Chapter 542: The Devil In The Heart!

The principal remembered the bloodshed 19 years ago—the Federation had almost collapsed after that period of time. Luckily, Ling Xiao came back alive three years ago. When the principal remembered this, his excited heart calmed down. In order to protect his students, he needed to forget about everything that happened in front of his eyes.

"If you can, let Qi Long advance at a later time," the principal said with a sigh.

Tang Yu gave a grateful look at the principal upon hearing his words. He respected the latter. The man cared greatly for his students, so he didn't want to use talented students to promote himself to a higher office.

While Tang Yu was talking to the principal regarding Qi Long, Xie Yi was facing a great crisis. He was steadily losing his grounds. In the face of crisis, the dark energy suppressed in his body exploded.

Tian Jiajun didn't show any mercy this time and Xie Yi's lack of foundation was exposed. After taking several hard blows, Xie Yi realized that he had reached his limit. It was possible that he would be defeated by his opponent soon and kicked out of the battle.

Rivulets of sweat dripped down furiously from his forehead. He was frustrated. If he ended up so simply defeated like this, how could he answer to the trust that his boss had in him?

Ever since he found out that he was going to become the substitute for his boss, Xie Yi was excited. He had managed to get this position despite there being other candidates such as Qi Long and Luo Lang, and this showed how much his boss trusted him.

Xie Yi appeared to be a bright and optimistic young man who was confident in everything he did; however, deep down inside, he had always been questioning himself because he wasn't one of his boss' most trusted companions.

Xie Yi hadn't joined Ling Lan's team at a very good time. When he joined, Ling Lan had been heavily injured and had to leave the school for three years to recuperate. He didn't interact with Ling Lan for three years, but he managed to form a good relationship with the rest of the team. He treasured these relationships. However, he knew that he would only be able to walk into the hearts of his team members by gaining recognition from Ling Lan. This had made him agitated, made him yearn to be recognized by Ling Lan.

Hence, Xie Yi was always anxious. When his boss came back, he knew what was the most important thing he lacked. It was time! He hadn't grown up together with his boss. Thus, he lost the opportunity to go through thick and thin with the other team members, which made it difficult for him to gain a position in Ling Lan's heart to become one of his trusted companions.

This was why Ling Lan would not care about him liked how he cared for Qi Long and Luo Lang. Ling Lan would not scold him, hit him, and order him around like the rest of the team members. Ling Lan was merely polite with him, or in other words, he ignored him totally.

Yes. He was just an unimportant person to his boss. He could only follow behind Qi Long and Luo Lang, trying to make his presence known… that feeling was too frustrating! However, there was nothing he could do. He had missed out on the best moments to form a bond with his boss. He couldn't even blame his boss for treating him this way.

Sometimes, Xie Yi would regret hiding his real power in the past. Why had he feigned weakness back then? If he had shown his true power, he might have been able to enter Special Class A and grow up together with his boss. At the very least, he could have become like Lin Zhong-qing, become the boss' most trusted assistant.

Xie Yi felt regret, but he shouldn't be!

The Xie family had a long history. Their family background could be compared with that of the important families of the Federation, or perhaps they were even stronger, but the only reason why the Xie family didn't become an elite family was due to their special genetics.

In the past, the Xie family had gained fame in the Federation due to their special genetics. However, this very same reason caused them their downfall. The special genetics of the Xie family allowed its descendants to be able to learn things faster than an ordinary person; their speed of learning was comparable to a genius. There would be someone like this in every generation of the Xie family.

If these descendants grew up to become a leader, Xie family would not fall to ruin. Unfortunately, these descendants did make it in the end. The special genetics granted the descendants of the Xie family a strong learning ability, but it came with a painful price—the descendants of the Xie family would easily succumb to the devil in their heart.

If the descendants of the Xie family led a smooth and happy life, they could escape from this fate; however, who could guarantee that their life would be smooth sailing the entire way? Life was long, things would happen. Regret was the emotion that the Xie family was most afraid of. Once this emotion appeared, the devil in their hearts would appear too. It would grow to become a powerful, dark energy.

