Chapter 523: Evaluation!

Ye Xu heard that he had temporarily gotten away from trouble, so he immediately crawled up from the sofa. He saw Ling Lan shoot a glare at him, so he quickly held out the memory card in his hand. He obsequiously said, "Boss, this is the list of new cadets that have applied to join our mecha clan this year. Please take a look."

Ling Lan looked at Ye Xu speechlessly. Wasn't this Wu Jiong's job? Why was he the one giving it to her?

It turned out that Ye Xu was so scared of Ling Lan's cold glare that he reflexively gave her the memory card. After he said this sentence, his face was full of frustration. "How could I make another mistake?"

Wu Jiong put his hand on his forehead. Recently, Ye Xu would always become clumsy when seeing the boss. He wasn't this clumsy before. Seeing that Ye Xu's sideburns had already become wet with sweat, Wu Jiong couldn't help but care and help him out of the situation. He said, "Boss, you're the regiment commander of the Lingtian Mecha Clan. Shouldn't you care about future members of our clan?"

Following that he looked to Ye Xu and said, "Ye Xu, it's alright. You can screw off now."

To Ye Xu, this sentence was a life saver. He didn't care if Ling Lan wanted to see it or not and immediately put the memory card on the coffee table in front her. He gave Wu Jiong a grateful look and then ran like hell as though there was a monster chasing him.

In the next second, he had arrived at the door. He saw his members who were peeking their heads in to see what was happening on the inside. Ye Xu glared at them. These guys had no honor. In the end, they had actually still let him face Boss all by himself.

"Vice-captain, was Boss there?" one team member asked softly upon seeing that Ye Xu's expression was complicated.

Ye Xu's expression instantly tensed up. He reflexively turned around to look inside and didn't see the threatening and cold face of the boss. He instantly let out a sigh of relief. However, he didn't want to stay in this dangerous place and quickly said, "The enemy's defenses are strong. Get out of here."

This had already become Lingtian Mecha Clan's catchphrase. If they were faced with danger, they would say this to get out quick. This was also Lingtian's own characteristic.

The team members heard this and knew what they had to do. They didn't even think and followed Ye Xu and got the f**k out of there.

Hearing the movement at door, Ling Lan felt irritated. She asked with irritation, "Am I that scary?"

"I just don't smile right? But I don't insult people or hurt people. I'm a good regiment commander that cared for my subordinates right? Did they really have to so scared of me?"

This question made Wu Jiong's expression freeze. His eyes looked around the room as he said, "Actually… that… how should I say it…"

"You don't need to say anything. I understand!" Ling Lan said coldly. "The look on your face means that I actually really am scary right? It seems that my white angelic face is useless."

Ling Lan picked up the memory card on the coffee table depressedly. She used the wireless transmission function to display the data it contained on the large screen of the coffee table.

"There's a lot." After seeing the countless names and their information, Ling Lan was a bit surprised. There was so much.

"The application center tells me that they have already deleted a large portion of people who didn't meet the minimum requirements." Wu Jiong had already walked beside Ling Lan and chosen a sofa closest to her to sit down on.

"This amount is around 400 to 500 people right?" The words that were cramped onto the screen made Ling Lan's head spin.

Wu Jiong pointed on the screen lightly. "If you look at it like this, it'll be clearer." Very quickly, the image changed. The originally cramped folders had now been categorized into a few larger categories and looked clearer instantly.

"The list for those who have the most potential (Captain Level)." Ling Lan saw the category that was at the very top and tapped on it to open it.

Immediately, around 20 names showed up. The first name, Ling Yi, made Ling Lan feel a huge sense of familiarity.

Wu Jiong also saw this and asked in surprise, "This new cadet also has a surname of 'Ling'?" He opened Ling Yi's file. Just like that, a cool-looking young man appeared on the big screen along with his details set to the side.

"Ling Yi, commoner, comes from the Puyi Scout Academy (Level 3 Planet Puyi). Physical skills: Beginner level Qi-Jin; Mecha operating level: Advanced!" Wu Jiong shouted out loud and lost his voice. When they first entered the advanced level it was because Qi Long and the others had beaten themselves up and managed to somehow advance successfully. This Ling Yi, however, was a commoner from Planet Puyi, yet he had actually reached that level. Was it because Ling Yi's talents were insane or was he also beaten up like the rest of them?

Ling Yi… Ling Lan was thinking about why this name felt familiar. Could it be because he also had a surname of 'Ling'?

"Bam!" Suddenly, two foggy images appeared in her mindscape.

"I want to inherit my father's position. I will become Young Master Lan's most trusted loyalist," five-year-old Ling Yi said firmly.

"Brother Yu, I'll let you take care of Young Master Lan for now. When I get stronger, I will take over your position." Ling Yi respectfully bowed to Ling Lan to say goodbye and then left the Ling family…

As the images disappeared, Ling Lan heard Little Four's complacent voice say, "Boss, it's that same Ling Yi."

Ling Lan smiled softly. Little Four was really playful. She looked again at the image of the cool young man and thought to herself, "I didn't think that child from then had already grown to this age. No wonder his father, Ling Hua, did not hesitate to betray the Ling family for his child's future."

