue was powerful, and he had no interest in fighting her over the Yin-Yang Pisces.
Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…
Suddenly, there came the sounds of objects tearing through the air somewhere far away. The sounds were loud enough to ring across the entire sky. Immediately after, several people flew in their direction: Huozhu Chi, Jun Po, Xie Ming, the Devil Monarch, the Demon Monarch, and the Ghost Monarch. They descended nearby and walked over to where the Yin-Yang Pisces lay.

Qingfeng Li immediately spotted Xie Ming, who was missing a leg. Xie Ming glared back at Qingfeng Li, eyes filled with an icy glint. He would like nothing more than to slay Qingfeng Li right here and now.
Xue Lin's exquisite face paled somewhat as she sensed the extraordinary power radiating from these people.
She walked over to Qingfeng Li's side. "Honey," she said, "these people are all so strong. What do we do?"
Qingfeng Li shook his head. "Don't worry," he told her. "You stay right here. Right now, the Yin-Yang Pisces will be contended over by all these people. Let's not get involved. Although the Yin-Yang Pisces can replicate ordinary self-cultivators, they can't do anything against the Kings of the four Supreme Dynasties. All of them have half-step saint level treasures of their own, and the Yin-Yang Pisces can't replicate these. "
After a brief discussion, Huozhu Chi, Linglong Xue, Jun Po, and Xie Ming teamed up with the Devil Monarch, the Demon Monarch, and the Ghost Monarch. Together, the seven of them output massive amounts of energy, blocking the Yin-Yang Pisces' escape routes from all directions. Having ensured that the Yin-Yang Pisces couldn't escape, they destroyed it completely.
Although the Yin-Yang Pisces were powerful, before these super-powerful masters, they were eventually reduced to tiny green fragments, fading into the air.
Along with the disappearance of the Yin-Yang Pisces, the entire grassy field also vanished. Immediately after, bubbles appeared before them. Each of the bubbles contained a tiny person that looked exactly like a real person.
Seeing this, everyone was overcome with a sense of awe. It was as though they were witnessing something only seen in legends.
Qingfeng Li, too, let out a sigh. "Dao heart bubbles," he exclaimed. "I'd never have guessed that dao heart bubbles would appear after the Yin-Yang Pisces are destroyed."
Xue Lin furrowed her brows. "What are dao heart bubbles?" she asked from beside Qingfeng Li. "What can they do for self-cultivators?"

"Put simply, dao heart bubbles are the self-cultivators' will to pursue Dao," Qingfeng Li explained. "Aside from things like techniques, spirit energy, physical strength, Dharma treasures, and array formations, the most important thing for self-cultivators is their will to pursue Dao."
Xue Lin listened, only half understanding. She didn't really understand these abstract concepts.
Seeing Xue Lin's reaction, Qingfeng Li knew that she wasn't too familiar with the topic. So, he continued to explain, "In the plainest terms, the dao heart bubbles represent our intention to move toward our goal. It's the will to not be stopped by anything, not to regret anything, and to abandon everything else for this one purpose.
If your dao heart bubble is to become a saint, Immortal, or maybe even a Sky Emperor, then during this process, you must abandon everything that stands in your way: women, Dharma treasure, and wealth."
Xue Lin nodded, understanding it a bit better now. For example, in order to cultivate, she had to give up traveling and sightseeing. Otherwise, she wouldn't have enough time to practice.
Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…
Some way away from them, Huozhu Chi, Linglong Xue, Jun Po, and Xie Ming were all reaching out and grabbing at the bubbles in the air. The tiny person in each of the bubbles was a projection of their own spirits. The more they grabbed, the firmer it meant their Dao Heart was.
In the end, more dao heart bubbles meant greater strength.

Qingfeng Li smiled. "Let's not hesitate any longer," he said to Xue Lin and the others. "Hurry and grab those bubbles in the air. The more you grab, the stronger your Dao Heart will become in the end."
Qingfeng Li activated his Wind-Elemental Feather Wings. Flying into the air, he reached out with both his hands and grabbed at the dao heart bubbles floating around him. Some of the bubbles were transparent, others were five-colored, and still others were some other color. But they were all caught by Qingfeng Li's hands.

While Qingfeng Li was catching dao heart bubbles for himself, he glanced over at Huozhu Chi and Linglong Xue. He found that each of the two had caught three thousand bubbles.
This was no easy feat. As expected from the ruler of supreme dynasties. In such a short time, they were able to capture so many dao heart bubbles. Of course, Qingfeng Li was no slouch either. By now, he had caught three thousand one hundred bubbles, beating those two by a hundred.
Seeing that Qingfeng Li had caught so many of the dao heart bubbles, more than anyone else, Huozhu Chi, Linglong Xue, Jun Po, and Xie Ming all looked toward him with a strange look in their eyes. Mixed in with their gazes was also a cold glint.
Within the world of self-cultivators, there existed the belief that, the stronger the Dao Heart, the greater the person's eventual achievement. In such a short time, Qingfeng Li had already surpassed them. If this continued, Qingfeng Li's achievements would be even greater.
After five minutes, Qingfeng Li had already caught over twenty thousand bubbles. This meant that he now had over twenty thousand dao heart bubbles. On the other hand, Huozhu Chi, Linglong Xue, Jun Po, and Xie Ming had only captured about ten thousand dao heart bubbles each. The difference was an astronomical ten thousand.
At this moment, Huozhu Chi, Linglong Xue, Jun Po, and Xie Ming all stopped their actions. They glared at Qingfeng Li with an unusual emotion in their eyes.
Qingfeng Li also stopped catching the dao heart bubbles in the air. He knew that he had drawn too much attention to himself and had upset these four super-powerful masters. There was a good chance that they would attack him.
The atmosphere around Qingfeng Li and the others grew strange. They all looked at one another coldly, their stances suggesting they were ready for the fight that might erupt at any moment.
Pop, pop, pop, pop…
Just as everyone had been preparing to fight, a series of loud pops sounded through the air. As they watched, the countless dao heart bubbles all exploded, creating innumerable cracks that spread through the air.
Some of the weaker self-cultivators were injured by these explosions and were covered in blood. They were knocked flying, some missing limbs, slamming heavily into the ground far away. Some were heavily injured, others straight up killed. It was a piteous sight.

Some distance away, Huozhu Chi, Linglong Xue, and the others wore expressions of shock. "Go," they cried, "We need to hurry and get out of here. The dao heart bubbles are becoming unstable. They can explode at any time!"