Chapter 518: Addiction!

"Boss, I should have reminded you." Little Four hung his head in shame. It was his job to advise her as an assistant, yet he had been negligent.

"That's why we must remember this lesson. In the future, we need to supervise each other. No matter who makes a mistake, the other will help them find out what it is." Ling Lan smiled at Little Four. Only in her mindscape would she let herself loose and keep acting as a boss.

Ling Lan's curved eyes and expression stupefied Little Four.

Little Four's dumbfounded look made Ling Lan's mood even better. She flicked her finger and said, "Dummy, what are you looking at?"

Little Four yelped and rubbed his forehead. He looked at his boss with saddened eyes, criticizing her ruthlessness. Wuwuwu, his forehead was definitely red from Boss's flick. It was so painful.

By the time the pain had finally faded away and Little Four looked at Boss, she had already returned to wearing her cold facial expression. He regrettably said, "Boss, you need to smile more. You looked pretty when you smiled just now."

Ling Lan gulped and asked, "Pretty? How so?" Would people suspect that she was a female because of this?

Little Four began to look for all types of descriptive words. "Just… just… let me look through the database. Yes, yes, yes, I've found adorable, alluring, angelic, bewitching, charming, cute, dazzling, divine, elegant, exquisite, fair, foxy, gorgeous…" Little Four read out the words that described beauty one by one.

"Stop! Stop! Stop! It can't be that exaggerated, right?" Ling Lan didn't what to say. If she had indeed grown up to be like that, her friends would have already suspected her to be a woman, right?

Little Four looked at Ling Lan blankly. Were this these kinds of descriptions exaggerated? But why did he feel that it was very proper? When Boss smiled a moment ago, even an intellectual entity such as himself had 70% of his energy sucked out of him. If it wasn't for the fact that Boss had flicked him, he may have just shut down right away.

Little Four's blank expression made Ling Lan laugh out loud. As expected of small children. They always said exaggerated things. She took out her hand and rubbed Little Four's hair and asked with a smile, "Little Four, just tell me this. When I smile, would people suspect me to be a girl?"

Little Four thought for a moment carefully and shook his head without hesitation. "No, not really. When Boss smiles, you give off the feeling of a father." It was the same kind of warmth that would make people want to dive into.

Hearing this, Ling Lan told herself that she couldn't smile randomly. Although it wouldn't make people suspect her as a female, it still wouldn't be a pleasant thing if people found out her relationship with Ling Xiao. Ling Lan didn't want to become the Federation's point of focus because of this.

It may have been the Federation's higher-ups wanting to protect Ling Xiao's bloodline, or to weaken Ling Xiao's influence in the army after Ling Xiao had unfortunately "sacrificed" himself. No matter who it was, whether it was the Ling family or others, they were all told to not speak a word of her birth. Ling Xiao's bloodline was not publicized, and thus the public would definitely not know.

Afterwards, when Ling Xiao was "revived", it was by pure luck that Ling Lan was mistakenly put into the First Men's Military Academy. In order for Ling Xiao to protect Ling Lan, he did even more to make sure this information didn't get out. In the end, other than those who knew about it in the past, the matter was told only to some of Ling Xiao's trusted friends.

This was also why no matter how outstanding Ling Lan's performance was in the First Men's Military Academy, no one would connect her with Ling Xiao. In addition, there was a theory that the descendants of a god-class operators wouldn't be very talented. This gave Ling Lan another layer of safeguarding.

In the eyes of the instructors and cadets of First Men's Military Academy, Ling Lan was worse than Qiao Ting, who was another person that would become the king of the academy. How could someone as strong as him be useless and talentless?

This kind of thought process caused everyone to stray further and further away from the truth. If Ling Xiao or Ling Lan didn't publicly announce it, no one would connect the two of them together.

After conversing with Little Four, the frustration in Ling Lan's heart had vanished. Her expression toughened up.

Everyone made mistakes. Mistakes weren't scary, but it was scary to not admit to one. Ling Lan was someone who liked to summarize everything. She knew that making a mistake meant she needed to correct it. This was also the reason why she wanted to quickly grow in the learning space. She would definitely not make the same mistake the second time. It was this aspect of Ling Lan that the instructors of the learning space admired.

After criticizing herself, Ling Lan stood up from her seat. Right when she wanted to give out an order, the communicator on her wrist began to vibrate. She looked down and a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes for a second.

When she hit her head again, Ling Lan had already returned to being calm. She ordered Zhao Jun, "Send out the signal flare and let Li Lanfeng proceed with step two of the plan."

"Yes, Boss!" Zhao Jun took the order and walked out of the tent. A few seconds later, a silver flare rose from the Second Men's Military Academy's headquarters.

In the outskirts of the Second Men's Military Academy, Li Lanfeng, who was being cautious of his surrounding, saw this signal flare and he laughed out loud. The flare signified that Ling Lan and the others had completed their mission.

Li Lanfeng's excitement lasted only for a moment before he quickly calmed down. He took out a medicinal agent from the storage box in the cockpit, and he opened and drank it; it was a painkiller agent for quickly getting rid of pain. A few seconds after drinking it, it would numb all the pain in the body, and the effect would last for half an hour.

