Chapter 517: Winning Gambit!

Let us turn the time back a few minutes prior.

In the headquarters of the Second Men's Military Academy, Ling Lan and Zhuge Jingming were having a clash with words. Knowing that her headquarters' battle team had already gone all out, Ling Lan decisively pushed down the button on the beacon after her conversation with Zhuge Jingming.

Ling Lan calmly looked at the notification on the small screen of the beacon. When the notification showed that it had reached 100%, a line of words showed up as she had expected.

"Would you like to set this location as your new headquarters?"

Ling Lan's lips showed a hint of a smile and the worry on her mind finally lifted. She had won her gambit!

The headquarters was, as expected, did not always stay in one location and could be changed. The battle royale was deemed to be a real battlefield from the start, and in a real battlefield, how could a headquarters be fixed at one location? This was without a doubt contradictory…

In addition to the fact that she had discovered she could light up the map, it didn't matter whether there was anything inside the beacon. This meant that they could take the beacon and run away… Thus, she thought that she would use this beacon to light up a new map. What kind of situation would make her choose a new headquarters?

In order to prove her idea, Ling Lan decided to gamble.

She knew clearly that if she lost, she would have become a sinner in the First Men's Military Academy! It was even possible that she would have been expelled. However, for Ling Lan, that price wasn't too much to pay, and this was because she was a woman. If she really had lost the gamble and was expelled, she would have been able to use the circumstance to disappear from the public. That would have completely gotten her out of the difficult situation where she was living as a man and woman at the same time.

However, if she succeeded… she believed that the cadets who had participated in this year's tournament would receive everlasting glory that would make their futures bright and allow for endless possibilities of growth.

It would not be a bad thing for her or the others if they won or lost, so Ling Lan would naturally not be reserved and decide to gamble. Now it looked like everything had reached the end!

Ling Lan took a deep breath and pushed down the button for confirmation.

Right then, all of the Second Men's Military Academy's people received a notification: "Your headquarters has been successfully taken down by an unknown army. All your members have been determined to be eliminated!"

Everyone in the Second Men's Military Academy screamed out in agony, but their screams were too late. Their mecha were instantly locked up by the A.I.. Those who were on the ground were a bit luckier, while the ones in the air were in trouble; they fell straight down from the sky. It was a good thing that the A.I. only locked down the operating mechanisms of the mecha. The defensive mechanism and power were still intact, making sure they weren't harmed when they hit the ground.

There were also those who had left their mecha to rest. They also received this notification in their communicators and was told to stay where they were. If they moved even a bit, a special surveillance drone made for communicating with the outside would not hesitate to shoot out tranquilizing darts to put them to sleep.

Thus, no one dared to move. This also ensured that those who were eliminated wouldn't try anything and mess up the rest of the battle royale.

Yuan Su, Qiao Ting and the others, who were fighting against that allied battle team of the Second Men's Military Academy, discovered that all of the mecha that belonged to the Second Men's Military Academy had dropped down. Seeing this, they were all smart enough to know what had happened. This was definitely because the Second Men's Military Academy's headquarters had been taken down.

Yuan Su couldn't control himself and laughed, saying, "Hahah, Jiang Shaoyu, Jiang Shaoyu, you actually thought you could take down my headquarters. In the end, it's your headquarters that's been taken down. This time, I'll see if you dare to boast in front of me again."

In this year's tournament, Jiang Shaoyu had made himself the boss. He was always teasing and mocking Yuan Su, who was the thousand-year fourth place, and this had led to Yuan Su harboring a deep hatred for him. Now, seeing that the Second Men's Military Academy had been eliminated, he had to laugh out loud and let out his frustration and anger.

Qiao Ting and Yuan Su were both outstanding leaders. While the opponent's allied forces were in a fit of chaos, they set out battle teams to counterattack. The allied battle team's forces mentality was wavering because of the Second Men's Military Academy's unexpected elimination. They didn't have the intention of fighting anymore and instantly broke down.

The reason that they were no longer willing to keep fighting was that they were worried about their own headquarters. Even the Second Men's Military Academy's headquarters had been taken down; how then could their headquarters be defended?

Now they didn't have the thought they had at the beginning to get a high score. They only wanted to return to their own headquarters to protect it. Now, they only hoped to be not eliminated. Thus, they retreated back into Area Q and M, and returned to their own headquarters to defend it to their death until the end of the battle royale.

In Area G17, Jiang Shaoyu was in a fierce battle with Lin Xiao. Suddenly, he lost control of his mecha and the A.I. announced without remorse: "Your headquarters has been successfully taken down by an unknown army. All members are determined to be eliminated!"

"That's not possible!" Jiang Shaoyu roared angrily. Victory was at hand, yet why was his own Second Men's Military Academy's headquarters taken down when he hadn't even taken down the First Men's Military Academy's?

Unfortunately, even if Jiang Shaoyu didn't agree with the result, there was no turning back. His mecha dropped from the air and crashed to the ground in Area G17.

Right when Lin Xiao struck with his sword, he slashed the air instead. He looked at Jiang Shaoyu's mecha going out of control with surprise. There was another mecha that also fell at the same time as Jiang Shaoyu. Lin Xiao didn't understand why. After his team members reported to him that Jiang Shaoyu's mecha indeed had no more power and was completely locked, Lin Xiao understood what had happened to Jiang Shaoyu…

"The Second Men's Military Academy's headquarters has been broken through? Who has the ability to get into the deepest parts of Area Q?" Lin Xiao thought to himself. He didn't know why, but Ling Lan's cold face appeared inside his mind…

After taking down the Second Men's Military Academy's headquarters, the communicator in Zhuge Jingming's hand also received the short message at the same time. He sighed in his mind. "They were still slower just by a bit."

He couldn't help but raise his head and look at Ling Lan, who was calmly sitting on a chair as though she was thinking about something. Zhuge Jingming felt a fit of rage rise up from within him. Although the Second Men's Military Academy had lost, was the First Men's Military Academy's headquarters still impregnable? Right then, he really hoped that the allied force that he sent would be able to successfully take down the opponent's headquarters. He wanted to see if the other side could remain this calm after finding out they themselves were eliminated.

Unfortunately, as time passed, Ling Lan's expression didn't change. It seemed that his allied forces hadn't brought about any crisis for the First Men's Military Academy.

At that moment, Zhuge Jingming didn't know that the allied forces that he had sent had, in reality, successfully taken down Area G17. Unfortunately, Area G17 was no longer the First Men's Military Academy's headquarters. Taking down Area G17 was like taking down an uninhabited area, which only yielded some points. It wasn't enough to eliminate the First Men's Military Academy.

Ling Lan was able to see what was happening in Area G17 because of Little Four.

"Little Four, this time, I almost took a fall in Area G2. If didn't win the gambit, we would now have been eliminated." Inside her mindspace, Ling Lan had a cold expression and was looking back on her mistake.