Chapter 1956: Gift for the Lingyun Emperor

Qingfeng came to the Rock Monarch's side, held out his left hand, and searched all over its body. Shortly afterwards, he found a black rock.
This black rock was only the size of a fist, and it was the Heart of the Saint Rock.
Xue Lin walked to Qingfeng's side and said, "Husband, is this the Heart of the Saint Rock? Why does it look so black?"
All the others around nodded as well; they thought the same as Xue Lin did. They thought that the Heart of the Saint Rock should be prettier since it was a saint level dharma treasure, but who knew it would be so ugly, like a piece of coal? It was a rock the size of a fist, and so dark. One couldn't tell that it was a saint-level treasure. 
Qingfeng looked at Xue Lin and said, "Honey, some treasures are golden, while some have hidden its powers behind a dull exterior. Not all saint level grade treasures are pretty. For example, this Heart of the Saint Rock was made of black soil, and over hundreds of thousands of years, it turned into a stone. After hundreds of thousands of years of change, it has finally turned into the Heart of the Saint Rock, and is naturally the same colour as the soil." 
Qingfeng held the Heart of Saint Rock and could clearly feel the energy from the inside. This rush of energy was very powerful as soil energy, the purest of all the soil elements.
There were five kinds of elements, the gold, wood, water, fire, and soil, in the self-cultivation realm, and most self-cultivators trained in these five elements to increase their powers. 
Qingfeng trained in fire vital essence and had now acquired the Wind Dao Seed. Thus, he had simple wind vital essence, along with lightning vital essence, but still haven't acquired the other ones yet. 
Although this Heart of the Saint Rock was very precious, it didn't have much use to Qingfeng. 
Qingfeng looked over to those around, and light glistened in his eyes suddenly, because he noticed that the Lingyun Emperor trained in soil-element vital essence.
Qingfeng walked to the Lingyun Emperor's side and said, "You've accompanied me into the Sun mystic realm for so long now and haven't received a proper treasure yet. This Heart of Saint Rock is for you."
The Lingyun Emperor froze when he heard Qingfeng, as if he heard something unbelievable. 
The Heart of the Saint Rock before them was a saint-level treasure, such that even Spirit Monarch Realm masters would try to steal it if they saw it, but Qingfeng gifted it to him. 
The Lingyun Emperor then woke up and responded with a tremble, as he hurriedly waved his hands and said, "This Heart of the Saint Rock is too precious, I can't accept it."
Qingfeng lightly smiled and said, "Lingyun Emperor, you're the first friend I've made when I came to the Crimson Fire Continent and have helped me immensely. You deserve this Heart of the Saint Rock."
Qingfeng looked at the Lingyun Emperor before him and sighed. When he first came to the Crimson Fire Continent, everything was unfamiliar and strange. Aside from Qingqing Mu of Greater Luo City who helped him the most, Lingyun Emperor had helped him immensely. 

Although Lingyun Emperor wasn't very powerful, and not that great of a talent, his best attribute was that he was loyal to Qingfeng. 
Qingfeng directly stuffed the Heart of the Saint Rock into the Lingyun Emperor's hands when he saw that the Lingyun Emperor refused, and he said, "Don't waste my good intentions. This is a saint level treasure, so you best refine it well and reach the saint stage in the future."
Lingyun Emperor looked at Qingfeng before him, then bowed as he said, "Thanks." The Lingyun Emperor didn't know what else to say aside from that one word. Even that failed to show the gratitude he had in his heart.
The Sky Wolf Monarch, Chief Commander, Peach Blossom She-Devil, Ya Yun, and the others beside the Lingyun Emperor all looked at him with admiration. 
Of all the time they followed by Qingfeng's side, they hadn't received a single saint level dharma treasure, but they weren't jealous, because they knew that Lingyun Emperor had helped immensely to get Qingfeng inside the Tomb and that the two went way back. 
Qingfeng looked at Ya Yun, Sky Wolf Monarch, and the others and said, "Don't worry. If I can find appropriate dharma treasures later, I'll give one to each of you."
Ya Yun's face suddenly lit up in joy, as she excitedly walked before Qingfeng, pulled onto his arm, and said, "I knew that Big Brother Li is the best."
Xue Lin frowned and gave Ya Yun a look.
Ya Yun laughed awkwardly, as hints of awkwardness appeared on her attractive face, and she hurriedly let go of Qingfeng's arm and stepped to the side. Ya Yun was very afraid of the main wife, Xue Lin. 
Qingfeng patted on Xue Lin's arm and said, "Don't give that look to others, you'll frighten her."
Xue rolled her eyes and didn't say anything. She was very upset with Qingfeng's flirtatious attitude. 
However, she knew she had no control. Her husband was too handsome and too powerful, and so he naturally attracted a lot of other women. 
Qingfeng lightly smiled and said, "Let's go. I've already killed the Rock Monarch, so there's nothing else that can stop us."
Along with the Rock Monarch's death, all the rock men tribe inside the mountain range disappeared, as they turned into soil and blended underneath the ground. 
There were hundreds of thousands of self-cultivators in the entire mountain range, who were just fighting with rock men, and they were shocked to see all the rock men disappear.
They had no clue that Qingfeng had helped them out and thought that these rock men tribes had escaped because of their powers.
"Hehe, I knew that I was the most powerful, I work for the Demonic Monarch, these rock men must be terrified of me."
"Yeah right, I work for the Devil Monarch, these rock men tribes are terrified of me."
"You're all wrong. I'm the Sword Monarch sect disciple, these rock men are terrified of my Sword Monarch Sect."
All the self-cultivators inside the mountain range discussed nonstop. They all claimed to each other that they were the ones that fought off the stone men tribe.
Qingfeng and the others walked past cultivators, and when he naturally heard their discussions, he was speechless.
The Peach Blossom She-devil walked to Qingfeng's side and said, "These self-cultivators are shameless. You were clearly the one that killed the Rock Monarch and fought off the rock men tribe, but they all say that it was thanks to them." 
Qingfeng said without a care, "Self-cultivators are all vain, only a few self-cultivators do it to fight against fate, while the rest, the majority, are all vain commoners."
The Peach Blossom She-Devil nodded, because she knew that amongst the ten thousand self-cultivators in the Crimson Fire Continent, there were only several hundred who could reach the Spirit Monarch Realm, while no one had yet reached the Saint realm because everyone lacked the soul. 

None of these self-cultivators had the soul to become a saint, because they stood no chance in front of the allure of common vanity.