Chapter 543: Merging With The Mecha!

Ling Lan had been observing Xie Yi all this while and she sensed the sinister energy that suddenly exploded—it had come fast and furious. She couldn't help but frown. She thought that the light energy would resist against the dark energy, but from the look of things, the light energy didn't stop the dark energy at all; they seemed to have come to some sort of agreement. Ling Lan was not sure if this was a good or bad thing.

Xie Yi's expression changed, becoming dark and sinister. He blinked and smiled, saying, "Haha, I can finally feel the air in this world. This so comfortable!"

The next second, his eyes turned cold. "You are stupid. You believed me so easily…" He went through the memories of this body and saw the smiling face within its depths. "So this is the reason? I need to find this person and have a chat with him. Hahaha…" A cold laugh came from Xie Yi's mouth.

Suddenly, he frowned. "Huh? You are resisting so violently… seems like this person is very important to you." His eyes turned sinister. This person might cause him to lose to the main personality.

At this moment, Tian Jiajun's attack came.

Xie Yi narrowed his eyes and immediately made a move; his fingers moved so quickly that only lingering afterimages could be seen.

"Clank!" His mecha raised its large sword to block Tian Jiajun's attack.

"Huh?" Tian Jiajun frowned, feeling that his opponent was much stronger than before.

His opponent had already been on the brink of defeat, but how had he become so strong suddenly? Was he putting all his energy in this one last attack? Tian Jiajun became vigilant and started operating his mecha carefully.

"This hand speed is already at the peak of the special-class level, isn't it?" The reaction speed of Xie Yi's mecha, as well as its display of power, had caused Ling Lan to raise her eyebrows slightly and then she smiled. She hadn't expected that the power, which Xie Yi had been suppressing, to be so strong. It had exceeded her expectation.

"Tsk, tsk. This is the person who almost defeated you? You are shaming the Xie family." Even as Xie Yi mockingly said this, his fingers never stopped moving.

Xie Yi's mecha raised the cold weapon in its hand, rushed forward all of a sudden and swung its weapon fiercely. "Look carefully. This is the kind of strength this body should be displaying. You are not worthy of controlling this body."

"Clang!" The two large swords clashed and an ear-shattering sound echoed through the sky.

Tian Jiajun forced himself to take Xie Yi's attack and flew back for over 10 meters. He steadied his body and looked at the mecha opposite him in disbelief. "How did he increase his power so much in such a short period of time? I didn't even manage to catch his attack."

Tian Jiajun didn't get the time to reach a conclusion; Xie Yi didn't stop and continued attacking him after he gained the upper hand.

"Clang, clang, clang…" The large swords of the two mecha struck against each other as Xie Yi continued to unleash furious blows upon Tian Jiajun. The latter had lost his advantage now and could only block the attacks while patiently waiting for an opportunity to strike back.

"Hahaha, this feels so good. Are you watching me? The opponent that you can't defeat is nothing in my hands. What right do you have to control this body? If you understand the situation, be obedient and go to sleep." Xie Yi laughed crazily. He had been suppressed for all these years so when he finally took control of his body, he vented out all his frustration. The feeling was so amazing that he didn't want to let go of it.

"What is happening? Why did Lingtian No. 1 become so powerful?" The change of position between Xie Yi and Tian Jiajun immediately caught the attention of the instructors.

"This is not possible. Jiajun will not lose to his opponent." Tian Jiajun's instructor, Qiao Yi, had a look of disbelief on his face. In his heart, Ling Lan was the only one that could defeat Tian Jiajun, yet right now, a nobody from the Lingtian Mecha Clan was winning against his disciple who couldn't even resist at all. Qiao Yi felt his world falling apart.

"Was Xie Yi hiding his skills?" the principal asked Tang Yu curiously upon seeing Xie Yi's sudden rise in strength.

"I am not sure about this," Tang Yu replied with a forced smile. As expected, the people around Ling Lan were all not normal people. They were all lunatics.

Looking at Tang Yu's expression, the principal believed that he didn't know anything. Hence, he could only control his curiosity and look at the big screen again.

Although Tian Jiajun was suppressed by Xie Yi at the start, he was, after all, someone who had been at the peak of special-class for over a year. He had many battle experiences and his foundation was strong. Once he became adjusted to Xie Yi's violent attacks, the situation started to change.

Qiao Yi heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this. His proud disciple would not be so easily defeated.

Qi Long had also realized that Xie Yi's energy changed. His innate talent allowed him to feel the energy in Xie Yi body; it had turned into something unfamiliar, sinister and dark. He immediately realized the intention behind his boss' actions.

He knew now that his boss' goal was achieved, so he asked her excitedly, "Boss, can we attack now?" He had been controlling himself. It should be time for him to go wild, too.

