Chapter 1967: Real or Fake Qingfeng Li

Looking over at Wutian Mo, Qingfeng Li spoke, "Wutian Mo, I asked you to gather information on the other Supreme Dynasties. Have you found anything?"
Wutian Mo nodded. "Young Master," he replied gravely. "The Kings of the Supreme Dynasties all possess extremely powerful secret treasures. They are all half-step saint level treasures. I was nearly discovered by Huozhu Chi."
Qingfeng Li nodded. The information Wutian Mo provided him with was identical to what he himself knew.
When Qingfeng Li wounded Xie Ming, he had learned that the other possessed a half-step saint level treasure. Otherwise, he would never have been able to escape.
Qingfeng Li frowned. "Wutian Mo, do you know what Dharma treasures Huozhu Chi carries?" he asked. "He's my greatest enemy."
Wutian Mo replied with a serious expression, "Young master, aside from the Eight Trigrams Compass, he also has a half-step saint level armor. I've witnessed a ninth level spirit monarch realm demonic beast attack him. However, the beast ended up being heavily wounded by the backlash."
With Wutian Mo's explanation, Qingfeng Li gained a lot of information on the Kings of the four Supreme Dynasties. He also gained information on the Demon Monarch, Devil Monarch, and Ghost Monarch. All of this helped him greatly.
Qingfeng Li thought for a moment, then spoke, "Wutian Mo, continue to conceal yourself and stay near me. When I need you, you can appear and deal the fatal blow on our enemies."
"Got it, I'll obey any orders from the Young Master." Wutian Mo cupped his hands. Then morphing into a wisp of black mist, he instantly disappeared from sight.
Seeing that Wutian Mo had left, Qingfeng Li departed himself and quickly returned to Xue Lin's side.
"Baby, did anything happen while I was gone?" Qingfeng Li asked, catching Xue Lin's pale hand in his.
Xue Lin shook her head. "No, those self-cultivators are now really afraid of us. The moment they saw us, they ran away. They all call you the Number One Devil, the Most Terrible Person."
Qingfeng Li smiled, not replying. He didn't care what others called him. Besides, he wanted to be infamous. Only such infamy could intimidate those self-cultivators and make them too afraid to attack people close to him.
Of course, Qingfeng Li also knew that such infamy was only useful against normal self-cultivators. Against the Kings of the four Supreme Dynasties, as well as the Demon, Devil, and Ghost Monarchs, it wouldn't be of much use.
"Let's go, we can't waste any more time. Let's hurry into the Sun Monarch Tomb." Waving to Xue Lin and the others, Qingfeng Li led the way as they continued forward.
The Sun Monarch Tomb was massive, like a small world unto itself. Inside, everything was the same as anywhere else.
Although this palace was built underground, it had everything that would be seen outside: mountain ranges, rivers, high peaks, deserts, plants, and demonic beasts. In addition, hidden within were masses of death energy. If one wasn't careful, they could easily be killed by the stuff.

Luckily, Qingfeng Li practiced fire-element vital essence. He also had the Thunder Pearl on him. If push came to shove, he could release some of the thunderbolts within and destroy all of the death energy.
Qingfeng Li and the others were now walking on a field of grass. The ground was filled with bright green blades of grass. These were all spirit grasses. They had developed spirituality after absorbing the spirit energy present in the heavens and earth. Spirit dew clung to the blades of grass, reflecting the light. The sight made everyone feel refreshed and joyous. 
Xue Lin walked alongside Qingfeng Li. After a while, a hint of unease appeared in her bright eyes. "Honey," she said. "we've walked a long time. Why haven't we met anyone?"
Beside them, the others also nodded their heads. They directed their inquiring gazed toward Qingfeng Li.
To this group of people, Qingfeng Li was their leader and mainstay. They all waited for Qingfeng Li's explanation.
Activating the Clairvoyance ability in his right eye, Qingfeng Li released a beam of golden light and gazed toward a place two thousand meters away. 
Within his field of vision, there was nothing save for the green grass. Other than that, he didn't find anything. This perplexed Qingfeng Li as well.
Suddenly, Qingfeng Li's expression changed. A hint of shock flashed across his eyes as he found that, two thousand meters away, a group of people was walking toward them.
Seeing the shock on Qingfeng Li's face, Xue Lin inquired from beside him, "Honey, what did you find? Why are you so shocked?"
Xue Lin knew that, even when they had encountered the King of a Supreme Dynasty, Qingfeng Li hadn't been this shocked. Even when they had met powerful self-cultivators or even the Man-Eating Tree Monarch, Qingfeng Li hadn't been afraid. Now, however, he was acting like he'd seen a ghost. This was a rare expression for him.
Qingfeng Li drew in a deep breath. "All of you, stay behind me," he ordered. "Stop walking. Something is wrong up ahead."
At this, Xue Lin and the others all hurriedly gathered behind Qingfeng Li. Although they did not know what was ahead, they trusted Qingfeng Li wholeheartedly.
Qingfeng Li's eyes stared unblinkingly at the grassy fields ahead. As though about to encounter some great adversary, he channeled the vital essence within him and prepared to attack at a moment's notice.
Seeing the way Qingfeng Li was prepared for battle, those behind him also grew anxious. It was as though they were about to face a powerful foe.
Slowly, a group of people appeared before their eyes.
The expressions on the faces of Xue Lin, Mengyao Xu, Ya Yun, the Peach Blossom She-Devil, the Black Puppy, and the Sky Swallowing Snake all turned to one of shock. Having seen the group of new arrivals, their faces showed the same emotions as Qingfeng Li's had. This situation was truly more terrifying than encountering any ghost.
The group that approached from ahead were Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin, Mengyao Xu…
This group's appearance and outfits were identical to that of the group with Qingfeng Li. It was impossible to tell them apart from one another.
Black Puppy was the most knowledgeable of the group. However, now, a hint of seriousness appeared even in its eyes as it spoke, "Qingfeng Li, the place we are in, is it an illusion? Are these people mirage copies of us?"
Qingfeng Li shook his head. "Puppy, that's not it. You know that I have the Clairvoyance ability. I can see through all falsehoods. These people are not illusions; they're flesh and blood."
Black Puppy's expression changed. "How is that possible?" it said. "If they're flesh and blood, why do they look exactly like us? Could it be that parallel dimensions really exist?"
Qingfeng Li shook his head. "I don't know either. You guys, stand here and don't move for now. I'll go attack them to see what happens."
Qingfeng Li's body shot into the air like an arrow let fly. In an instant, he appeared in the sky.
In an abrupt motion, Qingfeng Li extended his right forefinger and pointed ahead, releasing a beam of green light. The green light traveled at extraordinary speeds as it flew forward, tearing through the air.
However, a moment later, the "fake" Qingfeng Li across from him also extended a finger and shot out a beam of green light.

The two beams of green light collided with a boom that shook the sky, before slowly disappearing. The two attacks had been completely identical.