According to the plan, after Ling Lan took down the headquarters, he would return to Jianqiao Military Academy's headquarters and make it their territory. This would make all the headquarters in Area Q fear for their lives, fear that they would be the next to be eliminated. This way, they would place their forces in their own headquarters, while Ling Lan's group would be able to stay safely in the Second Men's Military Academy's headquarters.

As expected, ten seconds later, the extreme pain he felt from just moving slightly had vanished completely. Li Lanfeng controlled his excited mood and sat on Ling Lan's control seat.

Ling Lan seat had her own scent. A lightly cold scent seemed to slide into Li Lanfeng's nose. He couldn't control himself and took a deep breath and he felt his heart was being satisfied. It was as though Ling Lan was beside him, looking at him with an encouraging expression.

Li Lanfeng felt that he had grown slightly closer to Ling Lan. He should be the first person to operate Ling Lan's mecha(although it was only a temporary mecha). He looked at the control panel in front of him. A few hours ago, it had belonged to Ling Lan, but now his fingerprints would be left on the control panel…

Li Lanfeng's fingers touched the first button for operating. His heart couldn't contain his excitement and thumped furiously, and his whole body became hot. He didn't know why but in his mind, an image of Ling Lan actually appeared which taught him how to operate the mecha step by step. Ling Lan's presence was everywhere, and it was as though he was in his arms. The warmth this feeling brought was enough to make him become intoxicated.

"This kind of feeling is addictive. Why should I share it with others!" Li Lanfeng eyes became cold. He instantly pulled on the engine throttle. The mecha's speed suddenly increased and flew towards the Jianqiao Military Academy's headquarters like a beam of light.

Among the allied forces that were heading back to their headquarters, Jianqiao Military Academy's men suddenly had the same thing happen to them as the Second Men's Military Academy. Everyone knew that another headquarters had been broken through in Area Q.

"Quickly, everyone get back to headquarters!" Everyone rushed back. On the other side, the allied battle teams that were responsible for patrol were all called back by their commanders to return to their own headquarters and defend them to their death.

It was because an unknown force was moving about Area Q that these military academies could only defend their headquarters. They were afraid that they would become the next trophy.

Elsewhere, the military academies in Area M weren't having a good time. The Third Men's Military Academy, who had already recovered, formed a new allied force with Qiao Ting's battle team and the First Co-ed Military Academy. They began their attack on Area M.

They breezed through the area. In order to meet up with Ling Lan, Qiao Ting used his fastest speed and led his team into Area Q. He went to Area Q9, to the original Second Men's Military Academy's headquarters. The military academies who were in the middle of battle didn't know that this headquarters had already become the First Men's Military Academy's headquarters.

After meeting up with Qiao Ting, Ling Lan didn't just defend. Instead, she had Qiao Ting clear out the surrounding areas. Ling Lan knew clearly that the best defense was offense.

The end of the battle royale was drawing increasingly closer. All the military academies that were scared by an ace operator like Qiao Ting didn't dare to move. They only defended their own headquarters to the death. At that moment, the alliance was only a name. No wanted to leave their headquarters to help their allies defend their headquarters.

Having successfully disbanded the alliance in Area Q, Ling Lan took down two more small military academies afterwards.

Finally, the battle royale came to an end. The military academies that had successfully defended their headquarters let out a sigh of relief. They didn't imagine that Ling Lan, who looked as though she was calm and indifferent, had also let out a sigh of relief.

Although they had managed to change their headquarters, they had ended up with enemies all around them. Qiao Ting was fierce, but their numbers were still too little. If the enemy headquarters in the area had cooperated and used numbers to exhaust Qiao Ting's battle team, it was possible that this headquarters would have been in great danger.

Of course, Ling Lan could have moved headquarters again, but she didn't want to become a hobo and run for her life. She remembered that her own father was watching… Although Ling Lan didn't say it, in reality, she really did see Ling Xiao as her father and didn't want to let him down.

In the monitoring room, everyone jumped up upon seeing that the battle royale had ended.

"Quick, let us look at the First Men's Military Academy's score." They all hurried the staff members to calculate the score. As the huge winner of this year's battle royale, everyone wanted to know what their final score was.

"Their overall final score is 17,894!" Everyone gasped after this number appeared.

"They actually took more than half of the points for the battle royale. How is this possible?" The First Men's Military Academy's performance was outstanding. It was far too excessive that they had managed to gain almost 60% of the total points that could be earned.

"The detailed data has come out." The large screen showed the scoring by the mainframe for each part of the First Men's Military Academy's score.

The details in the front were all within everyone's predictions. When they got to the last one, everyone's suspicions were lifted. "Not being restricted by the conditions of the battle royale, finding out the secret behind the true headquarters, and successfully moving their headquarters once. Bonus points: 10,000! (Only valid on first discovery).

Everyone knew why such a high and unimaginable score had appeared for the First Men's Military Academy—the First Men's Military Academy was the first to discover the secret behind the headquarters and successfully moved once. That was why they had earned so many bonus points.