Chapter 541: Pet!

Two mechas in the midst of a fierce fought abruptly dropped into Qi Long's line of sight and before he could stop to think think, he heard Ling Lan's voice ring out once again. "Continue to fight. This time you have to pressure your opponent, but don't kill him in an instant. You have to give him hope of being able to endure."

Qi Long couldn't help but groan. His boss' requests were becoming increasingly trickier. He had to pressure the opponent, but at the same time give him hope. It was really making it hard for someone who fought wildly like him. It should be known that his way of fighting was to either hide his strength and be on par with his opponent, or go full throttle for an instant takedown. He had never tried pressuring an opponent while not winning the battle.

"How really troublesome!" mumbled Qi Long depressedly. Nevertheless, he didn't dare to go against his boss' orders. Besides, he knew that there was a deeper meaning to the latter's instruction. If he couldn't do as his boss asked, his life after the match would be very miserable. In order to make sure he lived a bit more comfortably, he had to finish the mission his boss had given him no matter what.

Qi Long pumped himself up before turning around to fly towards the Leiting mecha that had chased him all the way there.

This special-class operator from Leiting also caught a glimpse of his captain, but before he could communicate with his captain, his opponent actually stopped running and immediately pounced on him with his weapon in hand.

At that moment, he still had no knowledge of having fallen into a trap. Once he saw Qi Long move towards him, he thought that was exactly what he wanted and thus, he also raised his weapon and flew towards Qi Long. When their weapons clashed, though, the heart of the Leiting special-class operator jumped a beat; the power behind his opponent's strike this time was twice as powerful compared to what he felt in their previous bout of fighting. This huge force instantly bounced his weapon backward.

It was a good thing that his reactions were quick; he felt that he couldn't withstand the blow and dodged with his mecha, making sure that his opponent didn't take the chance to strike him. However, even though he managed to do all this, the edge of the other party's blade still slashed the side of his mecha. The Leiting special-class operator could feel that if that had been a clean hit, he would either be dead or heavily wounded.

At that moment, the special-class operator understood everything. The running away and show of weakness were only his opponent pretending. It had been to deliberately lure him to this place—he had actually fallen into a trap.

After realizing the situation, the member from Leiting couldn't help but be anxious. However, when he saw his captain gaining the upper-hand, his wavering heart instantly steeled. Tian Jiajun was another powerful individual who inspired the trust of his team members. It was just that Tian Jiajun was always low-key, thus he never had the chance to take the position of commander and instead became the vice-commander.

However, Tian Jiajun didn't care. He wasn't like the power-hungry Lin Zhidong, who still wouldn't let go of his power in his fifth year to focus on getting ready for the military division evaluations. Tian Jiajun had been determined to join the 23rd Division since the previous year. Although he was stuck at the peak of special-class operator level and had no luck with advancing to ace operator, he had nonetheless never changed his decision to register for the 23rd Division.

Their year's division evaluations were coming up in the near future and he wanted to join the 23rd Division to repay Boss Huo's nurturing. Huo Zhenyu had personally seen potential in Tian Jiajun and was also the one who had recruited him. Tian Jiajun had kept this graciousness in mind and also wanted to repay the care that Leiting had given him in these past few years. That was why he was given the task to lead the other experts of Leiting to participate in this competitive match that would decide the clan's future fate.

The team member saw that Tian Jiajun had somewhat of an advantage and this caused him to have more fighting spirit. As long as he was able to hold on, once his captain defeated his opponent, he would definitely be able to lend a helping hand. Afterward, when the two of them teamed up, they would be able to defeat this annoying mecha operator of Lingtian who was standing in front of him.

This Leiting member hated Qi Long, this sly deceiver, with all his heart. If Qi Long's power was stronger than him by just a bit, he wouldn't have harbored hate or regret and would have felt it normal for him to lose. However, it was clear that Qi Long was stronger than him, yet he pretended to be weaker to deceive him… wasn't he just being toyed around with? It was like he was being bullied.

Holding this resentment in his heart, the Leiting member naturally didn't want to simply lose to this despicable punk, Qi Long. Additionally, he also had a chance to turn his imminent defeat into a victory with his captain by his side. Thus, he mustered all his strength to continue the fight. Faced with Qi Long's barrage of attacks, he still managed to endure even though he seemed at the end of his road after so many attacks.

While Tian Jiajun was attacking Xie Yi, he also noticed his teammate's situation. Tian Jiajun knew that he couldn't wait any more when he saw that his teammate could no longer endure Qi Long's attacks.

After probing each other during this time, Tian Jiajun felt that his opponent was better than him at mecha piloting. Of course, his opponent still hadn't used his final technique. Tian Jiajun wasn't sure whether or not he would be able to dodge it. After all, it was something that hadn't happened yet, something no one could confirm. However, Tian Jiajun was confident in himself. When he first joined Leiting, he was the only one to dare challenge Qiao Ting when he was at special-class level. Thus, even though he felt uncertainties about his opponent, Tian Jiajun still decided to make his move.

