Chapter 421: Delivering The Dowry!

"And the one who likes her is the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country, he's a Crown Prince from a sixth grade country, and his main wife is an arrogant lady of a powerful country. If Young Miss Feng were to marry him, I'm afraid she won't have a very good next few years."

"That's right, everyone knows all the things that go on in these such aristocratic families."

The people talked about it, and followed along to the main door of the Feng Residence. As they watched the procession of men come to a stop, their voices lowered for fear they would be overheard by the people in front.

Because the procession of the Green Gallop Country Crown Prince was not small, almost everyone in the Cloudy Moon City had been alerted. Many families had came to watch and thought to themselves that the Feng Residence had way too many things happening lately, their troubles followed one after another.

They thought that the Feng Residence would fall, but it was still standing and no one could shake it down. It was reported that after last night's affairs, the Feng Residence was guarded very well. They wanted to see if this now, with the Green Gallop Crown Prince, would finally do it?

When the procession of men brought by the Green Gallop Crown Prince approached the Feng Residence with the dowry, because their procession was so loud, the people inside the Feng Residence had already heard the joyful sounds of clanging and drumming from afar. The steward hurriedly ran into the courtyard of the residence and bumped into Leng Shuang.

"Leng Shuang, has Young Miss woken up yet?" He stopped her and asked.

"She still hasn't woken up. What's going on outside? Why is it so noisy?" Leng Shuang said with a frosty look. The noise outside was so loud that it could be heard in here. If it continued, it would disturb Young Miss' rest. 

"Oh, it's the Green Gallop Crown Prince. He has brought men carrying dowry, beating drums all the way to Feng Residence. He is probably nearly at the main door. When I heard the news, I rushed over here to see if Young Miss is awake yet."

It was said that Leng Shuang's eyebrows furrowed, and just as she was about to speak, Feng Jiu's voice could be heard the room.

"Leng Shuang, go and get Luo Yu."

Upon hearing the hoarse dull voice from the room, Leng Shuang was momentarily stunned, then said immediately: "Yes." She then went outside.

"Young Miss, The Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country is here with dowry. He is probably nearly at the main door." The steward said quickly, concern showing in his eyes.

"You tell Qi Kang to go and take a look at the front. Tell the guards to stand down and wait for my order."

When the steward heard this, he answered quickly: "Yes, I will go at once."

At this time, the air in the room had became extremely stifled, the atmosphere was gloomy and dangerous. It was very chilling.

Feng Jiu sat up in bed still dressed in her inner robes, her hair was a complete mess and her eyes red, it was as if the anger had all rushed straight to her head. It seemed as if she was seething with anger, and yet she was suppressing her anger at the same time.

"Damn the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country! Damn Nie Teng! Since you've come to my door looking for trouble, how can I not help you along?"

When one lacked sleep and awoke in anger, the person's temper was frightful.

After she got out of bed, she washed herself, got changed and went out of her room. At this moment, she saw Leng Shuang approaching with Luo Yu.