Chapter 1959: The Miserable Self-Cultivator

Having seen the red demon tree gush out bright red blood from inside, everyone around was stunned and backed away. Qingfeng Li was the only one that stood silently without moving back.
Ya Yun's delicate face turned slightly pale. "What is this? Why did the tree bleed? How terrifying."
Qingfeng Li shook his head, "The self-cultivator that came earlier was eaten by this Man-Eating Demonic Tree, and his blood was sucked up." 
Ya Yun patted her chest with her snowy white palm. Fear covered her face, but fortunately, they followed Qingfeng Li.
Qingfeng Li also sensed danger in advance and had been alerted to these Man-Eating Demonic Trees. Otherwise, they might also be the tree's food.
Suddenly, they heard several miserable screams. Qingfeng Li and his group were caught up by those familiar screams, which probably came from the young master of the Blade Monarch Sect. 
When Qingfeng Li turned his head to look, as expected, he found that the young master of the Blade Monarch Sect was leading his men while running away in a flurry. Among those that ran with the lord, there was a particularly fat self-cultivator.
Suddenly a red branch extended out from a Man-Eating Demonic Tree far in the distance. That red branch broke the void and the tree unexpectedly opened its mouth. It had over a hundred fangs and every single one was the length of a chopstick. It was extremely eerie, for it looked like a human mouth and swallowed the fat self-cultivator.
The fat self-cultivator burst out with a miserable scream, "Young Master, save me!"
Unfortunately, at this moment, the young master of the Blade Monarch Sect was unable to care about the fat self-cultivator anymore, as he kept running for his life. Where once there were eight self-cultivators, only three remained, for the others were eaten by some of the Man-Eating Demonic Trees.
"Kacha, Kacha, Kacha…"
The red branch from the Man-Eating Demonic Tree in the distance made "kacha" sounds as though it was chewing food. Its teeth ground the fat self-cultivator to pieces and swallowed them down as he became bloodied meat.
Qingfeng Li and the people around him were all shocked when they saw this. They only knew that this red tree was carnivorous and ate people, but they had no idea that it was so cruel that it treated humans as food and chewed them so ruthlessly. 
Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows as well. Although he knew that the red tree in front of him was a Man-Eating Demonic Tree and fed upon self-cultivators and drank their blood, seeing it with his own eyes was a different case.
Although the fat self-cultivator thought him an enemy, Qingfeng Li still had some empathy towards him. After all, they were all humans, and the Man-Eating Demonic Tree was naturally their common enemy.
Qingfeng Li thought to himself, I am afraid that the Sun Monarch five thousand years ago did not expect the Man-Eating Demonic Tree that he tamed and brought to his tomb to bring such harm to the self-cultivators entering his tomb later on."

Qingfeng Li heard a few other miserable screams. He activated his clairvoyance vision and golden light shined out to look in all directions. He saw, again, several other self-cultivators were eaten by the red carnivorous trees. 
There were over a thousand trees here and every one of them was a Man-Eating Demonic Tree. They devoured self-cultivators and had eaten many of them that had entered the forest at this time. Only some strong self-cultivators were hanging around.
The young master of the Blade Monarch Sect and the three self-cultivators at his side were frightened still when they heard the screams from the others. They ran to Qingfeng Li quickly and stumbled, unable to get up.
They were scared beyond their wits and lost their strength to fight. When they saw Qingfeng Li, they ran towards him immediately, as though they had seen their comrade. 
Qingfeng Li looked at the young master and said to him calmly, "What are you doing here? Didn't I say that I didn't want to see you anymore."
The young master's face changed. In his heart, Qingfeng Li was as scary as these Man-Eating Demonic Trees, a strong presence. 

The young master knelt down and bowed his head repeatedly, "Please, I beg of you. Save me. I know you are powerful."
Qingfeng Li said lightly, "Considering you and I are all humans, I will save you. But you will have to stand by and not move or blame me for not giving you a heads-up if you die."
The young master of the Blade Monarch Sect nodded without any delay and a dash of excitement flashed through his heart.
Xue Lin walked to Qingfeng Li and said to him, "Husband, what should we do now? Delve further in or quit?
Qingfeng Li showed a small smile, "No rush. Let me see how violent these Man-Eating Demonic Trees really are and if they can be killed."
Qingfeng Li knew that these Man-Eating Demonic Trees had shockingly strong defensive power. Earlier when he used the golden energy, he was only able to break a small twig from the tree, which meant that the tree's ability was undoubtedly powerful.
Qingfeng Li gave a thought and took out the Sky-Breaking Halberd. He knew that only his Halberd would do the trick at a time like this.
Qingfeng Li channeled his vital essence into the Sky-Breaking Halberd and let it send out rays of black light. The lights shined out unnerving talisman scripts, which were one of the most powerful forces in the world and contained the laws of gravity.
Qingfeng Li swung the Sky-Breaking Halberd and thrusted forth. It broke the void and went straight towards the Man-Eating Demonic Tree ahead.
The Man-Eating Demonic Tree knew Qingfeng Li's power and dared not act carelessly.
The Man-Eating Demonic Tree hung down several branches from above. These branches were as thick as tanks, each having an open mouth filled with pointy teeth that bit towards Qingfeng Li.
Qinfeng Li did not give it a look but drew an arc with his Halberd and threw it towards the branches.
With a series of cracking sounds, the sharp teeth in those branches were all broken to pieces by Qingfeng Li's Sky-Breaking Halberd.
Qingfeng Li's power combined with the power of the Halberd came up to be nearly five million kilograms of force. This strong force was unbearable to those branches, not to mention their teeth. 
Qingfeng Li's Sky-Breaking Halberd pressed forward courageously. After it had broken the teeth, the Sky-Breaking Halberd made a banner of vibrating waves, stirred forcefully, and broke the tank-like branches.

Blood gushed out of the branches, unstoppable, splashing all over the ground. The pungent bloody smell dispersed everywhere in the small area. Clearly, this Man-Eating Demonic Tree had eaten many self-cultivators.

The Man-Eating Demonic Tree burst out with a miserable scream. The scream was particularly eerie because it came from a tree, not a human.