If the descendants from the Xie family couldn't suppress this dark energy, their character would utterly change. Most of them would become heartless, evil, and vicious. Some might even commit unforgivable crimes and cause bloodshed.

When this happened, the elders of the Xie family would come out to personally kill these people. Hence, the talented descendants of the Xie family died one by one. In the end, the once glamorous Xie family fell from grace and never returned to their prime again.

In truth, if Xie Yi hadn't joined Ling Lan's battle team, the devil in his heart would not have appeared so quickly—it might never have appeared in his entire life—but he had joined the team and felt the difference in treatment from Ling Lan. He was frustrated, irritated, remorseful and angry. All kinds of negative emotions exploded in him and, to no surprise, the devil in his heart appeared. This dark energy had grown increasingly stronger as time passed. Every time it exploded, Xie Yi needed to use more effort to suppress it.

Xie Yi was unable to accept defeat. "I swore to complete the task my boss gave me. I can't just lose like this." Yes, he had worked hard for so long and finally earned this chance. If he failed, he would be going back to square one again.

"Tsk. If you don't want to lose, why not hand over your body to me?" The voice that had been pestering Xie Yi all these years appeared again.

"Why should I?" Xie Yi shot back with bloodshot eyes.

"Because you are too weak. So weak that I look down on you." Xie Yi saw a black and white figure appear in front of him—this was the first time the voice had manifested as a figure.

When Xie Yi saw the figure's face, his eyes narrowed. "Who are you?" The figure had the same face as him. However, the figure's smile was eerie.

"Who am I?" The figure gave a sinister smile. "You are so stupid. You raised me and now, you are asking me who I am?"

Xie Yi's eyes turned cold. "Are you going to tell me that you are me?"

"Tsk, tsk. Actually, you know it. You know how I came about, yet you are still deceiving yourself. What is the use of that?" The figure showed an eerie smile. His voice was filled with sarcasm and contempt.

Xie Yi was speechless. He shouted angrily, "Get away from me. Don't affect my battle." Xie Yi knew that he was still in the battle and didn't have the time to be bothered by this figure.

"Affect you? I am helping you. With your skills now, you are not his match," the figure retorted mercilessly.

"Can you defeat him then?" Xie Yi sneered.

"Of course!" the figure said confidently. "I am not a weakling like you. You are able to naturally control me because you raised me. If it wasn't for this fact, with my power, I would have taken control over this body a long time ago."

"Take control?" Xie Yi's heart jumped.

"Yes, take control. The bloodline of the Xie family follows one rule—the survival of the fittest. Their descendants have two personalities the moment they are born, so the strongest one will take over the body. Last time, you were strong so you took over. This time, I am stronger so I should be in control. You should move aside now." The figure smiled coldly. There was killing intent in his eyes.

The figure knew the secret of the Xie family's bloodline. The descendants of the Xie family had two personalities when they were born. The personality that was weaker would be suppressed and would enter deep sleep. The stronger personality would take control of the body. However, this could change. When the sleeping personality woke up and grew stronger, the two personalities would battle it out again and the winner would control the body. This was why the descendants of the Xie family would suddenly undergo a change in their character…

The alter ego was ambitious. He not only wanted temporary control of the body, but he also wanted to control it forever. Hence, he needed to destroy this main personality that had been controlling the body for 19 years!

"Don't even think about it." Xie Yi was unwilling to move aside. He had just gained the trust of his boss and become a true member of the battle team. How could he bear to give this up so easily?

"Don't even think about it? Are you willing to lose to your opponent again and lose the most important thing that you wanted?" The figure struck at Xie Yi where it hurt him most.

"Actually, you should try to believe me. After all, you raised me. I am still you. Once I defeat the opponent, we can come back to talk about our business." The figure tempted Xie Yi. The latter knew that the figure was just luring him in, but his heart wavered.

Xie Yi knew that he had reached his limit; he would lose this battle if he continued like this. He would not be able to complete the mission that his boss gave him and he wouldn't have the face to go back and see his boss.

The images of numerous faces flashed past his mind's eye and in the end, his thoughts came to rest on one pretty and smiling face. His eyes became firm. "I hope you will keep your words."

After he finished, Xie Yi released his suppression on the figure and a powerful, dark energy exploded from his body…