Chapter 113: She Dug Her Own Grave


Sun Qiyan arrived at the mother's manor as soon as she received the news on what happened to her mother's company. She was baffled with the recent events that she barely had time to check on her mother lately.

The Sun Corporation had face several problems lately after the president of the Shen Group announced their refusal to work with any companies affiliated with the Sun Corporation.

In just a week, Crystal Sun was completely destroyed that her mother was forced to file bankruptcy. She never thought that just by offending Lu Xinyi, her mother had to pay a prize and had dug her own grave.

Just who was Lu Xinyi to the Shen family that she got them to back her up? It was rumored that she was a woman of one of the Shen's young masters but no one can prove this claim. She was both seen accompanying both brothers during the charity gala.

Sun Qiyan arrived on her mother's door and wasn't surprised that everything was a mess. Her mother had suffered a massive blow from the president of the Shen Group. In the corner of the room, Sun Ruying wept like a child. She was sitting on the floor barefooted with her arms covering her head.

"Mom!" Sun Qiyan dropped her bag and ran towards her mother. She pushed away the messy locks away from her mother's face. Her heart broke at the sight of her mother.

Sun Ruying was mumbling incoherent words to herself, not noticing that her daughter arrived to help her. She gripped both sides of her and before shaking it like a mad woman.

"No! No! I didn't mean it. I was only following Mingai's order. I didn't mean. I swear! So leave me alone!" she started to get hysterical and pushed Sun Qiyan away from her.

Sun Qiyan fell on her but, her eyes wide as she tried to comprehend what was happening to her mother.

"Mom, what are you talking about? Did something happened?" Sun Qiyan shook her mother's shoulders. Was her mother losing her sanity?

"Qiyan! Tell her to leave me alone. I did nothing wrong to her."

"Did Qiushan came here? Where is she?"

Sun Qiushan was her younger sister who ran away the last year. They had never heard from her since then and they know nothing about her whereabouts.

"No, no." Sun Ruying shook her head, her long grayish hair and wrinkled skin made her look older than her actual age. She then wrapped her arms around her eldest daughter. "This is all Meixiu's fault! It was all her fault! But she wouldn't leave me alone. I didn't take anything from her! I didn't kill her!" she cried.

Sun Qiyan was taken aback by her mother's revelation. Her Aunt Meixiu, the legitimate child of the Sun family had died seventeen years ago in a car accident. Was her mother and Aunt Mingai had something to do with it?

It wasn't really surprising if they did. In the world of wealthy people, scheming against a family member for money is normal. It may be heartless for some, but greed can push a person to do something illegal and brutal.

So, it didn't take long for her to come to the conclusion that Sun Meixiu's death had something to do with her mother and Aunt Mingai.

She helped her mother freshen up herself before tucking her in the bed. Making sure that her mother was sleeping peacefully, Sun Qiyan picked up her phone and called her grandfather.

"How's your mother?" Master Sun asked. He was already aware of the current state of Crystal Sun and yet he refused to extend a hand to her his own daughter from her demise.

"She's not doing well, Chairman," Sun Qiyan had always referred him as Chairman since Master Sun hadn't recognized her truly as part of the Sun family. "I found her crying in the floor, saying incoherent words."

"Bring her home. She should meet with Xin'er. She should admit to her wrongdoings and offer an apology after all the things she had done to her niece."

Sun Qiyan gritted her teeth, her grip on her phone tightened. Why should they apologize to that bitch?! Lu Xinyi was the very reason why her mother was suffering right now! If it wasn't for her, her mother wouldn't be pushed on her limit and lose her sanity but because she couldn't disobey her grandfather's orders, Sun Qiyan kept her hatred inside of her.

"I understand, Chairman. Rest assured, my mother will be there tomorrow."

She had a bad feeling about this. It was like Chairman Sun had been expecting Lu Xinyi to come back to the family sooner or later which will leave the rest of them with nothing.