"No hurry. Maintain the situation as it is now." Ling Lan's reply dampened Qi Long's mood. Fine! He had to continue controlling himself.

Ling Lan would never allow Qi Long to act. She needed to keep stimulating Xie Yi. When the two personalities realized that they were both in danger, it was possible that their potential would explode. This was why Ling Lan had allowed this member of Leiting to appear here.

Ling Lan didn't only want to force Xie Yi's dark energy out; she wanted Tian Jiajun to make the latter feel hopeless. She wanted Xie Yi to feel that he would never be able to defeat the opponent. This was the only way to allow both powers to compromise with each other.

Ling Lan had always thought that suppression was not the way to solve the problem. Merging the two powers was the only solution. Of course, it would be risky. No one knew what Xie Yi would become after the merging, but Ling Lan felt the need to make this bet for the sake of his future.

Tian Jiajun was indeed the strongest in Leiting after Qiao Ting; he managed to bring the fight back to even ground. He was even gaining the upper hand now. Without a strong foundation and the accumulation of experiences, Xie Yi's sudden burst of strength was not helpful at all.

Xie Yi was on the losing end again. His eyes turned red and a killing intent slowly exuded from his body.

"Such a strong killing intent." Ling Lan felt the intense, malicious aura coming from Xie Yi and frowned again. What was this dark energy made up of? Why was it so full of negative emotions?

"Qi Long, go all out." An idea flashed past Ling Lan's mind as she suddenly pressed the button to converse with Qi Long and gave him an order.

Qi Long was elated. His boss was showing him some mercy; he finally didn't need to control himself anymore. He quickly grabbed his large sword and rushed towards his opponent, following which he swung his sword around in a crazy attack.

Qi Long attack was more furious than Xie Yi. His opponent could no longer fend him off and thus shouted at Tian Jiajun in fright, "Leader!"

In times of desperation, everyone would look for the person they trusted the most instinctively; it was the same with Leiting's members.

When he heard his clan member's frightened scream, Tian Jiajun immediately understood the situation. He shouted in anger, "Get out of my way!"

The arrogant Tian Jiajun couldn't stand to see his teammate being defeated right in front of his eyes and he didn't even think as he used his special-class technique, Whirlwind Strike, against Xie Yi. His cold weapon swept towards Xie Yi dangerously.

Tian Jiajun had thought that he would be able to make Xie Yi retreat with this move, but the latter wanted to kill him now. Xie Yi used the most powerful special-class battle technique—Total Annihilation!

Two top-tier special-class battle techniques were unleashed and they formed two powerful energies that slammed into each other—the resultant force from the collision caused both Xie Yi and Tian Jiajun to be blasted away. This fearsome force also implicated Qi Long and his opponent; caught unprepared, they were toppled over.

"F**k!" Qi Long realized that he was in danger when he felt the energy wave and immediately stopped attacking, then used all his energy to stabilize his mecha, but his opponent was not so lucky; slower to react, he ended up being blown away for about ten meters. The opponent was also quite smart, however, as he made use of the energy wave to run away quickly.

"You want to run away? No way!" Indignant at seeing his prey running away, Qi Long quickly controlled his mecha to chase after his opponent and a few seconds later, the two mechas disappeared. Only Xie Yi and Tian Jiajun were left.

Ling Lan didn't care about Qi Long right now, as the latter had already completed his mission. She didn't need to worry whether Qi Long could catch up with his opponent or whether he could defeat his opponent. In actual fact, Ling Lan had taken part in this mecha challenge because of Xie Yi.

Tian Jiajun felt a strong pressure slamming into his chest and he almost wanted to vomit blood, but he paid no heed to this and stabilized his mecha first. His decision was correct; Xie Yi had already reached him and a powerful attack followed after.

"Clang!" The two long swords knocked into each other again and Tian Jiajun took a step back. As compared to moments before, Tian Jiajun was extremely composed right now. The danger to his teammate had caused his potential to be released. He had already merged with his mecha and reached a state where his mecha and he were one. He had only one opponent and that was Xie Yi.

"Clang!" The sound of another collision rang out and this time, it was Xie Yi who took a few steps back.

"Clang!" The numerous collisions that followed caused Xie Yi to keep retreating.

"Leiting No. 1 has a strong talent in controlling his mecha. The power of his mecha increased once again." Tian Jiajun's interesting condition caught the instructors attention.

"Is this the mecha and human merging state? This is the hardest state to achieve when operating mecha." There was a saying that people who entered this state could cross-level and kill their opponents. All of the instructors looked at Qiao Yi with envy, jealous that he had such a talented disciple. This honor was the same as having a fourth-year who became an ace operator.

"Lingtian No. 1 is unable to win against Leiting No. 1. I think that Lingtian No. 1 is going to lose soon." The instructors were all individuals who had plenty of experience; they could immediately tell what situation Xie Yi was in.