Chapter 1961: Battling the Tree Monarch

Having heard Qingfeng Li's words, rage flared up in the Man-Eating Tree Monarch's eyes. "Human," it said with a cold edge in its voice, "you are too full of yourself. I will kill you today!"
Unfazed by the Man-Eating Tree Monarch's threats, Qingfeng Li casually replied, "Well, come then. I also want to see just how powerful you are."
The Man-Eating Tree Monarch glared toward Qingfeng Li, its expression murderous. It absolutely despised this human and wanted nothing more than to kill him this instant. So many of the subjects that it had spent so much effort to raise had just been slain by this man.
The Man-Eating Tree Monarch's trunk was extremely thick, more than ten times thicker than regular carnivorous tree demons. It would take more than a few dozen people to make a ring around it with their arms.
It had stored a large amount of blood within its body. Of course, this blood belonged to the countless self-cultivators it had consumed. It would drain the essence from the flesh and blood of its prey and store it as its own power.
The Man-Eating Tree Monarch whipped about its branches and released a massive amount of blood into the air. The blood descended as a crimson rain and, pitter-pattering down upon the crimson flames below, it managed to completely extinguish them.
Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows, a hint of surprise appearing his eyes. As expected of the Man-Eating Tree Monarch, he thought to himself. As the overlord of all of the carnivorous tree demons, it is surprisingly strong. It was even able to extinguish my Inferno Realm.
Although Qingfeng Li's Inferno Realm had been extinguished by the blood rain, he'd already succeeded in killing several hundreds of the carnivorous tree demons. The enemy had suffered heavy losses.
All around, the carnivorous tree demons stared in horror. They shuffled backward, retreating behind the Man-Eating Tree Monarch, no longer daring to attack Qingfeng Li.
They had just experienced Qingfeng Li's power for themselves. Even if they charged at him, they would just be killed. They were no match for this human.
Of all the carnivorous tree demons, not one could defeat Qingfeng Li. The only one that was truly able to contest Qingfeng Li was their leader, the Man-Eating Tree Monarch.
Killing intent roiled on the Man-Eating Tree Monarch's humanoid face. "Human, today, only one of us will walk away alive," it said in a chilling tone. "You can forget about leaving the Carnivorous Tree Demon Forest alive."
Qingfeng Li smiled. "I never planned on leaving today," he replied nonchalantly. "I'm definitely going to destroy this flesh-eating forest, along with all the devils here."
With that, Qingfeng Li lifted the Sky-Breaking Halberd in his hand and swung it in an arc. The lance, weighing a full nine million pounds, slammed toward the Man-Eating Tree Monarch. 
The Man-Eating Tree Monarch was surprised. It sensed an immense power coming from Qingfeng Li's Sky-Breaking Halberd.

This was a power that it had to take seriously. Cracks had even begun to appear in the dimensional barrier. This wasn't a good sign. Very rarely could someone break through the Void with strength alone.
The Man-Eating Tree Monarch swung its massive tree branch. This branch was over a thousand meters long. Piercing down through the sky, the branch left a large hole in the dimensional barrier before it struck the Sky-Breaking Halberd.
The two immense forces collided, sending a massive sonic boom through the heavens. Even the earth shook its wake.
Crackle, crackle!
A large number of cracks appeared in the air, radiating outward like a spider web. It was as though the entire dimensional barrier was about to explode.
The savage force shook heaven and earth, leaving a massive crater in the ground. Muck and forest debris were sent flying in all directions. The several dozen carnivorous tree demons closest to the point of impact were launched outward, blood spewing from their mouths. Like their Monarch, they also stored the blood of slain self-cultivators within their bodies.
Xue Lin, Mengyao Xu, Ya Yun, and the Sky Wolf Monarch backed further and further away behind Qingfeng Li. They, too, were unable to withstand such immense power.
Qingfeng Li stood, unmoved, with his Sky-Breaking Halberd in hand. He did not back away. Across from him, however, the Man-Eating Tree Monarch took a step backward.
A crack had appeared upon the branch that it had just swung out. Blood oozed from the wound. On its face, there was a hint of agony.
The Man-Eating Tree Monarch glared at Qingfeng Li. "Damnable human," it spoke in a savage tone, "How is it that you are so powerful that you could break through my branch's defense?"
Qingfeng Li couldn't be bothered to respond to the Man-Eating Tree Monarch's question. All he wanted to do was hurry up and slay the damned thing. Then, he could go deeper into the Sun Monarch's Tomb and acquire the Sun Monarch's legacy. Only with such an ancient legacy could Qingfeng Li eliminate all that stood in his way.
"Ground-Breaking Heavenly Halberd!" Qingfeng Li struck out with the Second Stance of the Sky-Breaking Halberd. This was the strongest attack he had learned as of now. He sent a vibration throughout the void before him, making the entire space tremble.
The quakes extended onto the ground and tore a massive fissure into the earth.
The fissure was several thousand feet deep. One could not even see the bottom. Countless trees and chunks of earth fell into this fissure as it advanced toward the Man-Eating Tree Monarch.
Witnessing this scene, the Man-Eating Tree Monarch's expression changed. It knew that it would not allow itself to fall into this earthquake fissure. Otherwise, its body would be buried under a mountain of earth and be crushed to a pulp.
Rumble, rumble, rumble…
Amidst the shocked stares of all present, the Man-Eating Tree Monarch rose from the ground. It flew from where it was anchored, deep in the earth. Its trunk and root network all detached themselves from the soil. Its mass, which spanned over several thousand meters, flew straight up into the air.
Standing far back from the battle, Mengyao Xu and the others were struck by surprise as they witnessed this scene. They hadn't expected something like this to happen at all.
Under normal circumstances, a tree, once rooted in the earth was trapped by gravity and the earth around it. It would be extremely difficult for it to fly into the air, much like how a fish could not leave the water.
Now, however, the Man-Eating Tree Monarch had shattered their presumptions. It seemed that it must have practiced some powerful hidden technique that held some miraculous power.
Qingfeng Li smiled. "You think you're the only one who can fly?" he chided, unimpressed. "I can fly too."
Qingfeng Li activated his Wind-Elemental Feather Wings. Twin wings of green light appeared at his sides. The green light resembled both lightning and a tornado. An incomparable power was contained within them.
Qingfeng Li's body shot up into the air. With an immense whirlwind of power that shot through the void, he instantly appeared before the Man-Eating Tree Monarch.
His speed startled the Man-Eating Tree Monarch. It had thought that Qingfeng Li's strength was only physical power. It hadn't expected his speed to be so fast as well. In fact, Qingfeng Li's speed was faster than even it's own.
Qingfeng Li swung the Sky-Breaking Halberd in his hand. The motion shredded through the void, shaking the dimensional barrier. With indomitable force, it struck toward the Man-Eating Tree Monarch.

Although the Man-Eating Tree Monarch was hovering in the void, it did not show signs of weakness. It lifted nearly a hundred of its branches, all covered with back-facing thorns. Like the jaws of a wild beast, they struck toward Qingfeng Li's Sky-Breaking Halberd.