Chapter 1966: Monarch Level Ninth Class Spirit energy

Qingfeng Li stood with Xue Lin, chatting with her. Meanwhile, Mengyao Xu, Ya Yun, and Peach Blossom She-Devil looked on wistfully from behind them.
They also wanted to dive into Qingfeng Li's arms. However, they knew that, as his wife, Xue Lin was the only one who could do so. The rest of them were technically only Qingfeng Li's female acquaintances.
After speaking for a while, Qingfeng Li released Xue Lin from his arms. For the time being, Qingfeng Li wasn't leading the group deeper into the Sun Emperor Tomb. Rather, he chose to stay for a while.
Finding a spot for himself, he sat down cross-legged. Then, he retrieved the Tree Monarch Growth Ring from his interspatial ring.
Qingfeng Li knew that this Tree Monarch Growth Ring was a saint-level wood-element Dharma treasure that contained immense power. There was something he wanted to extract from within it.
The Soul of the Dark Night Emperor drifted out from Qingfeng Li's long sword. A light flashed across his eyes as he stared at the Tree Monarch Growth Ring.
"Sir," Qingfeng Li said, "how might this Tree Monarch Growth Ring be used? Can you tell me a bit about it?
The Dark Night Emperor smiled. "This Tree Monarch Growth Ring contains a massive amount of spirit energy," he replied. "Only, the Tree Monarch from earlier wasn't able to make use of it. This power can be used to drastically increase the strength of the soul."
Qingfeng Li's eyes lit up. Although his current spirit energy was still strong, it still wasn't quite at the same level as the Kings of the Supreme Dynasties. If he could absorb the spirit energy of the Tree Monarch Growth Ring, it would propel his own power to new heights.
However, a moment later, Qingfeng Li realized that there was a similar longing in Dark Night Emperor's eyes. He also wanted the spirit energy within the Tree Monarch Growth Ring.
Qingfeng Li smiled. "Sir," he said, "I will divide the Tree Monarch Growth Ring into two portions. We can each absorb one half of the spirit energy within."
The Dark Night Emperor shook his head. "Two portions won't be enough," he said. "We need at least four portions. You've forgotten the Fire Dragon Soul and Black-White Millstone."
Qingfeng Li nodded. He knew that the Fire Dragon's Soul played a vital role in defeating Xie Ming earlier.
He held out the Tree Monarch Growth Ring before him. With his right index finger, Qingfeng Li used the power of the Dragon Bone and Dragon Scale to separate the wheel into four portions.
Keeping one for himself, Qingfeng Li gave one portion each to the Dark Night Emperor, the Fire Dragon Soul, and the Black-White Millstone.
The Tree Monarch Growth Ring held a massive amount of spirit energy. It was left behind by a saint and later held by a demonic tree. After thousands of years of development, the spirit energy within the wheel was as immense as an ocean.

Qingfeng Li held his portion of the Tree Monarch Growth Ring in his hand an began to carefully absorb its power.
The immense spirit energy within the Tree Monarch Growth Ring became specks of green light, which then entered Qingfeng Li's mind-space. There, it created a green whirlpool.
The green whirlpool spun in place like a tornado. It tore apart Qingfeng Li's spirit energy, making it stronger. Finally, his spirit energy took the form of a giant cone, which stood in the depths of his mind-space like a mountain.
Once Qingfeng Li channeled this power, it would definitely be a force that could shake up heavens and earth.
Violent energy radiated from Qingfeng Li's entire body. It radiated outward, sending soil flying away from him.
Nearby, Xue Lin, Mengyao Xu, and the others all hurriedly backed away, color draining from their faces. They were completely unable to withstand the spirit energy radiating from Qingfeng Li. It was like a black vortex, threatening to devour them all.
Qingfeng Li stood up. Two beams of green light shot out from his eyes which flew toward a small hill a few hundred meters away. Instantly, two massive holes appeared in the hill before the entire thing exploded.
Qingfeng Li's eyes lit up with joy. He could clearly feel the power of the spirit energy within his mind-space: it had advanced to the ninth level of the spirit monarch realm.
Such spirit energy was surely capable of standing toe-to-toe with that of the Kings of the Supreme Dynasties.
Qingfeng Li sucked in a deep breath before he spoke, "Let's go. We'll head deeper into the Sun Emperor's Tomb. Let's try to find the Sun Emperor's main burial chamber, obtain his legacy, and leave this place."
Having had a break-through with his spirit energy, Qingfeng Li felt completely refreshed. He was full of energy and felt utterly fearless.
With his friends at his side, Qingfeng Li left this man-eating forest and advanced forward.
Along the way, they encountered some self-cultivators who had just escaped from the same forest. When these people spotted Qingfeng Li, they all darted out of his way to let him pass.
Some of the people around these self-cultivators questioned their actions. Why had their admirable Senior Brother moved aside for that man? Their eyes were filled with questions.
"Senior Brother," a cute girl asked the man next to her, "what are you doing? You're a master of the fifth level of spirit monarch realm, renowned across the world of self-cultivators. Why did you move out of that man's way?"
The cute girl was clearly aware of her senior brother's force. He was powerful, and the object of her admirations. Before, her Senior Brother would never have cleared the way for someone else. If anything, he was quite arrogant himself. However, now, his face was pale like he'd just witnessed something frightening.
"Junior Sister, you must not talk behind that man's back," the male self-cultivator whispered to the girl. "His name is Qingfeng Li. Even the King of a Supreme Dynasty was no match for him and had been wounded. If we somehow cross him, there would be no escape for us."
All around, self-cultivators were discussing Qingfeng Li. Some of them knew him, others didn't.
Those who knew him warned their fellow sect-members, friends, and family members not to mess with Qingfeng Li. Their faces were pale because they knew that if they upset Qingfeng Li, they would certainly be killed.
Suddenly, Qingfeng Li's brows furrowed. He'd spotted someone in the distance. That someone was the Number One Devil on the Devil Rankings: Wutian Mo.
Qingfeng Li stopped in his tracks. Turning to Xue Lin and the others, he spoke, "You guys wait here for a moment. I'm going to go meet someone."
Qingfeng Li looked toward Wutian Mo in the distance. Then the two both disappeared from sight in a whirlwind of movement. A moment later, both appeared inside a cave in a mountain over a thousand meters away. They had exchanged the signal to meet up.
"Humble greetings to the Young Master," Wutian Mo fell to one knee, addressing Qingfeng Li with utmost respect.
Qingfeng Li smiled. Hurrying forward, he reached out with both hands and pulled Wutian Mo up to his feet.
"You're one of the Ten Great Devil Kings," he said softly. "There's no need for such formality. Next time we meet, you need not kneel."

Qingfeng Li truly trusted Wutian Mo. That was why he had instructed him to gather information on the other Supreme Dynasties.