Although Tian Jiajun was full of fighting spirit, he still remained calm when he took action. He carefully looked for a flaw in Lingtian No.1's piloting. Tian Jiajun knew very well that this person in front of him had once defeated Qiao Ting, an ace operator. Although Qiao Ting's mecha had been severely damaged back then and Qiao Ting himself was exhausted, making the record of that fight less truthful than it actually was, Tian Jiajun still couldn't deny that it was the only match where Qiao Ting was defeated while he was still in the military academy. That result was enough to make Tian Jiajun attach importance to Lingtian No.1.

Thus, even though his teammate's situation was extremely dangerous, Tian Jiajun still decided to wait for an opportunity—and his waiting bore results. After around 30 seconds, he discovered a flaw in Lingtian No.1's piloting.

This is the moment! Tian Jiajun decisively made his move and targeted that weak point. The attack was so sudden that Xie Yi knew he was in trouble. He tried his best to block, but he was still a bit slower.

"Bang!" Tian Jiajun's cold weapon struck the shoulder of Xie Yi's mecha and the latter was sent flying by this incredible force to crash into a towering tree.

"Snap!" A branch of the towering tree was snapped off by Xie Yi as he attempted to balance himself. However, due to this branch reducing the force the of the hit, Xie Yi was able to regain control of his mecha.

Seeing his chance, Tian Jiajun naturally wouldn't let up. While Xie Yi was still trying to balance his mecha, Tian Jiajun pounced on him and attacked wildly. At that moment, Xie Yi had lost the upper hand and no chance to dodge. He could only take Tian Jiajun's attacks head on.

Thus, those watching Qi Long and the member from Leiting were once again focused on Xie Yi and Tian Jiajun. It was just that now Xie Yi was like the member from Leiting. He was being attacked by Tian Jiajun without any chance to counterattack. The situation instantly became a crisis.

"As expected, as long as Tian Jiajun uses all his strength, it's possible that no one else from Lingtian would be able to go against him other than Ling Lan. That Xie Yi is going to lose soon, isn't he?" The instructors' eyes were sharp and they saw the difference in strength between Xie Yi and Tian Jiajun. Everyone believed that Xie Yi was in trouble this time.

Tang Yu wasn't affected by the opinions of those around him. At that moment, he was searching for the name of Lingtian No.6, who was drawing closer to Xie Yi. Qi Long's name quickly entered his vision. Seeing another one of his star disciples appear, he couldn't help but laugh. "I knew it! It's this punk! I was wondering just now why this Lingtian No.6's movements were so familiar."

All this time, Tang Yu had thought that Qi Long's serial number would either be No.2 or No.3; he did not think that it would actually be No.6. It seemed that Lingtian did not organize the numbers based on their power levels.

At that moment, Tang Yu didn't know that other than the arranged No.1 that given to Xie Yi, all the other numbers were given to everyone through drawing lots right before the battle began. This was why Qi Long was No.6. Thus, it would be impossible to guess whom the operator was just going by their serial numbers.

The principal heard Tang Yu's laugh and asked curiously, "Who's number six?"

"Qi Long, one of the five disciples that I teach," Tang Yu replied with a smile. Compared to Ling Lan, who was a disciple on paper, Qi Long was considered a real disciple. Other than his disciple Lin Zhong-qing, whom he favored, Qi Long was also someone he paid close attention to and invested much time and energy in teaching.

"Oh, is he the cadet that you were just talking about, the one that has the position as main vanguard for Ling Lan's battle team?" The principal recalled their previous conversation.

"Yes." Tang Yu nodded.

"It looks like Xie Yi isn't on the same level as Tian Jiajun. Do you think Qi Long will able to take Tian Jiajun on?" the principal asked with great interest.

Tang Yu showed a hint of pride as he said, "Of course. I believe he will be the next Qiao Ting."

Tang Yu's words stunned the principal, who looked at the former with a dumbfounded look, desiring to confirm the truth of his words.

Tang Yu nodded his head firmly. "Qi Long has now reached the peak of special-class. Unless Ling Lan has other plans, it won't a problem for him to advance to ace level in the first half of his fourth year."

The principal's breathing became slightly hurried. A single Qiao Ting was already a prodigy that was difficult to find within a single decade. He hadn't expected that their military academy was going to have another paragon prodigy after only three years. The principal was extremely excited. He opened his mouth to take a breath, barely managing to hold down his hysterical laughter. "Will he run into a bottleneck when he advances to ace level? How are you so sure that Qi Long will be able to break through in one year?"

"I wasn't sure before. But some time ago, I discovered that the bottleneck in Qi Long's mind had actually disappeared. If not for the fact that Qi Long's piloting skills haven't reached that level yet, it would have been possible for him to have already reached ace level by now." After saying this, Tang Yu couldn't help but be green with envy. Back then, when he and his buddies were advancing to ace level, they spent a long time before getting past the bottleneck in their mind.

"Some people are just blessed by god!" The principal had seen such an individual before and that person was Ling Xiao. Normally, bottlenecks existed in the process of advancing to ace, imperial and god level without exception. Many people would be stuck at these bottlenecks for their entire lives, but Ling Xiao didn't experience anything like them. In six years, he quickly advanced from ace level to god level. He became the ultimate weapon of the Federation at a dumbfounding speed and it was this impossible advancement speed of his that had helped him survive his future days.

By the time the enemy nations saw Ling Xiao as a big threat, he had already reached god-level. Assassinations had become useless. In the end, they had to use and give up many divisions in order to just trap Ling Xiao…