"Could it be that everyone who has the surname 'Ling' are all monsters?" Wu Jiong mumbled as he looked at Ling Lan. He discovered that Ling Lan was thinking deeply about something. He instantly thought of something and asked, "Boss, do you know him?"

Ling nodded. "Yes, he's kind of family."

Kind of family? Could he be a bastard son? Right when Wu Jiong thought of this question, he immediately shook his head to get rid of that thought. How could General Ling Xiao do something like that? He really was thinking too much. It was possible that he was an indirect descendant of the family. Wu Jiong felt that he found out the truth already.

"Then during the evaluation…?" Wu Jiong asked carefully.

Ling Lan glared at Wu Jiong making Wu Jiong's heart tremble. He couldn't help but reply, "Boss, I understand."

In the end, this Ling Yi would still be treated like any other person and his entry into Lingtian would be decided upon his capabilities and performance. At that moment, Wu Jiong couldn't help but smile. How could he think that Boss had selfish gains? He was definitely affected somehow by that idiot Ye Xu.

Ling Lan looked at the files of the other applicants disinterestedly. She stood up and said to Wu Jiong, "You keep doing what you're doing, I'm going to leave first. Oh, and no matter how busy you are, you guys have to report to me two days every week. Notify Li Yingjie as well."

Wu Jiong's smile fell to the floor. How could he consider that training with Qi Long and the others was a good thing? However, how could he dare to say no to that cold face of Ling Lan? He could only nod agonizingly, showing that he understood. Luckily, he wasn't the only one who was going to endure hardships. He had Li Yingjie go with him together. Wu Jiong felt comforted.

After walking out of Wu Jiong's office, Ling Lan began a discussion with Little Four. "Little Four, do you think this Ling Yi person is trustworthy?"

"So far, he is," Little Four replied. "Actually, I've been monitoring him all this time ever since Ling Yi left the Ling family."

Ling Lan was stunned. "Why did you monitor him?"

"I was checking to see if those people who wanted to harm you went to find him again to try and draw out even the slightest amount of information," Little Four replied with regret. "Unfortunately, there weren't any who tried. Maybe it was because your people had hidden Ling Yi's family really well and those who wanted to harm you didn't find them."

"Perhaps they felt that such young child wouldn't have any value to be exploited." Ling Lan didn't believe that those people couldn't find Ling Yi. It was possible that they thought a 5-year-old child that was sent far away wouldn't be able to do anything. If they bribed him, it wouldn't have any effect.

"Yes, Boss, what you said is right. However, with Ling Yi's current abilities, he will definitely be discovered by someone." Ling Yi also thought Ling Yi's talents was top notch. His future was boundless as long as he was given time.

"Isn't that great though? Whether Ling Yi will be used or not will depend on the choices he will make." When Ling Yi shows himself, those other family members would always be able to find him. Although she had already wiped away all traces of Ling Hua's betrayal, those other family members might still have proof of Ling Hua's betrayal of the Ling family.

"I don't understand why you wanted to keep him, Boss." Little Four was feeling very conflicted since Ling Yi, like his father, might betray the Ling family again. She should have either removed the the source of trouble and gotten rid of Ling Yi, or made it so that Ling Hua had no more connections with the Ling family. Wasn't having the possibility of betrayal lingering like this inviting possible trouble for the future?

"Didn't I say that he is a good chess piece?" Ling Lan's eyes were cold but deep in thought. She and her father's enemies had hidden themselves very deep into the world. Her father had used all his resources to investigate but didn't get anything out of it. Although they clearly knew that those people were of high ranks and stood at the highest peak of hierarchical power, they still couldn't find a way to find out who that person really was.

"No matter if Ling Yi is loyal to me or not, he is still a trap I've set for the enemy." Ling Lan's eyes flashed with a bitter coldness. Back then, she might have been somewhat merciful but now, after having gone through the cruelty of the learning space, she could be merciless.

"What trap?" Little Four asked curiously.

Ling Lan didn't answer him. In the next second, Little Four was shut into the little black room. Little Four was in tears. He had only just asked a little thing out of curiosity. Did she really have to treat him so coldly?

Ling Lan's mecha clan's first round of applicants were 100 new cadets, and the six members of Ling Yi's team were all in the first batch; this made them very happy. Logically, the first batch of applicants was the most looked upon by the mecha clan.

Ling Yi's team of six came to the Lingtian Mecha Clan's headquarters for the first time, and they were stunned by the presence of the huge majestic building in front of them.

"Wow. This a headquarters of the first faction. It's so big and tall." Tao Xiaotao opened his big mouth and couldn't close it.

Ling Yi was also stunned. He took a deep breath and his eyes became filled with respect. As expected, Young Master Lan was the strongest.

They walked into the headquarters with floating steps. Following the staff members' lead, they arrived at building's basement level 2. Basement level 1 was the leisure space for members to have fun and relax. Basement level 2 was a large training dojo.

Once they entered the training dojo, Ling Yi and his team had more of an understanding of why this place had become the first faction's headquarters; this training dojo alone was enough of a reason, as it was big enough to hold thousands of people to come here to do any activity.

They walked to the center of the training dojo where there was a large arena. Just this arena was big enough to hold 200 to 300 people. This large arena was used for competitions between the clan members. They could fight one-on-one or in teams. Now, however, this arena was where they were going to be evaluated.