Chapter 125: There’s No Smoke Without Fire

"Some friend you are, Jin! Why do I have to tell you something like that? I won't do kiss and tell! Do you want to compare your pee pee size with him?" Lu Xinyi's face turned crimson red. Her best friend really knows how to tease her.

"What? Of course not, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't let me do a full body inspection to him, no? Come on just show us with your hands—this big?" Lu Xinyi's eyes widened as she stared at Yuan Jin's hand while Lu Xiulan burst into another fit of laughter.

"H-h-how am I supposed to know that?" She was thoroughly embarrassed. How is she supposed to answer it?

"Come on. You haven't slept with that Yijun bastard and I'm not interested to know his size. You married one of the top meat out there, you should at least tell us how was it." Lu Xiulan added.

"Hmmm…" Yuan jin nodded his head and grinned, "Come on, Xinxin, you'd seen it when you blew him."

"Blew him?" What was he talking about? Lu Xinyi frowned.

"Oh, dear." Lu Xiulan shook her head when she noticed her cousin's reaction. "You never did that to him? Did he ever go down on you?"

"What?! That's dirty!"

Wait. Shen Yi had done that twice and she was so embarrassed when he did that. Did he also assume that she'll do the same to him?

Yuan Jin and Lu Xiulan laughed at her. She flushed more as red as a tomato and cover her face with both of her hands.

"Wait. Have you ever tried to turn him on or seduce him? You know it's an important part of a relationship." Lu Xiulan rubbed her chin thoughtfully. Maybe they should teach Lu Xinyi. She really needs help in the bedroom.

"My dear Xinxin, I have to teach you then. You need to spice up things to keep him interested." Lu Xiulan was really amused at her cousin. Lu Xinyi was still new in this kind of intimacy and she and Shen Yi can still be considered as newlyweds.

"There were rumors about him being gay. How would we know if it's true or not? He can claim that the accusations aren't true but Xiao Xinxin, you know there's no smoke without fire."

Lu Xinyi waved her hand at Yuan Jin. That was certainly not the case about her husband. Shen Yi was totally not a gay, given how he was able to flirt with her and how he performs to bed.

"I can assure you, those rumors about my husband aren't true." Shen Yi looked so hot and better than any fantasy she could ever come up with. She fucking love him and his perfect, delicious body.

"Oh-ho? Something else we don't know about him?" Yuan Jin's perverted grin could only be matched by Shen Yi's. He propped his chin on his hand

"There's a lot you don't know." Lu Xinyi smiled while drinking another shot of alcohol. Ah, remembering the last time she had sex with her husband made her miss Shen Yi. "Y'all can believe whatever you want but he isn't like that."


Shen Xue felt that he was being punished by the heavens above. Why did he have to endure this kind of suffering because of his brother? They were able to sneak up and sat at the next booth beside Lu Xinyi's group. Fortunately for them, there weren't any people up above so only they can hear what was being said at the next booth.

They sat silently on their booth and listened to obviously drunk women. Shen Yi's brows drew together. Didn't he tell her not to drink any alcohol again? Lu Xinyi sure had enough and had started to slur on her speech.

If he got it right, this Yuan Jin that Lu Xinyi mentioned was a gay. With the way he speaks bluntly to Lu Xinyi and how he teased his wife, a glint of relief flashed on Shen Yi's eyes.

"What? I'm just curious. No need to tell me the details, but can you at least tell us anything about his pee pee size?"

Shen Yi's face blanched when he heard Yuan Jin asked that question while Shen Xue almost choked on his drink. Yep, definitely not straight.

"The hell they are talking about?" Shen Xue bit out. His older brother glared and held his finger up to his lips to shut him up.

"Wait. Have you ever tried to turn him on or seduce him? You know it's an important part of a relationship" They heard Lu Xiulan asked.

"Maybe we should go. This isn't really a talk worth eavesdropping." Shen Xue commented beside his brother with an uncomfortable expression in his face.