Chapter 524: Evolution!

The staff member led them to the bottom of the arena, and there they discovered that there were eight A.I. computers installed on all sides.

The staff member pointed towards the A.I. computer beside him and began to explain. "The A.I. has entered the list of seniors who are evaluating you. Whoever is ready can freely choose the senior that they would like to fight. Once you have chosen, the virtual screen at the top of the screen will show the time of the fight." As he said all this, the staff member smiled and patted the A.I. computer beside him. "Of course, these A.I. computers will also show the time. The preparation time for each evaluation is 3 minutes. If you still haven't gone up to the arena after 3 minutes, then that means you've failed the evaluation. Remember, don't go over the time limit. Our boss will definitely not give you guys a second chance."

Hearing that, the new cadets all began to focus. They looked at the staff member in hopes of getting more information about the evaluation out of him, but the staff member was very careful and only said what he could say. After he informed them of all the things that they should be cautious about for the evaluation, he left the stage.

In the commander's quarters, Qi Long and the others were all on the sofas, slouching, lying down, sitting, etc. They had just crawled out from the training room, feeling like that their entire body had been sucked dry. They only wanted to find a bed and go to sleep, but unfortunately, Boss notified them especially for today for them to report to this place after training. They could only come here in great pain. Everyone decided that after they heard Boss' orders, they would all stay at Boss' place and rest up well.

Ling Lan and Wu Jiong walked in. She saw everyone sprawled all over the place and immediately frowned. She said, "What, no more energy?"

Luo Lang looked at Boss with a face full of sorrow. Wasn't he asking when he already knew the reason? When did training not make them tired and out of energy? And also, Boss had added even more training today. This overload made their limbs shake. They might not even have the energy to pick up a single chopstick.

Disregarding the angry glares of the others, Ling Lan looked at Wu Jiong regrettably and said, "Looks like these new cadets have pretty good luck this time. Their examiners don't have the energy to fight. Whoever chooses them, it'll probably end up with the examiners losing without even fighting."

Wu Jiong expression showed a hint of surprise. He didn't think that Boss actually hadn't notified Qi Long and the others first. Knowing that there were evaluations today, she had still increased the training load… However, Wu Jiong believed that Boss wasn't doing this randomly. This kind of arrangement definitely had its own deeper meaning.

"Evaluation? Losing before even battling?" Everyone yelled angrily. If they lost without even fighting, how could they face the new cadets?

"Boss, you actually tricked us!" Han Jijyun almost spat out blood. Whose captain would help outsiders and trick his own members? They had really lost to him. Did Boss really not care if he lost his dignity? After all, he was their captain, right?

"Tricked?" Ling Lan glared coldly, making everyone's anger dissipate into nothingness. "The amount today I gave you guys, I could handle when I was 13 years old and I wouldn't be so miserable like you guys. In the end, it's just that you guys aren't strong enough."

"If you don't want to lose your dignity, then stand up!" Ling Lan ordered coldly.

Qi Long and the others quickly stood up from the sofas. Ling Lan walked in front of them and calmly said, "If anyone loses to their opponent, I will let you guys try the training mode that I am currently doing."

"Boss, that'll end up killing someone," Qi Long yelped. Their current training was enough to take half of his life. If he really did try out Boss' mode of training, Qi Long believed that the same day next year would be the anniversary of his death.

Everyone else had a pale white face. They had witnessed Boss' mode of training before, and it was the real kind of training to the death; one mistake would result in death.

Luo Lang's small physique began to softly tremble. Wuwu, he thought of the two Senior Li's. One could have said something to help them and the other could have used his mystical medicinal agents to save their lives. Alright, he wouldn't be jealous of them anymore for taking Boss' attention away from him.

Unfortunately, no matter how much Luo Lang repented, the two Senior Li's had already gone to the army division and no one could help them.

"If you don't want to die then don't lose," Ling Lan said coldly. Everyone suddenly stood up straight and uniformly shouted, "Understood, Boss!"

They definitely would not lose. In order to survive, in order to keep their dignity as seniors, in order to continue to triumph… Ugh, they should take away the last one. However, for the future, they would definitely not lose.

Their spirits that were originally sapped dry by the hellish training instantly soared and their eyes filled with the desire to fight.

Ling Lan was now satisfied. She said to Wu Jiong, "Wu Jiong, let's go down."

"Yes, Boss!" Wu Jiong replied, unconsciously standing up straight. After Ling Lan walked out of the commander's room, Wu Jiong realized the feeling. Before he knew it, he had already been considering himself as Ling Lan's subordinate…

Wu Jiong smiled bitterly. The longer he was with Ling Lan, the more he got used the identity of being a subordinate. The courage and ambition he had before to compete with Ling Lan had now been tossed to some corner of his mind. He was not the only one like this, however, as Li Yingjie was also like this and they accepted it wholeheartedly, without any displeasure.

