Chapter 1962: Time-Control Superpower

The Man-Eating Tree Monarch's hundred or so branches all split open, revealing rows of razor-sharp teeth within. They bit down through the void and chomped down on Qingfeng Li's Sky-Breaking Halberd.
Crack, crack, crack, crack…
Hundreds of cracking sounds rang through the air. The sound was crisp, like something being snapped into pieces.
All around them, self-cultivators muttered amongst themselves.
"It must be Qingfeng Li's Sky-Breaking Halberd being chewed up. Listen, the sound is clear as day."
"It's over. I believe Qingfeng Li's greatest strength is his Sky-Breaking Halberd. Without it, he'll certainly die."
"But Qingfeng Li is one of us, a human self-cultivator. How can you take the Man-Eating Tree Monarch's side? If Qingfeng Li dies, we will too!"
The chatter of the surrounding self-cultivators was loud enough to carry to Qingfeng Li's ears. He heard it all clearly.
He glanced over at them, smiling. There was disdain in his eyes. These people were so loud, and they were really underestimating his Sky-Breaking Halberd.
Qingfeng Li had absolute confidence in his Sky-Breaking Halberd. It had been gifted to him by a mysterious raggedy old man. There was little doubt that this weapon had a serious history. Qingfeng Li even had the sneaking suspicion that it might even be a Saint level weapon that had its powers temporarily sealed.
Although the amount of its power Qingfeng Li could use was limited, the Sky-Breaking Halberd was still incredibly sturdy. It would take a miracle for the Man-Eating Tree Monarch to be able to chew it up.
In the next instant, something happened that shocked everyone. The Man-Eating Tree Monarch, which had been so haughty and powerful a second before, let out a howl of agony. The sound rang out through the air, sending quivers through the entire sky.
As they watched, all the razor teeth in the Man-Eating Tree Monarch's hundreds of branches snapped from their maws. They fell to the ground, sending blood spraying everywhere. The branches, now bare, made a piteous sight.
The self-cultivators around them all stared, dumbfounded. There was shock in their eyes. Many of these people, as they entered these woods, had witnessed first-hand the power of the Man-Eating Tree Monarch. It had easily devoured some of the Spirit monarch realm masters, turning them into its own blood supply. But now, its razor teeth had all been snapped off!

Everyone inhaled sharply. At this moment, they all had the strange feeling that, maybe, Qingfeng Li was even stronger, even more terrifying, than the Man-Eating Tree Monarch.
Qingfeng Li glanced down at his Sky-Breaking Halberd. He found that it was in perfect condition. There wasn't a single scratch on it. Instead, black light swirled along its surface. Within the black light glittered strange talisman scripts. Together, they lit up the entire world.

Qingfeng Li abruptly swung the Sky-Breaking Halberd in his hand. The weapon sliced through the void, creating yet another fissure in the void and the earth. With this immense force, it struck toward the Man-Eating Tree Monarch.
The Man-Eating Tree Monarch no longer dared to attack the Sky-Breaking Halberd with its branches. It had just experienced first-hand the weapon's strength and power. It was virtually indestructible.
"Time-Control Superpower!"
The Man-Eating Tree Monarch gave a roar as a beam of bloody red light shot from its head. The bloody light seemed to contain the power of time. It was able to manipulate time itself, freezing Qingfeng Li's body in place.
"Muhahaha!" The Man-Eating Tree Monarch roared in laughter, its eyes filled with arrogance and killing intent. "Damnable human, you can't move anymore, can you? This is my Time-Control Superpower! Watch how I slaughter you!"
The Man-Eating Tree Monarch abruptly swung its hundreds of branches. They appeared within the void, shooting toward Qingfeng Li with piercing intensity. It wanted to run Qingfeng Li's body through.
Although Qingfeng Li was unable to move, he wasn't concerned about the branches striking toward him. This was because he had the Mortal Purgatory Body, which he had practiced to an extremely high level.
His skin was now as tough as steel. His muscles, tendons, and bones, every part of his body was extremely sturdy.
Poom, poom, poom, poom…
Several hundred branches struck Qingfeng Li with piercing, indomitable force, emitting a series of thunderous booms. The sound echoed throughout the patch of woods.
All the self-cultivator stared at Qingfeng Li in sympathy.
In their minds, after being frozen in place, Qingfeng Li would no doubt be pierced through by all of those razor-sharp branches, being turned into a pincushion. He was dead, deader than dead. But the next scene shocked them all again.
Qingfeng Li stood in the void, completely unscratched. As for the branches that had been attacking him, they had all been severed and had fallen to the ground.
Around them, all the self-cultivators looked on, slack-jawed. It was as though they had just seen a ghost. They couldn't understand why Qingfeng Li's body was so strong. That had been an attack by the Monarch of the Trees! How could he be untouched?
As for the man-eating demonic trees beside the Man-Eating Tree Monarch, they became pale-faced in terror. They knew full well how awe-inspiringly powerful their leader was. Those razor-sharp branches, if they struck a mountain, even the mountain would be blown apart. But they could not touch Qingfeng Li at all!
Three seconds later, Qingfeng Li's body was free once more.
He shot up into the air, facing the Man-Eating Tree Monarch. "Your Time-Control Superpower," he said calmly, "it can only be maintained for three seconds."
The Man-Eating Tree Monarch's expression changed. It had not expected Qingfeng Li to walk out from his Time-Control Superpower so quickly. This human's talent, strength, and learning abilities were all too strong.
Qingfeng Li gazed at the Man-Eating Tree Monarch. "You think you're the only one who can control time?" he said. "Now, I'll show you my Time-Control Superpower."
"Third Finger Ceases Time!" Qingfeng Li activated the third strike of the Conqueror's Finger. This was the third strike he had learned from his father, the Conqueror. 
Qingfeng Li's right forefinger struck forward. Using his Conqueror Spell, he established a connection with the power of time. A beam of green light shot out.
The green light traveled extremely quickly. With terrifying power, it flew into the Man-Eating Tree Monarch in an instant, freezing its body in place.
Qingfeng Li shot up into the air at incredible speeds, appearing before the Man-Eating Tree Monarch in an instant. With his Sky-Breaking Halberd, he stabbed toward the Man-Eating Tree Monarch's head. The strike pierced its head, leaving a massive hole.
A second later, Qingfeng Li's Conqueror's Finger's effects disappeared. The Man-Eating Tree Monarch opened its mouth to let out an agonized shriek. The sound was chilling, like the cries of someone undergoing terrible torture.
Whether it was a demon tree or a human being, the pain of being stabbed through the head was excruciating. Large amounts of blood spilled from the Man-Eating Tree Monarch's head. The blood fell like rain, covering the ground.

All around, self-cultivators backed away hurriedly, terrified of being touched by the blood.