Looking at the silhouettes of those in Ling Lan's battle team, Wu Jiong uncontrollably smiled. He said to himself, "This is the charm of strong people! And I'm still thousands of miles away from achieving that." Luckily, he was only going to the 15th Division in the future. That place was the home of the descendants of the Wu family… While he rejoiced at this, Wu Jiong also felt regret. Sometimes he thought that it might be more stimulating if he followed Ling Lan to the 23rd Division and have a life that was more stimulating.

Unfortunately… everyone had their own responsibilities! Since Wu Jiong was a descendant of the Wu family, then he definitely needed to take on the responsibility of the family.

"Commander Wu, come quick!" Xie Yi moved his body out of the elevator door and waved to him. It turned out that Wu Jiong was behind them by quite a lot. Wu Jiong smiled, quickly increased his pace and walked into the elevator.

The elevator went straight down to the basement level 2. When they arrived at the door to the training dojo, they discovered that the other vice-captains who were examiners were already waiting at the door.

Ye Xu was originally very excited to see Wu Jiong, Qi Long and the others. Right when he was about to greet them, however, he saw Ling Lan appear behind them. He immediately swallowed back his greeting, which almost made him choke. But even if it choked him, he couldn't afford to yell; Ye Xu didn't forget that he had offended Boss Ling Lan a few days ago. Having temporarily escaped from a catastrophe, he couldn't let his existence be known to Boss and make him remember the stupid things he did.

"Boss!" Everyone immediately cried out as they saw Ling Lan arrive. The relaxed atmosphere suddenly grew tense. Ling Lan's presence gave them so much pressure that they didn't dare to make any random movement, fearing that they might make a mistake.

Ling Lan looked around her and then said, "Let's go in."

They all clustered around Ling Lan and walked into the training dojo. At that moment, inside Ling Lan's mindspace, Little Four was holding up his face and squatting. He curiously asked Ling Lan, "Boss, your aura has already been integrated into your body completely recently and can be taken out and put back in with ease. Why do you still release your aura to terrorize them when you face them?"

"My aura has always been strong, cold and dominant. If it suddenly disappeared and I became completely in control, it would make people suspicious," Ling Lan replied. "And with this aura, they won't dare to look at me. This allows me to not have to think about how to cover up anything." Ling Lan had seen what she looked like when her aura vanished. This face of hers… was a real problem.

Little Four understood what Ling Lan meant. He said with regret, "So you mean that you don't want to hold back this aura in the outside world." Little Four recalled that warm smiling face of hers he had glimpsed the other day… then he suddenly clutched at his chest and instantly disappeared from the mindspace.

Ling Lan looked at the empty mindspace and shook her head. This Little Four was still running away and not steady enough. However, she thought that he was still only about 4 to 5 years old, and so she felt that she could understand why he was like that…

After such a long time, Ling Lan had forgotten that Little Four had been with her for more than a decade and that he had always retained the same appearance. In fact, Little Four wasn't that young.

Little Four, who had already returned to the learning space, appeared in the space of Instructor Number One in the next second.

"Cool me down, Number One." Little Four had two tear bubbles form in his eyes—he was panicking.

"Hmph!" Instructor Number One coldly snorted. He transported the both of them straight into an ice world and froze Little Four in it, making a transparent ice coffin.

At that moment, several spatial tears opened up beside Instructor Number One and the faces of other the instructors appeared.

"Number One, we felt Majesty Four's energy fluctuating and came to where you were. Is he alright?" Although Instructor Number Nine was expressionless, her eyes still showed a hint of concern.

"Don't worry, Sister Nine. As long as Number One is here, there definitely won't be any problems." Number Five smiled, a sense of unseen bootlicking hidden under his smiling face.

"It's good there's no problem. I'm leaving." The Number Two, who was speaking in the darkness, had closed his spatial tear first.

"It's not going to slow down his processing speed iif he's frozen like this right?" Instructor Number Three asked concernedly. If Little Four slowed down his processing, they would all be greatly affected here.

"Our spaces are very peaceful. How could Majesty Four have any issues," Instructor Number Four replied enchantingly with a raised brow, showing an expression full of charm to Number Three.

"It's okay, I'm leaving!" It was as though Instructor Number Three had seen something terrifying; he immediately closed the spatial tear he had entered through and disappeared without a trace.

"Man, so boring. By the way, Number One, is it alright for you deal with Majesty Four so barbarically?" Number Four asked with a half-smile. Her eyes turned to Number One, a hint of flirting appearing in them .

The aura around Instructor Number One was cold. Right at that moment, the ice coffin that was sealing Little Four exploded. Little Four jumped out from it and with a laugh, said, "It's alright, the microchip's temperature returned to normal!

"Huh, you guys are all here? Are you guys having a meeting? Then I'm not going to bother you guys. Bye guys." Little Four saw the number of people in the room and waved to them without a care in the world. In the next second, he had disappeared without a trace.

"Number One, is his Majesty Four really alright?" Instructor Number Four's expression had become deeply tense and serious. This time, her enchanting aura was completely gone; only, when she frowned, she would show a hint of charm that she couldn't hide.

"His Majesty Four's emotions have become more and more abundant. Maybe he's reached the time for his next evolution," Instructor Number One replied.